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  • The Lion Who Roars at Noon, Goddess of Crossroads and Guide of the Lost
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    Eilessa's domain is the allure of the unknown, the promise beyond the horizon, the wisdom and celerity to overcome the trials of a journey, and the luck which often saves travelers if their courage holds. She is Quest-Giver, Rumor-Starter, The Lady of Legends and Lore, and chiefest matron of adventurers, explorers, seekers, wanderers, couriers, scouts, bards and storytellers. She keeps safe the roads and trade routes, and brings tidings good and ill. She values quickness of body and wit, raising cats and horses sacred.


    Served by the Bast (feline avatars), djinni, sphinxes, centaurs, unicorns, pegasi, tabari, natural and supernatural felines and equines, wandering monks, knights errant, and those who make their living traveling or accommodating travelers (innkeepers and barkeeps, especially).


    She considers inns, taverns, and festhalls her churches. Thus she is also the goddess of beer and wine, music and song, celebration and victory (particularly to the dwarves, who've developed a long list of affectionate titles for her including Ole' Lay Barrelbelly, Her Unsoberness, and Lady of the White Froth Beard). Conversely, in the lands of the frozen north she is a much grimmer persona (and in fact a male persona, at that), The Gray Man of a Thousand Names whose appearance is often thought the forebear of great turmoil. In the tropical jungles of Tir'buk, the tabari consider her the supreme mother over all other goddesses, as do most centaur tribes.


    With a very active hand in the mortal worlds, she initiates change in the most unlikely places. Tugging at the unpleasant knots of fate's skein is the surest way of undoing them, her brand of destiny... though it's never quite sure how the tapestry of creation will look afterward. She spends much of her time journeying across the known (and unknown) worlds. It is said everyone will meet The Mysterious Traveler at least once in their life, under one guise or another. Be careful how you treat a stranger.


    This was Eilessa at the height of her power and influence. Times change though, and with the fall of Phaeronic civilization, she passed along with the rest of her pantheon into quiet. Years passed, then ages. Until a call for aid from a beleagured traveler stopping for makeshift shelter at the decayed remains of one of her old shrines stirred the goddess from her long sleep. Now she is slowly rebuilding herself, having an adventure of her own and enjoying every moment of it. Perhaps that was her aim all along.

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