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Deezy Klatta

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    A skinny, geeky-looking redhead who is usually seen with fugly glasses, clothes chosen more for convenience and utility than looks, and a big goofy smile, Dorothy, who goes by 'DZ' or 'Deezy' most of the time, isn't innately bad looking but needs to invest some effort to let that shine through. What she lacks in physical development she makes up for in enthusiasm though!

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    Deezy lives out in Wooster, Ohio with her mom and dad, or did until very recently. Her father runs the Handy Man auto mechanic and general repair shop out on the edge of town where it gives way to a series of soybean and corn farms. Her mother works at the Agricultural Technical Institute branch in Wooster as a horticulturalist. An only child, she was most often either at school, with friends, or hanging out at her dad's shop, which was just right around the corner from their little house. She credits that with starting up her interest in cars and mechanics.


    ...and what an interest it was. Once focused, Deezy's capacity to learn and remember intricate details about engines, makes, models and so on seemed virtually unlimited. At first amused, and then fascinated, her father John made a game of teaching her and then upped the ante again and again, looking for the point that she got mad and wanted to quit. In the end he gave up before she ever did.She went on to read books, devour web pages, and on the internet she learned about more than just cars and auto mechanics...there was a whole WORLD of machines out there! As the end of high school loomed large, Deezy decided to apply not just to Wooster College, but also a Hail Mary app sent to MIT itself. As part of the application she included a set of design specs for an improved internal combustion engine that she'd been messing around with ideas for along with her dad.


    She was contacted by one of the professors at MIT a couple of weeks later, Ben Delford...not to discuss the application, but to ask about and discuss the design, which Admissions had asked for his input and evaluation of. Her acceptance letter followed only days later.


    Unfortunately, things didn't go to plan. Her mother was badly injured in an accident, and not only couldn't work anymore but had to have several expensive surgeries to save. Without her income, and those bills, things were looking very shaky. Despite her father's misgivings, Deezy decided to take her uncle up on an offer to head to Cleveland and work at his auto shop up there until the bills were paid off and things had settled down some. Her uncle, Kevin, had said he had a need of good, reliable hands and that mechanics in the city earned a lot of money. John might not feel good about accepting handouts, even from kin, but he couldn't say no to his daughter getting some solid work experience...and the hope was that she wouldn't be delaying her opportunity at MIT by too long. Besides, rumors of some shady business aside, family was family, and they really needed the money.

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