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Andrew Baskin

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    A hulking mass of alien slime and vegetation. bonded and infested by the alien flora colony that gave him his current form. 

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    Andre Baskin thought he had a good life ahead of him. his grades were good, his major of biology locked in, and even had a new girlfriend. Then he made the mistake of taking his dog Pucca with him on a lab field expedition to survey the local fauna of the state forest. 

    while in the woods, Pucca found a small canister. While trying to get the garbage away from him Andrew overheard some paramilitary goons looking for it. Huge guys with huger guns usually are a bad sign, so he grabbed Pucca and hid in a hollow tree trunk. Realizing the soldiers were from some military industrial lab opperating in the woods, what? what shouldn't be here, whatever they're up to probably wasn't on the up and up.

    Hours past hiding, and Andrew hadn't noticed the canister was  cracked. Durring that time the contents leaked out and onto him, infecting him with an colony of alien parasites that coated his body and bonded him to the local flora. 

    Andrew went into the log but The Leshy, the wildman of the wood came out. turned into a hulkimg mass of slime like tendrils and algae growth, Leshy now lives in the woods working with his friend Victoria Stantler, a local wild life rescue activist and Vet to figure out his new horrifying anatomy and trying to uncover the industrial secrets that created him. If he can't find a cure he still has to find out what other horrors they may have and make sure they don't unleash any more monsters like him into the world. 

    Andrew's only companions in his life in the wilderness now are Pucca who has remained a steadfast loyal friend and some local loser kids who go to the rural school near the woods and discovered him. having adopted him as their club mascot and 'imaginary' friend, it was these kids who first told Leshy about this new super group. They weren't established, seemed on the up and up and might be the allies he needs to uncover the secrets and conspiracy of his origin

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