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  2. Systems had been burned and looted for less than a blank check 'wish', part of her discontent with Earth's Guardian. Still, Goren's news caught her attention and she was kneeling next to the dead soldier in almost less time than it took for the words to fade in the distance, pulling her go bag out from the small of her back and unrolling it on the ground. Saiyans didn't do cyborgs. Flesh could grow stronger. Metal would not. Still, not an... unexpected trick from a leader trying to cheat his way into stronger warriors. She'd seen it done one or thrice, not that helped those leaders
  3. With the barrage of attacks, the remainder of the troopers were taken down, and some indeed were left both alive and minimally conscious. Shayuri was able to find that once you got close, the energy shields protecting the mechs were almost ineffective against physical attacks. Seeing this in action,Goren moved in on the second mech, and managed a flurry of blows to take it down. Most of the troopers were dead, and still of the living had removed their armor. Indeed, they couldn't see the faces, or anything that denoted them as living things. Goren shook his head. "Alright, gue
  4. "Is that worth worldwide chaos, loss of life, and suffering?" Calvin sniffed, as he seemed to casually weave around the hails of gunfire. Sauntering through the barrage as he struck down one then another soldiers. "Guys, this is pointless. Save yourselves the hospital stay, drop your weapons and surrender already." Out of an idle moment's impulse, he snatched up one of the rifles and used it to whack a Red Ribboner in the head. Would probably hurt him less than one of Calvin's full punches.
  5. Shayuri leaps into the air as the robots raise their gun-arms. Powerful wingbeats fan the flames of cooking minions into a pair of vortices as she rushes forward, turning sideways to slip between the energy beams! In another wingbeat she reached the two robots and flung herself onto the one on her right. With a roar the dragon-sage clenched her claws into its metallic hide, then reached back with her right arm and swung terrible talons up and over...catching in the armored steel and tearing it downward. Then she ripped downward with her clawed feet as well, even as Shayuri grabbed onto the rob
  6. "Not the worst use of a 'wish' I've heard, Calvin. Height is tricky to breed for without sacrificing too many other things," she commented over the roar of Shayuri's transformation and flames and the destruction of the remaining transports. Now they were in the clean up phase, and unless this Red Fudge Ripple army was hiding some kind of champion, this fight was over. She smiled again, dancing through the barrage with an almost unheard chuckle, pausing to lock eyes on the soldier who had come within inches of hitting her even as the nightmare glow of another ki blast formed around
  7. Ginka furious flurry of attacks was able to put down the foes she'd been engaging, and five more went down under the fury of Calvin's blows. He could see that the troopers were above the norm for regular humans, but still well below where he and his compatriots were. Still with so many left, they began to fire almost indiscriminately, no longer caring if they hit each other. (each of you needs to dodge vs 4 attacks at 23 each all of them do 55 damage) What was most telling was The transformation of Shayuri, into some sort of demon dragon woman, and the the twin torrents of fire
  8. Shayuri ducked down and somersaulted forward in time to let the blast from the robot howl over her and impact on the ground beyond as she nimbly leapt back to her feet. "This is going to take forever at this rate," she muttered as she put her hands together. "And I have better things to do with my time." Her fingers interlocked, then quickly made a series of rapid-fire, complex gestures. Immediately those that could sense chi felt a pulse of power from within her; like the distant rumble of a torrent that follows the opening of floodgates. She flung back her
  9. "The originals weren't trained for fighting ki-wielders." Calvin mused, flowing between the diffuse volley with ease. "Then again, their leader wanted the Dragonballs just so he could wish to get taller. And no," Calvin interjected as he drew an incredulous look from the Saiyan medic, "I wish I were making that up." He grabbed one of the shooters, flipped him in the air, and then Calvin flung him into a packed knot of the enemy formation.
  10. "Tougher than they look," she begrudgingly acknowledged, dancing forward through the shots as if the rest of the world was moving in slow motion, "Pathetic aim though." The Saiyan healer gathered more Ki between her hands, purple light birthing a brood of seven serpentine projectiles. The Red Ribbon soldiers she'd targeted before were treated to a second round of homing destruction, a writhing attack now from directly overhead. Ginka kept one ear out for the sound of her allies falling prey to the attacks of these ill-trained fighters. Between her and the refreshingly competent nat
  11. Shayuri's attack had indeed caused abit of a stir from one of the mecha, as systems blinked as the powerful forcefield took most of the brunt of the attack but some of the powerful surge got through to melt plating. The machine was shielded, but still a machine, and Such an attack would not go unanswered. It raised it's right arm and unloaded with a powerful blast from the energy cannon that was underslung. (need a 23 or better to defend, otherwise it's 130 damage) Even as the second mecha disgorged dozens of Missiles at Daturra(Defense 25 100 damage each the attacks are homing)
  12. After Ginka finished her barrage of ki energy, Calvin flew in. Funny thing, for all his pursuit of mind and body, he'd never really fought before. Competitions were one thing, but truly aiming to hurt or even kill someone? This was new territory, and he wasn't sure how he felt about it, even if the Neo-Red Ribbon Army was just as dangerous as its predecessor. But practice and training took over as he landed and spun on his foot, delivering the other leg in a sweeping kick to the first soldier and using the momentum to jump and bring a two-handed axe strike on a second man's head. R
  13. "Obviously," Ginka drawled flatly, back to her grumpy baseline, "I'll start thinning their numbers so we can collect a few stragglers after we're done. Try not to make me more work than you have to." She shot forward through the air, a petite brunette of a saiyan in red-and-white with her palms pressed together as she concentrated her Ki into a purple sphere that bled one, two, five, seven streamers of energy in her wake. The streamers gained the faintest hint of scales, eyeslits, and nostrils as their creator came to a halt half-way between the (presumed) Red Ribbon Army and her..
  14. "Robots, hmm? We'll see about that." Shayuri stepped forward and flung her cloak back from her shoulders, freeing her arms. Her fingers twirled in a complex dance before her, locking, loosing, locking again in a rapid series of signs. In the air before her a circle appeared, drawn in midair by blue-white light. She spoke then, in a loud, commanding voice that rolled over the field...carrying far longer than it had any right to. The language was rough sounding, maybe a little like German. As she incanted, runes appeared within the circle, one by one. Once the inner ring
  15. "A few Hours? That's gonna be abit of a wait." Goren shook his head and looked at Datura. "I don't think standing around waiting's the best idea." He shrugged, and Dende spoke up. "There's probably a faster way. I can send you all there, and you can have your ship wait for you here. You will have to climb up the normal way at least once on the return trip." , Goren nodded. "Sounds good." Dende nodded, and the five of them found themselves in a grassy field, far removed from where the tower. There seemed to be nothing but wild animals around, and they could all faintly
  16. Ginka scoffed at Calvin's little moderation effort, fiddling with her scouter with the deft assurance of long practice. Hmmm. Hmmmm. Uh huh. And that would be... There. Another few button presses sent out the signal that would wake up her ship and send it to her location. Assuming it could reach. Given that no one had mentioned a ridiculously high temple belonging to any sort of Earthly Guardian, the medic wasn't exactly sure where here was or what kind of protections it packed. hmmmph. "I'm picking up something that way," she pronounced, pointing southwest down at the clouds below
  17. Unlike Ginka, Calvin needed no sensor to evaluate the energy, and it's very curious feel. But Calvin had no issue assessing and ingraining it. Was this how Bulma felt 200 years ago? "Cool down the posturing, Saiyans. We all can fly, to some extent. The question is," he went on, "is the ship generally faster? If so, then let's use it. If not, fly and carry. Right now we don't have any solid information on locations for Shayuri's teleporting method." "And no, I doubt we can simply ambush the Neo Red Ribbon Army, for no other reason that this is the first any of us are hearing of this
  18. Datura's tail bristled at the male's impudent question. Could she, a member of the powerful Saiyan race, one selected by the Guardian of Earth to find the Earth's Greatest Treasure, fly? He might as well asked if she could breathe, or walk, or even punch! Could she fly? "Yes," she said in a tone cold enough to freeze every being on the Lookout, "I can fly. Unassisted, even." She glanced at Shayuri for a moment, then added in a more magnanimous tone, "I could probably even carry another being and keep up with the group. I offer that as an option for travel." Her tail twitched once b
  19. "My ability to fly is a little limited," Shayuri admits, "but I've picked up a number of useful tricks. For example...if you have a good map and can mark where we are, and where we're going, I may be able to just teleport us there." "Or...or your ship! Even better! We can go straight there, then all ride in your ship!"
  20. Ginka rummaged through her bag and popped a scouter over her left ear, the green lens obscuring the gold of her pupil, fiddling with the settings while the light of eldritch energy danced in Dende's hand. She frowned. The energy was certainly distinct, something she'd recognize in a heartbeat now that she'd fed the pattern into her device. But enough to call up the kind of power implied..? She eyed Goren with a scoff of distain, "Who the hell do I think I am? Of course, I can. And once we secure at least one of these keys, we can take a detour to my ship to make sure I have somewhe
  21. With everyone agreed, Dende smiled. "Excellent. I had a good feeling about all of you. I will of course send more help, should the need arise, and i am able, but for now, it will just be you." He reached within his robes and held a small glass orb. "This is abit of energy that is the same as the Dragonballs you'll be seeking. I cannot hold it long, so memorize how it feels." Goren looked at it, and after about ten seconds, the energy dissipated, giving everyone a chance to memorize how it felt. Goren smiled at the others. "Okay strange question but all of y
  22. Shayuri opened her mouth to argue, but paused to watch the image Dende conjured up. Her brows furrowed slightly as she took it in... Then she shook her head. "That's...interesting. But no, I know the situation with dragons. However, there is substantial evidence to indicate they may be devolved from visitors from other universes, a long time ago. Several ancient civilizations independently describe...in somewhat fanciful terms...highly advanced, highly intelligence dragon-like beings with incredible powers that visited them. Sometimes even more than once. They left behind myths, an
  23. Goren sighed at Datura's comments about the tournaments. Yeah they were for glory seekers and such, but they were actually pretty fun. He'd won a a number of them across the galaxy, and was hoping to be scouted to the Universal Team For the Omni-King's Games. They do serve a valid purpose, even if not everyone sees it that way. The tournaments are part of the reason The Universes still exist." Dende nodded. "Well said,Goren." The Guardian looked to Shayuri, and nodded. "The dragons of this world are nothing like your father. The Dragons of this Earth are more akin to large
  24. Ginka tiredly rolled her eyes at Datura's oh-so-Saiyan statement, but couldn't quite *entirely* suppress a flicker of a smile with that statement. At the core of their mission, Saiyan healers labored so thanklessly so that other Saiyans could live, refine, and practice their skills another day. And this planet was full of Saiyans that this Guardian had endangered by weaving the life of this planet and these Dragonballs together. She frowned, gnawing on an idea as the others talked, cementing into place as Calvin mentioned his ancestor's resurective hijinks. Planet Vegetta had been
  25. Calvin sighed at Shayuri's pompous air. "Did you miss the part where he said all knowledge about the Dragonballs were removed from the world?" Admittedly, it did sound a little sketchy, but... "Question. When you say nearly any wish, that does include resurrecting the dead?" Dende smirked knowingly. "Yes." Calvin nodded, "I figured." He gestured expansively to the others. "Remember, descendant of Bulma and Vegeta Briefs. The family records from their era kept referring to Son Goku and company repeatedly dying and then coming back to life, but all indications how were mysteriously absent."
  26. Shayuri watched skeptically, her mouth curved into a disapproving frown. "I don't know who you are," she began, "but I am going to need more to go on than your word for this. I sincerely doubt there are powerful artifacts called 'dragonballs' out there in the world. If there were, I'd have heard of them." With a touch of drama, she flung back her hood and swept her cloak out to the sides away from her. She had long, pointed ears with gold piercings, a pair of short, sharp horns sweeping up from her head out of her long red braided hair, and a spattering of red scales al

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