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Horrible monstrous Kaiju hellbent on destroying all that man has built, super tech mecha built in a last ditch effort to defend the human race, sexy elite mecha drivers with over active hormones ... welcome to the Mechapocalypse!
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  2. Delaney frowned as she panned her view around the field. Ambush could come from just about any quarter with these creatures. Maybe a different perspective would help. "I'm sending a recon drone up and patching the telemetry into the second data channel," she reported as her fingers danced over the 'Hive' control system to program a circular search pattern overhead, then launch the drone. "Keep those ears sharp though. If they're coming underground, aerial recon might not catch it." One of the smooth metal 'blisters' on the Great Metal Beast cracked open with a hiss and
  3. It took a moment for Katarina to become aware Max's call. one eyebrow rising higher and higher on her brow as she refined her audio scan, not quite believing what she was hearing, and came up with clear as day... purring. The kind of pleasant purring you'd get from a cat quite content to let you pet them for at least the next 15 seconds. That was new. Was new bad? The fortress was still standing after all... "Kisa?" she muttered aloud as she saved the filters to make sure she could spin up that scan quicker next time, blinking as she belatedly processed her squad leader's orders, "
  4. This is going to be rough. Max thought to himself. When he inquired about a space for the service cradles, he was informed there was no room inside the fortress. "Alright, we'll manage. Once we drop them around back, we'll set out on a perimeter patrol. Please send us the safe approach through the mines." Even as the data was provided, Max switched over to the squad coms and let them know, transferring the approach. "So the Kaiju avoid the mountains, and nobody knows why. We're going to bring the Cradles back on the mountainside of the fortress, and then we're going to put th
  5. While Croft authenticated Night Tiger and received a quick brief on the situation, the rest of the team secured a 350-meter perimeter for the supply drop that was coming as soon as the code was sent. According to Night Tiger, they were occupying the fortress along with about eighty thousand civilians squeezed into the fortress itself and anywhere form an additional one to two million in the surrounding mountains. Getting an accurate count is virtually impossible but according to those in charge this is the remnant of the Indian population. Shelter in the fortress is crowded but man
  6. Croft was in charge on the ground, as it turned out, determined by the ye old tradition of 'I'm the most senior' in the absence of anyone outranking the other. Suited Katarina just fine. Didn't want the responsibility, didn't need it, not today. She'd give him five minutes to figure out who was speaking to them. A few deft finger pecks on the arms of her control couch brought up more accesses to the Argus system, and the Russian brunette was surrounded by a shifting array of indicators on the all-encompassing screen around her as she picked, discarded, and selected what she needed to see for a
  7. Max keyed the secure channel, "This is Saber-1. I copy you Night Tiger Six. We Request Authentication Code and sitrep." While they were all the same rank, Max had much longer time in service, So he took charge. Max was wary, contact could be faked, but with the proper codes at least they could be reasonably certain they were dealing with the correct people.
  8. David followed the examples of her companions but was more careful, this machine was an unknown. The five mechs rumbles to life and each driver made small movements and tests to make sure their systems were operational. Harvard fired up his scanners and began taking readings looking for Kaiju. Delany launched a set of recon drones and set them to circling. David, Katerina, and Max mad a physical check of their perimeter out to a hundred meters. The area was a level plain extending for kilometers to a shiny ribbon of silver which was a river. The terrain before them was
  9. Delaney shrugged out of the remnants of her parachute and let it settle to the concrete ground behind her as she moved towards the oversized dropcase that had to house her own mecha. It unfolded and tucked the shielding panels away, revealing The Great Metal Beast in all its somewhat awkward-looking glory. It was massive, a support-class vehicle that consisted of a large, bulbous upper portion that rested atop a pair of thick, powerful, but rather short digitigrade legs. The Beast was built for stability, not speed. The primary arms were folded up like the arms of a preying mantis,
  10. Name: The Great Metal Beast Subtype: Support (Size 2) Life support: 5 Days (Environmental 1) Armor: 3 Hard/ 3 Soft (Complete) Health: Bruised 2x, Injured 2x, Maimed 2x Speed: 2 Stunts: Distracting Fire, Power Lifter Tags (10): Hardpoint Weapons x2, Major Weapon 2, Tools (repair) 1, Drone Bays x3, Cargo 1, Additional Armor Special Ability: ...profit? Weapons: - Plasma Thrower EN5 (Close, Area 3, Incendiary 2, Hardpoint 2, VARG Scale) - Smart Missile Launcher EN5 (Medium, Hardpoint 2, Incendiary 2, Massive Explosive (ranged) 3, VARG Scale) - Major Laser Cannon EN6 (Close, Destru
  11. Name: Delaney Cazantino Player: Salmon Max Concept: Mechvolutionist! Aspirations - Short: Kill a kaiju with something experimental - Short: Develop a cool new weapon - Long: Build an unbeatable mech! Origin Path: Street Rat - - Connection: Raul Trafalgar, head of the Slaghead Gang Role Path: PPAI/Mecha Corps Pilot - - Mstr Sgt Anita Fieldings, PPAI Drill Instructor Ambition Path: Greasy Mechmonkey (Tech Specialist) - - Major Ian Combs, PPAI R&D Branch Attributes- (Finesse Favored) Force – Intellect 5, Might 2, Presence 2 Finesse – Cunning 3, Dexterit
  12. Melvin gathered up his wits after the jarring landing. He looked around and spotted the others running for their mecha. His mecha was off to the side, so he headed in that direction. Once at the base of Sage, he used the ladder to reach the cockpit, which was lower to the ground because of the way it was stored. Once at the head, he punched in the code that let him into the actual control center. He slid through the opening, and moved quickly over to the command chair. As he seated himself in the chair, a voice announced, "Intruder detected. Please provide access code or counter me
  13. Someday they'd figure out how to drop a scout mech with a pilot inside it, jumpjets flaring as they came down, weapons at the ready. Someday. Until then, she'd get to jump out of a perfectly good airplanes, which was one way to get it done. Hell of an adrenaline rush. The brunette smiled at her mech where it crouched like an oversized rabbit, silver armor contrasting with the dull-red eye dominating the front of her Hot Potato. The main thrusters of it's jumpjets hung like stubby wings over the twin tesla coil arms, still and sleeping and hungry with potential. She permitted hersel
  14. Max had looked at the datapad, and nodded. "Looks like an armored Melee type." He smiled "Not bad, we needed one to keep the squad balanced, we should be able to handle most anything." The explanation of the drop was different than most, but given the nature of what they were doing it made sense. The drop itself was exhilirating, he and Katarina were the first out, and he smiled at the way the frames unfolded and opened, clearly someone else was a fan of a certain series. "God bless the Japanese." he muttered softly, even as he stowed his chute and approached the Tesseract-X
  15. David grunted as the plane hit a pocket of turbulence which bounced them all around a bit then she gave Del a look to see if she were going to reply but she seemed to be dozing. She glanced back at Mel , “My Mech is on the way to china, while I am not. Capt. Hogan assigned me this.” She pulled a standard data pad from a pocket on her utility uniforms top and passed it to Mel. “It is designated the IKT Combat Mech, Capt. Hogan says IKT stands for Iron Knight Tactical, but I am unfamiliar with this machine. I have never seen it in any of the simulators.” David gives Croft a smile an
  16. Melvin chuckled, "Sage was a SAR Mecha at first, but then i got my hands on it and helped change it to a hybrid support and assault mecha. He has a phased array laser, a plasma blade, repurposed from a simple plasma cutter, and a shock mine launcher. The shock mine launcer is a tool of my own creation, but with input from military engineers. It's a mine dispensing system, but instead of explosives they function as large-scale Tasers. The mines deployed by the Shock mine missile cover an approximate 200 by 200 foot area. Sage has four missiles. The sensors on Sage are beyond state of the art. T
  17. Katarina had been sleeping, sprawled out over a few seats. No way of knowing how much sleep they'd be getting once they were boots on the ground, and her Hot Potato was not one to pack in creature comfort frills. Yeah, sure the mystery of the missing power-armored troopers sucked, particularly as 'run and lure the kaiju into a trap by massed troopers' was a valid tactic. Fun guys, too, drawn from the same refugee camps she'd spent too much time in. Still, soldiers were like mushrooms, fed shit and kept in the dark. Nothing for it but to hope for the best. Past tense emphasis on tha
  18. "Careful what you wish for, you almost always get more than you bargain for in situations like this." He sighed. "If I was taking the Tesseract I've been piloting, I'd not be as concerned, but the T-X isn't that one. She's similar, but not the same." He smiled, though he was abit concerned. "So what sort of things can Sage do, Melvin?"
  19. Melvin looked over at Max, "I guess someone decided that the Tesseract needed a full field test. After all, without real world data how can you see if it stacks up? Data is key to anything we can do to defeat the Kaiju. That's why I'm glad they are letting me and Sage come along. I need first hand data to help my research. I may even get my hands on some Kaiju parts to take back with us." Harvard grinned, "Who knows what I'll get?"
  20. Max smiled. "I am an Army Ranger, ma'am. After the initial rush, my older brother John, also a Ranger, joined the new battle armor units, and I was seconded to become a test pilot for General Motors. I missed the GM-5 and the GM-7series, though I did get time in them during my time as the primary test pilot for the GM-9 series mecha." The GM series, while unimaginatively named, were a progressively more advanced series of mass produced trooper style mecha. The GM-9 had multiple variants depending on what was needed, but the technology was integrated, a sniper would always be a sniper
  21. David was quiet, she was not fond of flying, but her curiosity overrode her anxiety. This new trooper she did not know. She had trained with some of the others or at least had seen them on the base, Mecha drivers were a small community and while your may not know someone you at least knew of them. Not so this Max Croft. "Trooper Croft," she almost had to shout to be heard over the sound of the engines, "why is it we have never seen you on base before today?"
  22. With the mecha crated up like Cargo, Max and the other pilots were all in a single plane, which seemed abit strange to Max. Still the reason was due to the length of the flight, which was indeed damn long. He'd have liked to get into the cockpit of the T-X and run his own tests before they got there, but that simply wasn't in the cards. The question they all had, regarding their PPA backup, well he didn't have a good answer there, and kept the worst of the ones he'd come up with quiet. He did wonder if they'd actually get PPA backup, without it, they'd never be able to recon any tunnels,
  23. Hogan grinned “Feet up, as they say, at zero two thirty. Your mechs are being prepped and loaded now. Flight will take approx. 24 hours, with a midair refueling, to the drop point. You need to be aboard at midnight, so you have the rest of the day to get your affairs in order. Needless to say, this is all top-secret hush-hush sort of stuff, so keep your mouths shut and do your duty.” Everyone took this as a dismissal and they also noticed the several questions he did not answer. The flight was like most, uneventful, the only bit of action to break the monotony was the refuelin
  24. Locked while I compose the next section. will try to get it posted in the next day or so then i will unlock
  25. Melvin smiled in a crazy grin, "Oooohh. A chance to show what Sage can do, both in recon and in support. I hope that we can find some, or make some, Kaiju corpses so I can test how the bio-scan systems work, too. " He then looked over at Max, David, Katarina, and Del. "I can't wait. The downtime has been the worst. Plus, we have jobs to do." Harvard then rubs his hands together, "Dibs on the corpses, if there are any we can carry out. Let the other scientists know I called dibs. It'll annoy them. " He chuckles and stretches, "How long until we hit the zone?"
  26. Max's face was neutral after getting the answers, he was satisfied mostly, though, the fact they'd have no support until things were secure was normal, it meant they'd all need to be much more careful, since any damage wouldn't be repairable. "Which regiment's going in with us, Captain?" He wondered if John had shipped out on the offensive. He knew from what letters he'd been allowed to receive, that his unit had been pulled back recently, though with how the invasion was said to be, he wouldn't have been surprised if they'd been deployed once again.

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