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Solo gaming in the Star Trek universe
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  2. The basic book needed to play is the Captains Logs Solo RPG. This is a trimmed down version of Star Trek Adventure rpg from Modipious. It can be found in the samples previews and stuff channel in the discord. In addition I have the entire collection of the modipious game supplements for Star Trek Adventures which are compatible. I also have a good number of Space Frame sheets available at request. The game can be played in any era of Trek Enterprise Era - 2150s - early 2200s Discovery Era 1 - 2230s- 2259 SNW/TOS/TAS Era - 2259 - 2270s TMP Era - 2273 - early 2300s Lost Era - 2300- 2350s TNG/DS9/VOYAGER Era - 2360s - 2379 Prodigy/Picard Era - 2380s - early 2400s Discovery Era 2- 3069 - 3190 and beyond Each Player can choose to play in any era of their choice. For instance my Captain, Meredith Lee, will be playing in the SNW/TOS/TAS era to begin. Keep in mind that only Captains of the same Era can crossover into another Captains Story. There can be exceptions to this rule depending on the scenario. Captains will likely be Federation and Starfleet but if you wish to play a non Fed or Starfleet it is possible. just get with me to work things out.
  3. Star Trek has been with us for more that 55 years and encompasses TV shows, Movies, Novels, comic books, video games, and of course table top role playing games. There have been 4 official RPGs based on the property and countless vaguely disguised ones as well. We have tried to have a star trek game here, twice. Neither lasted long or ever really found their footing. Still I think it is a universe full of potential but it needs to be tackled in the proper way. I believe I may have found a way. When I first went to college in Houston in what seems and age ago, I observed a group in a rec area playing Star Trek. I think they were playing the Decipher version, but it may have been Last Unicorn, not that that matters. I had only been paying rpgs for a couple of yeas and had never been a gm back then. But I saw that this gm was doing something different. He had three or four players I don’t remember clearly and each of the players was a captain of his own ship and while they all played at the same time the gm did not have all the players in the same adventure. Each captain and ship got its own story and the players of the non-active captains gave input as the active captains crew. It was probably an overwhelming amount of work for the gm but every one of them seemed to enjoy it. I never played in that game but I would have liked to. I think this is the main Reason our star trek games never jelled. We never had a player be captain, because it was felt that then the player captain would end up directing the other players and that wasn’t what any one wanted and having the captain be an npc even further removed player agency. Even trying a Lower Decks approach still managed to leave the players acting under someone elses orders. Therefore, it is my opinion that for us to have a successful Star Trek game here, each players must have a Captain and command her own ship. And that leads me to here. Modiphious the publisher who currently makes the official Star Trek rpg “Star Trek Adventures” has released a supplement called Captains Log Solo RPG. These are rules for playing Star Trek Adventures, well, solo. And I think that this is perfect for play by post where each player is her own Captain with her own ship and crew. In this game each captain will have her own forum in the club and will have her own ship and crew. Her adventures will be separate from any other captains (though crossovers may be possible depending on era compatibility and scenario) with other player participating in the captains’ threads as crew or other npcs. For this I will have my own captain and will also act as Star Fleet Command and offer any help or plot direction in the individual threads. I have created this club to take advantage of this. Anyone else interested should get with me to hash out some details, such as what era one wishes to be in, each captain can be from any era, Which era appropriate ships you want, and any crew details you want to solidify. Then I will make your Captains Log forum where her stories will go.

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