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  2. Bridge Parker recognized the unwillingness to give up in the woman, she had seen it plenty of time growing up, people willing to die instead of surrendering. But these weren't people, they were holograms, and so should listen to reason. "Nedra, listen to me, If we can save the ship rest assured we will do everything we can. Some of my people are on their way to engineering right now, may already be there. But we have to get your husband to safety. And I can't do that by myself. I need your help."
  3. Engineering Commander Idrudor didn’t like what the scanner told her. The man had a crushed spine, which wasn’t a problem in the safety of []The Odyssey’s[/i] med bay. Here in the middle of a smoke-filled trash-heap of a ship, he was dying from shock and internal bleeding. Worse, with the loss of gravity, yet another timer of terrible started: without g’s to pull the blood away from the ruptures, it was pooling around wherever the organs had taken injury. With every second, the injuries were getting worse. Idrudor quickly prepared a hypo with medicines to help the man. “We have to get him out of here,” she said, casting a glance back at Lt. Jelal, who was bending over consoles. “Our shuttle has gravity, that’s the first step. Let’s get this girder off of him.” She glanced around, noting that one end was bolted to the wall still, though it had half-twisted off that connection when the other side had come down. At the other end, a crane dropped onto the girder’s far end, tearing it off the wall. There might be controls for the crane nearby, or she could try and see if it was moveable, with the gravity off -- at least enough to get her patient loose. Bridge “Just a minor glitch,” the woman said, desperation and fear twinned in her voice. “Nedra, please!” the man, Coren begged. “So long as we have each other, we have enough.” When she didn’t respond, he told Parker, “Something failed in Engineering. The ship shook and we heard a boom; something exploded, I think.” “We can save her!” Nedra shouted. Coren looked sadly at Parker and said, “If you can get her out of here, I’ll be able to drag myself after.”
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  5. Justin as long as you want to keep going im good
  6. The Bridge As gravity failed, Parker fell back on her training and maneuvered her body mass to check her momentum. Star Fleet trained their members to operate in many different environments, and while the environmental systems of Star Fleet vessels rarely failed, Zero G was one of the more constant environmental training exercises that the crews had to qualify on. Once her own movement was stabilized she maneuvered over to the injured man. "I'm Lieutenant Perry from the starship Odyssey, and we are going to get all of you out of here." She glanced at his leg and drew in a deep breath as she scanned it with her tricorder. Beyond basic first aid Parker was a complete idiot when it came to medicine and she didn't know really what the tricorder was telling her, but it looked bad. She glanced up at the wife, "What happened here?"
  7. There is a funt noise as a harpoon is deployed, and it strikes true, spearing the moss-mass and pinning it to where it is - unable to advance on shore, and unable to full return to the sea. In rage, it lashed out, but Leverage is able to steer the sub expertly, dodging its blows. But the triumph is short-lived, as the Moss-Mass's many eyes and many mouths roar together in song, and this song is... disturbingly alien, washing over the battlefield in an almost tangible wave. It raises the hair (or the lichen) on the backs of your necks. It stirs uncomfortable memories as if they'd just happened, just now.
  8. Engineering Anoh did her best to shake off the feeling of disconnect. She hated sims for this very reason. No matter how hard she tried, she just, couldn't get into the swing of things properly, she knew it wasn't real. She grabbed onto the fallen railing as the gravity in the room failed, and pulled her way over towards the two brothers, pulling out her med scanner and figuring out how to get the man out of here, alive.
  9. The corridor between the labs wasn’t empty; three people huddled around the door. One of them, Michel Archam from Lab 16, had pried off the panel on the door and had his fingers buried in its guts. He and his assistant, both Antarans, were in their lab coats and wore oxygen masks, though neither had a suit on. The third was an unknown assistant, a human with large gray eyes who at least had a sealed suit on -- though Tal’Vyk knew that model and it was rated for about five minutes of open vacuum. “Engineer!” Archam barked when he saw her, pushing aside Leana, his assistant. “Thank the gods! The door refuses to open! Can you?” He stepped aside and waved to her, then saw L’kron behind her. He scowled at the other scientist but said nothing to him, perhaps in deference of the emergency. If so, he was showing a modicum more restraint than other scientists on this boat. The human shifted a little and said in a soft voice, “I can help, hold tools or a light.” Archam’s assistant shot her a hard look and then rolled her eyes. “Pipe down there, Penny Powerpack,” she said in a nasty voice, “the Engineer will tell us what we need to do.” She looked up at Tal’Vyk with a ‘teacher’s pet’ smile. Clearly, Leana had decided that Tal’Vyk was the person to save her from this mess, and therefore the person to suck up to. Hallway outside Labs 7, 9, 11, and 13 Simon staggered into the hallway, clumsy in his unfamiliar spacesuit. His head was still pounding, and he wished that he’d thought to administer a hypospray before he suited up. He turned toward Escape Pod 9, but a thought pulled him away. “David,” he murmured, pushing off his wall. David had been on the Origin, too. They had a bond, and Simon knew he’d hate himself for life if he didn’t at least check on the old man. The problem was that David Booker’s lab was on the other side of The Arc, normally a nice walk up to the junction and then over to the mirroring hallway. Now, the path was full of dangers. David would go back for you, Simon thought and with a frown started toward the junction. “Wait,” he muttered, looking at the door to Lab 11 and thinking through the ship’s layout again. Yes, he could cut through 11, assuming that whoever was in there didn’t kill him for the violation. The scientists on these kind of ships fell into two groups: self-serving secretive assholes, and self-serving secretive assholes who waited for a chance to drop hints about their research. Except Simon, of course, he wasn’t self-serving, and he tried not to be an asshole. “Shit,” he mumbled, pulling out a hypo and ripping off his helmet. Wincing at the sting, he injected himself with painkillers and a cocktail of drugs that would reduce bruising, at least for the short term. He’d need real medical care soon, but not before he went for David. Swallowing hard, he opened the door to Lab 11 and stopped, blinking at the darkness. “Shit, shit,” he mumbled, reseating his helmet and fumbling out a flashlight. He almost stepped in when he realized that the room wasn’t dark; it was coated in a black goo -- an ooze that was rolling toward the open doorway and the light in a fast ripple. Slamming the door shut, he leaned against it and mumbled, “So, we’re going the long way. Shit.” With a sigh, he checked to be sure Input was still in his backpack. Then he jogged up the corridor, thinking, I hope you know what you’re doing.
  10. Crew quarters Sc’vhalles sighed and put her burden on the ground carefully. Scanning the room, she found a likely piece of debris -- and long cylinder of some kind of metal -- and hoisted it, bouncing a few times to get a feel for it. In the dark, in the privacy of the closed room, Sc’vhalles closed her eyes, drew a deep breath, and centered herself. With a blood-curdling scream, she rammed the long piece of metal into the seam of the door, then with a howl that would have made a Klingon sit and take notice, threw her weight against it. With a screech that threatened hearing damage, the door was forced a few inches open. The Andorian pushed harder, gaining a few more precious inches -- enough for her to drop the metal and grab the edges of the door. Some part of her was aware that she was playing a little, because she knew it was a drill. Honestly, in her short tour on the Odyssey, she hadn’t gotten much of a chance to cut loose. So now she flexed and grunted, and forced the doors open. After a moment, she eased her shove a touch; the doors trembled for a few seconds before trying to shut again. “Fine,” she grunted, resuming her grip. She pulled the pole to her with her foot, then scooped it up and laid it on the floor between the two halves of the door. It shrieked shut again, but only until the two sides met the pole, where it stopped. “That’s more like it.” Sc’vhalles grinned and picked up her rescue. Wondering what else the program had to throw at her, she stepped forward-- As the gravity failed. Bridge Like everything else on the ship, it was small, and as Parker climbed the ladder to the bridge, she could hear voices. “--our lives, too?” “This ship is our life, Coren!” the higher-pitched of the two voices said as Parker stuck her head into the room. “It’s all we have!” A human man sat with his back against the front console; sweat ran down his pale skin, and he held one leg stiffly in front of him. The foot now pointed the wrong way, and Parker winced in sympathy. He saw her before the human woman, who stood next to him, working the controls frantically. “My wife, please help her!” the man implored pointing at the woman. “Please get her out of here!” The woman spared a glance toward Parker, but when she spoke it was to the man, “I told you, I’m not leaving our ship!” As if to confirm her shout, the gravity failed. Sickbay Chen couldn’t feel the two life forms in the room ahead of her; it might have been a matter of distance, but she knew it was really because there weren’t any minds in the room ahead. The door opened reluctantly revealing a Bajorian woman leaning over a human man on the exam table. Flickering force fields held him in place, and the woman held a suture laser in blood-covered gloves. The display over the bed told Chen he had a severed spinal cord, only half repaired. Though he wasn’t in danger of dying immediately, the spine would need healing “I can’t move him until I’ve repaired the cord,” the woman said grimly, the emergency lighting flashing across her d'ja pagh. “I need your help.” A second later, the gravity cut out, and the medic yelped, grabbed for the table, missed, and propelled herself across the room. She had the presence of mind to shut down the laser but it didn’t stop her from bouncing off the far wall. Engineering The doors opened to Engineering, and Lt. Jelal and Commander Idrudor’s first breath of air was thick with smoke. They could hear someone yelling, though the words were incomprehensible over the scream of the alarms. Idrudor reached out for minds automatically and came back empty. It was a sharp reminder that they were on a simulation, trying to rescue fake people. Shaking off the jarring loss of emersion, she and the Lt. pushed through the smoke to the back, where one human was trying to pull another one out from under a collapsed railing, screaming at his trapped crewmember. Idrudor felt that weird disjointed sense again; the man’s cries for his friend to hang on weren’t linked to any feeling or anything from the man. “Help me!” the man screamed as he spotted them. “My brother’s trapped! Please!” He hauled again and was nearly thrown away from his sibling when the gravity failed. Only the grip on his brother kept him in place.
  11. Its is incredible addicting. and while it's grindy as fuck at least the grind can be accomplished multiple ways so it breaks the repetitiveness. As for lock boxes. if you don't have cash to burn stay away from them as they are way to gambly. don't use them to try and get that ship you really want it is better to grind the currencies and buy it onthe exchange. everything in a lockbox can be bought and sold on the exchange except for lobi which is a nother currency. if you need lobi you will need to use lock boxes but only do it when you really need to and it is possible to do lock boxes without spend ing cash just takes along grind to get the dilithum to exchange for zen and then buy keys to open the boxes.. yeah sto's economy is a bit of a circus. but again everything in the game can be gotten for free if you have patience and time to grind. it's an odd mmo in that it is primarily a solo game up to the point of doing tfo (raids) and even then they are so quick that there is generally no social interaction. if you want to socialize in sto you need to be in an active fleet other wise you can hang out in the social hubs and just chat in general. now if you have friends one of the nice things about it is all of the missions well most of them are infinitely repeatable and have multiple difficulties.
  12. Anoh nodded to Ellie, drawing her phasor and stepping carefully down the corridor, eyes scanning, her portable med kit in her other hand. Reaching the door to aft Engineering , she stops and looks to Lt. Jelal, making sure they were still with herm even though she was fairly positive they were. She tried not to cheat with the crew members, and their locations, but sometimes it was a good way to keep her own nerve, rather than keeping a check on them. She pressed the access panel to open the door and quickly steps inside, heading for the nearest access point to the upper floor and the most injured crew member.
  13. I have an account I made ages back, but the game never really grabbed me, tbh. But I mostly play MMO's as a social thing, and only having one guy I knew who played it was a major reason I didn't put any real time in. I'm considering giving it another shot to see, though.
  14. I spent 100's of hours on Champions Online (60's comics versus 90's Star Trek) which uses a similar engine for the characters and the grinding of lockboxes and costumes. I started up an STO account just to get that screenshot for a Not!Cardassian using the alien maker. While I don't plan on playing the game further, if it's anything like CO it's addictive as hell and has all the right story beats and sound effects to rope you in and keep your endorphins up.
  15. since there was a bit of a discussion on discord about STO I thought i would put this here https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online the game is free to play and unlike most you really do not have to ever spend a dime unless you just want something fast. The entire game is available for free (even the expansions you have to pay for can be bought with zen which can be earned in game with grinding.) If anyone wishes to give it a go you can contact me in game at Rose@silk121 on the federation side or Kehtyr@silk121 on the Klingon side just use the in game mail after you finish the tutorial. I can invite you to a fleet and supply you with customized gear for your captains and boffs and your ship.
  16. I'm good to keep going. I just had real life stuff kinda make it so I had no extra spoons.
  17. Leverage flipped through the buttons in front of her. There were alot of them, though so far everything had been pretty easy to figure out, at least for her gadget happy self. "Yeah, I am so keeping you," She said as she patted the console reviewing her options. "I need a way to get the things attention and get it off the shoreline.... but not surface, OR blow up people including the team who might be in range.... and why in the nine circles of hell is that thing doing. What does it want.... it already had too much miracle grow. Maybe it needs a bigger grow light..." She looked over her options one more time, as she got a little closer. "Fine, Gyarados, I choose you!" Lev said with an eyeroll and slapped a button that she thought would do what she wanted...
  18. I've never been the best for responding quickly or consistently, but I'm good to keep going if other folks are. I just feel that Saibh doesn't really have anything to contribute to the last couple of posts beyond "Sits there, observing."
  19. Ariel had to run away, so I was waiting on that to wear off. ...which isn't much of an excuse, admittedly. I should have posted something for her. Just kind of hard to get the gumption to write a post about bravely running away. Sorry about that.
  20. So Real Talk time Do y'all want to continue this game? It's going longer and longer between posts for pretty much everyone. I know we've already lost 2 players. I know RL gets to us all. What I want is for each of you to post whether or not you want to continue. There's no hard feelings if you're just not feeling it and want to stop. I can put it on ice for good, or we can come back later. I just want to know where everyone stands.
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  22. Archimedes, Section 2 Science Division Cursing under her breath, Tal'vykk pried open the panel next to the door to the Science Division of Section 2. Scant minutes ago she had been foiled in her attempt to leave the ship and make her way to rescue pod 9 from the relative safety of the outer hull, forcing her to instead slog through the Science Division with all the inherent dangers that entailed. Rerouting the security scans here should allow her to enter even with a full alert ongoing. As the door slid open with a groan, it revealed behind it the crouched form of a Klingon in the armored suit that was typical for their science officers, all brusque and warrior-chic, but any large and obvious weapons had been replaced with measuring devices and collection tools. Obvious, of course, because no Klingon would take a step out of their quarters without some form of implement to kill whomever would pay them an insult. The Klingon rose to his full height, and as the light streaming through the door touched his face, Tal’Vykk recognized the man, unfondly. L’kron Mimish got out of bed with a hot cup of G’nrak and a requisitions form for technical support, and there was not a day that he would not complain of one thing falling apart or the other. In turn, seeing the Cardassian in the eye, L’kron snorted derisively. “Well, well. Our Chief of Engineering pays a house call. I’d expected you to be out on the first rescue pod already. You finally have your wish of the ship falling apart, have you?” The jab stung Tal’Vykk, who took personal pride in managing to keep together a vessel of this age and complexity. In fact, when she first set foot on the Archimedes, it was the first time that her lifetime of taking apart ancient war-torn vessels had come in handy, since it was hard to come by experienced engineers well-versed in technology fifty years out of date. “If you were trying to make your way to a rescue pod this way, I must disappoint you. Behind me the ship is falling apart, and we’re losing integrity and oxygen fast.” Her nostrils flared, noting the scent of burning meat. Ahead beyond the Klingon a charred body lay face-down next to the Targ cages he had monitored so religiously, occupied by equally charred bodies. L’kron smirked mirthlessly. “Containment protocols were activated as part of the standard evacuation procedure. You will guide me to the nearest functional rescue pod, I know you must have one available. And while we wait for rescue, you will tell me all that has failed on this ship, and I will decide whether or not to hold you…responsible.” The threat was palpable, and with a phaser in his right hand, L’kron waved his left towards the inside, inviting Tal’Vykk inside. As behind her the duranium doors slid back into place and locked with an audible hiss, she moved the Exo-suit ponderously inside L’kron’s bio-lab. Phaser fire might be less dangerous while inside an Exo-suit, but a determined Klingon would know how to crack the shell and get to the morsel inside, of that she had no doubt. Klingons, even the brainy ones, lived unruly and conflict-ridden lives, and it was good to stay on their best side. “But of course, L’kron. I am an engineer who’s been paid very well to keep this place in one piece as best I can, and your continued patronage with it. But some things not even an arc welder can fix.” As she passed, she could have sworn that the Klingon gently petted the satchel slung over his left shoulder, almost as much in a comforting gesture as if he was checking it was still there. Archimedes, Lab-22 Crawling back inside the Exo-suit, she preceded the Klingon into Lab-22, where intercom speakers were garbling messages in Klingon out that she could barely understand. Her grasp of the language was tenuous, barely good enough to make out that these were warnings about parameters going out of bounds. Judging by the burnt corpses, it was more than parameters to be worried about. The door at the end of the lab led to the shared corridor between labs 22, 18, 16 and 14. With the decontamination procedure over, the door opened effortlessly under the gentle pressure of the powered arms of her suit. Tal’Vykk sighed in relief, glad that each of the interior safety doors in the laboratories had their own battery pack to power them. She would not want to be spending time cutting through the duranium shells of the door when lives were at stake. Behind her, L’Kron tapped his armored boot on the floor in agitated frustration. Behind the armored glass of her Exo-suit, Tal furrowed her scaled brow as she set her suit into motion into the corridor, lit by red emergency lighting. Beyond this door awaited three more labs with dangerous and unstable experiments, as well as the hazardous materials storage, before they’d be able to access the airlock leading out. She hoped that there would be sufficient environment suits remaining after this for however many survivors she might be able to pick up on her way to Rescue Pod 9…
  23. "Obviously," Ginka drawled flatly, back to her grumpy baseline, "I'll start thinning their numbers so we can collect a few stragglers after we're done. Try not to make me more work than you have to." She shot forward through the air, a petite brunette of a saiyan in red-and-white with her palms pressed together as she concentrated her Ki into a purple sphere that bled one, two, five, seven streamers of energy in her wake. The streamers gained the faintest hint of scales, eyeslits, and nostrils as their creator came to a halt half-way between the (presumed) Red Ribbon Army and her... Well, allies if she forced herself to think well of them. Up and over the streamers curved and coiled, splitting at the tip to reveal pseudo fangs and an ominous pink glow at their core, leaking energy in the heartbeats before they were unleashed on the seven nearest grunts, writhing through the air with borrowed malice. "Hydra's. Flurry," she growled out between clenched teeth, eyes dancing as she fed more Ki into the shot. The universe rarely granted medics mercy, so Ginka's ancestors had long since stopped granting mercy to those who might make their work more difficult.
  24. VII It was late evening and a rash of phone calls were made by Warren Clairburn to the parents of the Walsh Road kids. The calls were two fold, first to explain that his niece had invited their children to spend the night and he felt that he needed to reassure everyone that it was perfectly okay with him and that the party would be chaperoned and it would be a good thing for his niece who had recently lost her parents and had been forced to move all the way out here from the only home she had known. He made all possible assurances, and, in the end, they were convinced and so the impromptu party was on. Secondly, he extended an invitation to the entire families of Evelyn’s new friends to an Independence Day Celebration and BBQ, with all the trimmings, he would be hosting on the fourth. He went on to tell them that there was no need to rsvp right away the invitation was open and the celebration, while private, was open to everyone and that as his closest neighbors the were doubly welcome to attend. By 8:45 the kids began to return and by 9:00, the last two Quinn and Silas, arrived. The family room where they had had Pizza a couple of hours ago had ben set aside for them. The furniture had been moved from the center of the large room and a half dozen sleeping bags laid out. The left over Pizza was available in the back of the room on the dining table along with other late night snacks and soft drinks. As the kids congregated into the room they were met by Evelyn and her Uncle. “Alright guys, I’m not going to hover,” said Mr Clairburn in his distinct gravelly voice, “I tend to stay up late so if anyone needs me I will be in the sitting room right across the foyer. You kids have a fun time.” With that he gives them all a charmingly crooked smile and shuffles off closing the doors behind him. “Thank you all for coming. I know it’s kind of weird us just meeting and all but it means so much to me that you are all here.” She steps up to Quinn and takes both Quinn’s hand in her own and smiles warmly at the taller girl. “I’m so glad you changed your mind. It wouldn’t be the same without you.”
  25. "Robots, hmm? We'll see about that." Shayuri stepped forward and flung her cloak back from her shoulders, freeing her arms. Her fingers twirled in a complex dance before her, locking, loosing, locking again in a rapid series of signs. In the air before her a circle appeared, drawn in midair by blue-white light. She spoke then, in a loud, commanding voice that rolled over the field...carrying far longer than it had any right to. The language was rough sounding, maybe a little like German. As she incanted, runes appeared within the circle, one by one. Once the inner ring was filled with runes the entire array flashed brightly and erupted into a horizontal stroke of lightning that painted the entire battalion of robots in livid black and white for a camera-flash instant. It struck one of the larger robots squarely, and immediately the target was enveloped by an oval of translucent blue light. The two energies writhed and snapped at each other, and finally the lightning lanced through and licked over the robot's armored hull, drawing a blackened line down it. The dragon-sage swore under her breath. "All right then, the big ones have some kind of force field. Good to know!"
  26. "A few Hours? That's gonna be abit of a wait." Goren shook his head and looked at Datura. "I don't think standing around waiting's the best idea." He shrugged, and Dende spoke up. "There's probably a faster way. I can send you all there, and you can have your ship wait for you here. You will have to climb up the normal way at least once on the return trip." , Goren nodded. "Sounds good." Dende nodded, and the five of them found themselves in a grassy field, far removed from where the tower. There seemed to be nothing but wild animals around, and they could all faintly feel the pulse of the Dragonball. It took them about twenty minutes to locate it, down in a small crevasse, and Goren handed it up as he climbed out. It had seven red stars on it. "One down..." No sooner had he spoke, than they all heard the whirring clanking of machinery, and the roar of turbines. Looking up, descending about 200m off, there were six aircraft, four of which disgorged ten armed and armored troopers each. The last two, which looked more heavily armed, transformed into humanoid robots. Clearly, they were aware they weren't alone. It was Calvin who realized it "Their sensors can sense the movement of the ball, that's how they know."
  27. It had been a late night in the lounge and the little private party after, with, shock of all shocks, real alcohol. Thank the prophets it had not been Romulan ale, but still, the Aldebaran whiskey did it’s job and Parker, not exactly hungover but not fresh as a daisy either, had made it to the bridge just on time only to find out that she was going on an S&R drill with the exec and a couple of others and had to get to the transporter asap. Oh boy. She headed to Transporter room one and the closer she got the more her mood lifted. Choul had the duty and she figured he just might be in a little worse shape that her. Parker stifled a giggle and wiped the grin off her face as he gave Choul a wink and took her place on the transporter pad biting her tongue, instead of making the first sarcastic remark about rodeos that came to mind when the big blue and very attractive Andoran asked about how many drills everyone had been on. Lord she hoped this new captain was not as drill happy as her last had been. After they materialized and the Exec gave her orders Parker followed Sc’vhalles out of the simulated shuttle bay. The smoke made her cough and brought back dark memories of her early childhood with a grimace she checked her phaser to make sure it was on stun and called to the security officer as she turned away from her. “Hey Ensign, stay on your toes, these things can be tricky and they aren’t always what they are advertised as, just remember we don’t know what caused this.” Sc’vhalles gave the flight officer a look Parker couldn’t read then nodded and turned back the toward where the crew quarters were supposed to be. Parker turned the other way and headed towards the turbolift as the rest of the team came out of the bay and separated to head to their respective targets. The doors to the turbolift didn’t open. Didn’t quiver, didn’t squeak, didn’t do anything. “Oh come on…” Parker holstered the phaser and tried to pry the doors open to no avail. With a sigh she pulled her tricorder off her belt and checked the schematics for the Noctiluca-class. She shook her head and glanced down the smoke-filled empty corridor. The Jefferies tube that would take her to the bridge was almost directly across from where she was. On the other side of the ship. “Prohets give me strength.” She started off at a jog knowing that this drill was going to be one of those kind.
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