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    The arrival of the newcomer caused Datura to shift her stance so that she could defend if either attacked her. Ginka's story sounded horribly familiar, and Datura felt her nails dig into her palms. If others were being kidnapped, this was not a personal attack but something much further-reaching and sinister. Datura didn't do other people's plans. "I am not playing this game," she said coldly, marching to the edge of the tiled area. Without hesitation, she walked off the edge-- And landed where she'd appeared moments before. She wasn't sure that it would work, but the failure of it still angered her. She dealt with forces she didn't understand and it pissed her off. With a growl, she spun in place and yelled, "Very well, show yourself!"
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    More 'actually has Vulcan psionic abilities' then 'oh look, if we touch the galactic fence, I get to absorb some of Q'. I mean, I'm totally for the latter, but I don't think I get to do it before game begins.
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    Beneath all the wonder of these wonderful toys, it worried Karen that they were being granted so many advantages. In her experience with the Corps, you were only issued what the higher-ups thoughts you needed to do a job and, more often than not, that estimate tended to be below the mark actual required to solve the problem at hand. And since she got involved in spaceflight? That went double with every pound on it's way to orbit costing money from the precious bottom line. Bigger gifts meant bigger problems, and Karen could only pray, and hope that someone was actively listening, at the back of her mind that they were up to the task this wonder ship promised was coming. The fact they'd need to jury-rig an airlock was an anchor of familiarity, a sign the, what to call them, what to call them..? Ah, the Makers still had some restrictions in information and materials helped a lot. Soothed her nerves into problem solving mode. "Anyone over there not have experience wearing a spacesuit? Before I get lost seeing how deep this bag of tricks goes, rather go with the basic safety line soon as you position the airlock next to the entrance. Work on something more permanent next," she commented over the coms, grabbing a few units of good sturdy-looking cable and a wielder to do the job of spiderwebbing them together.
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