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  1. Hogan shakes his head, "The PPA and your missions are separate, they will be concerned with the refugees and the situation on the plateau. You will be dropping at the base of the plateau and once you have secured the immediate area will put in a support unit for the Mecha if it's feasible. Your only concern are the Kaiju." He faces the board and the map of India returns. "With the atmospheric conditions still playing hell with satellite recon, we have to have feet on the ground. That is you. Our goal is not retaking the subcontinent it is protecting the survivors and f
  2. From – The Dauntless Recollections, vol I It was the pain, the most excruciating unfathomable PAIN. It was like reliving every punch, every broken bone, every stubbed toe and skint knee I had ever had in my life…all at once. I'm a boxer, my daddy's girl, I been getting punched in the face since I was twelve years old but I’m tough. So, when I tell you the pain I felt when Rena Espa hit me in the third round was the worst pain I had ever felt you sorta know where I'm coming from. And that pain was nothing compared to what followed. She kept coming at me, alre
  3. “Of course, I will not be left out, you can count on me, but I do not have a mecha, it shipped with the fleet. I did not,” said trooper David. Hogan nodded thoughtfully, these will do god help them, he clears his throat, “Right then, you four,” indicating the three women and Harvard, “Download those sim tapes and gather your kit. Meet us at Load bay three, building seventeen, in…, he looks at his watch, “two hours. You have that much time to make personal arrangements for a long deployment.” “How long,” asked Croft? “Eternity, lad, eternity,” He stands abrup
  4. II The fourth of July dawned bright and sunny with a hint of clouds in the west. It wasn’t yet hot, but the day promised to be a scorcher. All of the Kids, except Daryll, who was not yet one of the circle but would be, had chores to attend to before they could go be with their friends and head to the festivities which were set to begin around eleven am with the annual boat parade on the lake, followed by family fun at Meeks park with fair rides, games, and fair food and BBQ, as well as entertainment both amateur and professional. Quinn and Silas had the Horses to f
  5. Friday night came after a long grueling week and with it came the fight. It was not a fight Brigit had to win, she just needed to last eight rounds and make the big bucks. If Karen were right it would open up other matches of the same type and she needed the money. She had also decided to take Karen's offer and train for Kickboxing. She shared her Daddy's opinion of the MMA but that's where the real money was right now, for women at least, and if she couldn't win in a stand-up boxing match, she at least had a better chance in the cage. At least that's what Brigit Moran
  6. Tara almost smirked, set down two new, smaller menus, "That's the dessert menu, if you want to look at them. I'll be right back." As she walked away Sean could swear she was adding a bit of sway to her curvy hips. When he glanced bake at his dinner companion he say a slight smile that indicated that she had seen him looking which brought a little color to his cheeks. He picked up the menu and looked through it mostly to keep busy and avoid any awkward conversation. In just a few minutes Tara returned this time as she came to the table she had a smile which looked genuine and happy,
  7. Tara nodded and said, "Be right back." She turned in the order and got the man his second drink. He was nice not bad looking for an old guy and the lady was hot. She thought about the fight and how nice and accommodating they had been about the booth. Tara returned with the drink and paused, "The food will be ready in a few minutes, but I overheard you say you might want to go to the fight. I was going to say earlier how lucky you were," She indicates Grace, "getting a ticket to this fight. It's likly sold out and if it isn't the only tickets left would be either the really reall
  8. The Dollar General Hank crinkles his brow he is very skeptical about the ID and he looks up at Dani and finds himself starting directly into icy blue eyes like deep pools in the arctic sea. He gives a little shiver, “This isn’t real is it? Dani parts her lips and the pink tip off her tongue protrudes from between her very white teeth, with an almost silent giggle she crinkles her nose and snatches the card away from Hank. “No,” is her single word reply. The card goes back into the small flat wallet which disappears into her right hip pocket while she di
  9. The two scientists took photos and made scans of the three planets with the instruments they had, but both acknowledged that they were truly inadequate compared to what they had seen on the great ship. After a few hours they had determined that all three could likely support them with air, food, and water. There was no signs in the spectrographs of anything in the air that would indicate any industrialization and while still too distant for exact detail the photograph plates using the big telescope showed nothing which resembled roads or cities. The two scientists concu
  10. “Oh, Harvard laddy, you were, you were,” replied Hogan in a sing song way, “abandoned by the fates, left with the forlorn and damned but… I have seen the spark in yer particular sets o’eyes. So here I am, at the behest of the great man hisself, General Sir Weslley, to give you the chance to die for the cause and place your names in the annals of history among the heroes of myth and glory.” Hogan smiles broadly at each of them, “And that is as much as I can tell ye until you volunteer. The General says to me, Hogan,” the captain tucks his chin and makes his voice much deeper and m
  11. Seeing that the woman was still looking over the menu, Tara dropped her arms to a position crossed in front of her waist. At the out of the blue semi-question from the man, Tara glanced at the wall display and took a deep breath, of course of all the booths in here the empty one had to be this one. The young waitress forced a smile, "As a matter of fact yes, Brigit is my big sister. She won a few titles in the Junior Boxing League when she was in high school." She glanced back to the section with the big screen TV and saw the crowd starting to break up in to separate gr
  12. The week that followed had been a usual crappy week for Brigit, filled with drunk assholes at the pub where she worked, and long sweaty workouts at Manny's Gym which left Brigit cranky and sore. Not being able to party and blow off steam did not help any, what with the fight Coming up. She was so concentrated on the upcoming fight that she didn't even pay any attention to the news about this stormer or that stormer or the declaration about some place in Africa being a haven for stormer's or what have you It just didn’t matter to her it wasn’t part of her world.. She was a boxer and the upcomin
  13. Personal Information Real Name: Brigit Fianna Moran Nicknames: Bri Nova Name: Dauntless Concept: A Dreamer with Responsibilities Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Sean David Moran(Father; laid off teamster), Margret Moran (Mother; School Teacher, suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer), Tara Moran (Sister; 19; Student at University of Chicago), Catherine and Caitlin Moran ( Identical Twin sisters 17, high school seniors) Connor Moran (uncle and proprietor of Grace Moran's Pub, where Brigit and Tara sometimes work as a waitresses) Date of Birth: August 12th , 1995 D
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