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  1. Dylan flinched again at the question from Hank. He hadn't realized they had been overheard. He straightened and pulled away from Silas, "That's her, she was calling herself Mattie Hopkins, she was a dressmaker in Savannah but that was just a front. Everyone knew she was a witch but it was the 20th century you know no one really believed any of that. But being a Clairburn I knew better." He looked over at Evelyn, "I had no idea she was that old."
  2. Jhan considered what Ardan and Artoria said and after they were done he looked at the silent Meara, who avoided looking at any of them. He spooned some more of the stew Aroria had made into his mouth, surprised at how tasty it was considering how little she had had to concoct it with. He chewed thoughtfully, “Hmm... you are both right and you have my apologies, young you are but all three of you are of age, and so what you do is yours to decide. I will take your advice Ardan, and go to the village to tell the council.” Setting his bowl aside he struggled to his feet and looked arou
  3. ok, there has been lulls and long time between posts and this is not an easy game to post in i guess but, as things stand right now I only have two players who are consistent posters. If you have lost interest, if you are too busy in real life, if you don't know what to post. tell me. don't go silent and make me and the ones who are posting wait. it isn't fair to them.. if you want to drop the game thats fine i'm not going to ban you from the site but do something, say something, don't keep leaving everyone hanging. thank you
  4. Micky scowled. The other pack had been here all along yet it was to them the messengers had come. To them this challenge had been made. For it was a challenge, a test, sent by Gaia. The Hive was their responsibility and so was Ruruk. "No. Ariel I want you to stay in the city. With your position in the police and your connections, you can hear of anything there, and keep an eye on it and call us if this turns out to be a decoy. Clarity will remain here at the cearn for the same reason. The other pack should continue their search for the kinfolk. If they wish to send some
  5. Evelyn had leaned close to see the picture which she found fascinating, but she shook her head at Roach's question. "No never seen her before although that name does sound familiar. As for those others, the titles and stuff, I know that Keeper of the Black Flame is a title use in the church of satan, but that's not real witchcraft. Though It is a front used by covens sometime." As Evelyn spoke, Silas felt Dylan stiffen beside him and felt sudden tension in his boyfriends demeanor.
  6. The three grew silent with their own thoughts then. Ardan checked on his mentor before wrapping a blanket around himself and laying by the fire soon he was asleep. Artoria pulled her blanket tight and lay back to the fire facing the opening not completely trusting the supposed magic to keep Kobolds or worse out. She slept lightly, her eyes would often open and look around before drifting off again. Meara forgo sleeping and instead stood at the stand upon which the ancient book sat and read seeking some hint or spell that would help them. And so, the night passed. In the morning Mea
  7. "You didn't make a fool of yourself Ryan, neither did the others. If anyone miss-stepped it was I." Davian sat back, "I shouldn't have sent the team without more information or without a clear plan of action along with contingencies. I did both." He picks up his glass and swirls the wine but doesn't drink. "No this one is on me, including losing Emily," he glances at Temple, nods, "I mean Namaka. No I underestimated the Utopian's even when their strength was right before our eyes. And it's made me rethink a few things. I am, first and foremost, a business man, I am an innovator, a
  8. Ryan entered Davian’s private dining room, located by his formal office, he took a seat across from where Davian sat down. The girl, Temple, Davians Ward, came into the room after them and sat at the far end of the dining table away from both of them. The events of the last twenty-four hours weren’t sitting well and that meeting hadn’t done much to ease his mind. The table was already set for three and a door opened and a uniformed waiter entered the dining room and took position between Ryan and Davian, “Good afternoon gentlemen, miss, for todays lunch we have the following selec
  9. Karen set about performing a few surveys and taking a few samples at the direction of the science team. Carrie monitored her friend’s vital signs while her medical computers analyzed the atmosphere searching for toxins and pollutants. In the ships main cabin Mr Todd was also monitoring things while working on plans for the tools they would need to print to make the components for the drive. Always an observant man something suddenly struck him as odd. Then after putting his own work aside he studied the feed from Karen’s suit and from the ship’s cameras and sensors. He
  10. Meara rolled to her feet and went over to kneel beside Jhan. “He seems to be resting easier,” she checked the bandage on his stomach wound, “it is already scabbed over that potion is working. Good call Ardan.” She comes back tot he fire and the other two, sits between them. “These things are cunning and vengeful. May I see your sword?” Ardan hesitated a second then picked it up off the floor where it rested beside him within easy reach. He unsheathed it and passed it hilt first to Meara. Meara closed her hand upon the hilt and took its weight, “ It isn't as
  11. ok let me think on this a bit more
  12. ok the thing i was having a problem with is the core soul thing. but after reading this again and stalking to justin earlier I think justin is misusing the term core soul i think he means life not soul. reincarnation is one soul many lives. many souls implies different beings which is not what you are aiming for i think. correct me if i am wrong.
  13. Temple stared at their reflection in the glass of the window, his hand on her shoulder, warm, comforting, she smiled at him without turning… “Mr. Layton…” The disembodied voice caused a complete change as Davian rapidly drew is hand away from Temple’s shoulder and spun back toward his desk. “What is it Rebecca?” Davian asked as he strode to his desk and looked down at the computer screen where his security chief’s face was. “A portal opened in the Warp Room sir. The team is back. Most of them, anyway.” The team, Deezy, Hawke, and Cass
  14. The decision to meet up after the celebration at Roach’s, freed everyone to sit back and enjoy the shows. Dylan edged closer to Silas but resisted putting his arm around him, he had noticed the looks that some of the people they had walked by during the day, read the looks, and recognized them and the ugliness that he could remember from another life. He did not want to subject Silas to that. Soon the music gave way to the fireworks and after a last speech from the mayor, the first rockets shot into the air. The Fireworks burst above, searing their brilliant light and
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