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  1. Bridge Parker recognized the unwillingness to give up in the woman, she had seen it plenty of time growing up, people willing to die instead of surrendering. But these weren't people, they were holograms, and so should listen to reason. "Nedra, listen to me, If we can save the ship rest assured we will do everything we can. Some of my people are on their way to engineering right now, may already be there. But we have to get your husband to safety. And I can't do that by myself. I need your help."
  2. Justin as long as you want to keep going im good
  3. The Bridge As gravity failed, Parker fell back on her training and maneuvered her body mass to check her momentum. Star Fleet trained their members to operate in many different environments, and while the environmental systems of Star Fleet vessels rarely failed, Zero G was one of the more constant environmental training exercises that the crews had to qualify on. Once her own movement was stabilized she maneuvered over to the injured man. "I'm Lieutenant Perry from the starship Odyssey, and we are going to get all of you out of here." She glanced at his leg and drew in a deep breath as she scanned it with her tricorder. Beyond basic first aid Parker was a complete idiot when it came to medicine and she didn't know really what the tricorder was telling her, but it looked bad. She glanced up at the wife, "What happened here?"
  4. Its is incredible addicting. and while it's grindy as fuck at least the grind can be accomplished multiple ways so it breaks the repetitiveness. As for lock boxes. if you don't have cash to burn stay away from them as they are way to gambly. don't use them to try and get that ship you really want it is better to grind the currencies and buy it onthe exchange. everything in a lockbox can be bought and sold on the exchange except for lobi which is a nother currency. if you need lobi you will need to use lock boxes but only do it when you really need to and it is possible to do lock boxes without spend ing cash just takes along grind to get the dilithum to exchange for zen and then buy keys to open the boxes.. yeah sto's economy is a bit of a circus. but again everything in the game can be gotten for free if you have patience and time to grind. it's an odd mmo in that it is primarily a solo game up to the point of doing tfo (raids) and even then they are so quick that there is generally no social interaction. if you want to socialize in sto you need to be in an active fleet other wise you can hang out in the social hubs and just chat in general. now if you have friends one of the nice things about it is all of the missions well most of them are infinitely repeatable and have multiple difficulties.
  5. since there was a bit of a discussion on discord about STO I thought i would put this here https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online the game is free to play and unlike most you really do not have to ever spend a dime unless you just want something fast. The entire game is available for free (even the expansions you have to pay for can be bought with zen which can be earned in game with grinding.) If anyone wishes to give it a go you can contact me in game at Rose@silk121 on the federation side or Kehtyr@silk121 on the Klingon side just use the in game mail after you finish the tutorial. I can invite you to a fleet and supply you with customized gear for your captains and boffs and your ship.
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  7. VII It was late evening and a rash of phone calls were made by Warren Clairburn to the parents of the Walsh Road kids. The calls were two fold, first to explain that his niece had invited their children to spend the night and he felt that he needed to reassure everyone that it was perfectly okay with him and that the party would be chaperoned and it would be a good thing for his niece who had recently lost her parents and had been forced to move all the way out here from the only home she had known. He made all possible assurances, and, in the end, they were convinced and so the impromptu party was on. Secondly, he extended an invitation to the entire families of Evelyn’s new friends to an Independence Day Celebration and BBQ, with all the trimmings, he would be hosting on the fourth. He went on to tell them that there was no need to rsvp right away the invitation was open and the celebration, while private, was open to everyone and that as his closest neighbors the were doubly welcome to attend. By 8:45 the kids began to return and by 9:00, the last two Quinn and Silas, arrived. The family room where they had had Pizza a couple of hours ago had ben set aside for them. The furniture had been moved from the center of the large room and a half dozen sleeping bags laid out. The left over Pizza was available in the back of the room on the dining table along with other late night snacks and soft drinks. As the kids congregated into the room they were met by Evelyn and her Uncle. “Alright guys, I’m not going to hover,” said Mr Clairburn in his distinct gravelly voice, “I tend to stay up late so if anyone needs me I will be in the sitting room right across the foyer. You kids have a fun time.” With that he gives them all a charmingly crooked smile and shuffles off closing the doors behind him. “Thank you all for coming. I know it’s kind of weird us just meeting and all but it means so much to me that you are all here.” She steps up to Quinn and takes both Quinn’s hand in her own and smiles warmly at the taller girl. “I’m so glad you changed your mind. It wouldn’t be the same without you.”
  8. It had been a late night in the lounge and the little private party after, with, shock of all shocks, real alcohol. Thank the prophets it had not been Romulan ale, but still, the Aldebaran whiskey did it’s job and Parker, not exactly hungover but not fresh as a daisy either, had made it to the bridge just on time only to find out that she was going on an S&R drill with the exec and a couple of others and had to get to the transporter asap. Oh boy. She headed to Transporter room one and the closer she got the more her mood lifted. Choul had the duty and she figured he just might be in a little worse shape that her. Parker stifled a giggle and wiped the grin off her face as he gave Choul a wink and took her place on the transporter pad biting her tongue, instead of making the first sarcastic remark about rodeos that came to mind when the big blue and very attractive Andoran asked about how many drills everyone had been on. Lord she hoped this new captain was not as drill happy as her last had been. After they materialized and the Exec gave her orders Parker followed Sc’vhalles out of the simulated shuttle bay. The smoke made her cough and brought back dark memories of her early childhood with a grimace she checked her phaser to make sure it was on stun and called to the security officer as she turned away from her. “Hey Ensign, stay on your toes, these things can be tricky and they aren’t always what they are advertised as, just remember we don’t know what caused this.” Sc’vhalles gave the flight officer a look Parker couldn’t read then nodded and turned back the toward where the crew quarters were supposed to be. Parker turned the other way and headed towards the turbolift as the rest of the team came out of the bay and separated to head to their respective targets. The doors to the turbolift didn’t open. Didn’t quiver, didn’t squeak, didn’t do anything. “Oh come on…” Parker holstered the phaser and tried to pry the doors open to no avail. With a sigh she pulled her tricorder off her belt and checked the schematics for the Noctiluca-class. She shook her head and glanced down the smoke-filled empty corridor. The Jefferies tube that would take her to the bridge was almost directly across from where she was. On the other side of the ship. “Prohets give me strength.” She started off at a jog knowing that this drill was going to be one of those kind.
  9. a request, could y'all please post your characters in the character thread. I have no idea who any of the other characters are except for one. makes writing a post kind of difficult thanks
  10. Umbra Micky spared a glare at the moving spirit before looking back at her pack mates. "Words, more than anything, are what bind us as a pack together. The words of those who chose us before without consultation, whose desire was not for us to flourish but to reveal our weakness, to drive us away. The words we use to bridge the gap between our birth and our reality. We are mixed, we are, in the human parlance, mongrels. Mixed breeds, mixed heritage, mixed genders. But each of us has our own Heart and each Heart must be allowed to speak, no not allowed, must be made to speak." She walks over to Howls, "Sophia spoke from the body and the spirit, she said the things her eyes see and the things her spirit tells her from the long line of her ancestors. But she did not speak from her heart. None of us do. Even I keep my heart guarded, for we have all been hurt and betrayed by the past." She places a hand on Howls shoulder, comfortingly yet firm, "But you sister, hide your heart, even from yourself. Your body is strong, your spirit is powerful and wise, I brought you here with us today to hear your heart. I brought you so that your words could sing, bring us, the conflicted together, make us stronger." Micky stands straight and her gaze takes in all of her pack then settles on the spirit. "Each individual is made of Body, spirit and Heart. And like each individual so too is a Pack made of these things. The heart always speaks truth, when it speaks. And you here today are the Heart of this pack. Now is the time to speak."
  11. let me nkow here which kids will be attending the sudden sleepover.
  12. The smile on Evelyn's face was odd though no one noticed, it was the kind that said 'I'm the happiest girl in the world!', but it never touched her eyes. As each kid spoke she had nodded along with them but she watched Quinn closest of all, only turning in her seat to look at Silas, when he asked about Warren. "Oh, I'm sure he will be fine with it. He looks like an old grouch but he's really just a soft hearted pussy cat." She stands and moves over toward Quinn. "I really hope you'll change your mind, Quinn, it will be so much fun. But even if you don't I still hope we can be friends," she said warmly sharing a new smile with Quinn alone before turning back to the group. "Dylan, and I will get everything set up while you all go make arrangements and get your things for the sleepover. you don't need sleeping bags or anything we have all sorts of camping gear." Pizza was hastily finished and with a lot of laughing and joking Evelyn and Dylan sort of herded the kids out of the old house and stood on the porch waving as the Kids left so they could come back. "We'll see all of you in a little while It is going to be grate!"
  13. With the Polaris docked in a makeshift fashion to the alien, in the unknown sense, ship, the rest of the crew of the Polaris were able to come aboard and add their own expertise to the exploration of the vessel. Arjun joined Ayato in the command center, if that’s what it was, while Mr. Todd moved back and forth between the scientist in the drive section and the Armor bay, where Carrie had gone to run a physical on the Chief. After most of an eight-hour working period the captain called everyone to the dining area for a meal and to discuss their findings. Using the Kitchen, after Carrie had made as thorough an examination as she could and giving the food stuff she tested a clean bill, Ayato prepared one of his gourmet dinners which to all present was indistinguishable from the real thing. When asked Carrie explained as well as she could. “The food I tested, about two dozen items I requested from the Kitchen, arrived fresh and as far as my medical gear can determine it is real. I asked Mr. Todd to check the kitchen machinery to see if we could get to the base ingredient.” She smiled at the engineer. “Well she asked but I couldn’t solve anything. The interface would not allow us to get samples of what they use to make the food. And I double checked her readings and ran them through the computers I brought in my luggage as well as the Polaris’s, and the food is what it claims to be, right down to the molecular level. This is way beyond any sort of bio-replication printing we can do back home.” He chuckled, “ Really this is Star Trek level stuff, if any of you remember that old show.” Arjun let out a little laugh after he swallowed the bite of food he had just taken. “I do I used to watch that as a kid.” He speared another vegetable but did not take the bite. “It really creeps me out the way this thing only lets us know some of what’s here. I mean on the bridge I have found what the Captain likes to call the Tactical station. I just call them guns,” he laughs again then gets a serious look, “ The thing is armed to the teeth. There are energy weapons, Kinetic weapons, Missiles, and while I can select them even play with targeting. They have a nice little program like a video game. But I can’t access the systems to even get it to tell me what the weapons are, what sorts of energy, what are the kinetic weapons. Hell, it wouldn’t even tell me where the weapons are located on the ship.’ He seems frustrated. “We have been having better luck with the drive, or we were,” Said Rachel,” It let us know new things as we figured stuff out the as soon as Yseult seemed to really get the picture it stopped helping.” Everyone looked at Yseult, she put her utensils down and dabbed her lips with a napkin. “It was giving us things regularly as we figured them out but as soon as I realized that we could make a drive that functioned pretty much as we think this one does with our technology. It stopped. I had some calculations I wanted to do I input them, and the computers stopped responding with anything beyond the most basic functions we originally received. I have the Polaris running those calculations, but it will take a few more hours, I think. “What are the calculations,” asked Ayato? “Whether or not our math is correct and that we can create the compression phenomena with our drive, modified of course.” “Mainly software, “ interjected Rachel, “But there is some structural modifications we would need to do both inside and outside and unless we can figure out how to get this thing to make the parts …” she lets the sentence drop off. There was a some more small talk but soon the meal was done and Ayato told everyone to head back to Polaris where they buttoned the ship up for the night and went to bed. Sometime latter a soft alarm chimed and woke Yseult. She sat up and checked her computer the calculations were done. As she read over them, she saw that her and Rachel were right they could do it if only they could make the modifications. As she ponder waking Rachel, a sensation of strange weight alteration occurred and she pushed off to the view port just in time to see the creation of a hole in space which the great ship fell into and carried the Polaris along with it.
  14. The whole group smoothly followed De Vries instructions as well a Knight's example, although it was tempting to look. Captain Powell slipped a hand into the pocket of her shorts and drew out a small oval device with several buttons, she easily kept it concealed in her palm and only those nearby who noticed the movement could see it. Keeping her hands by her side in regular walking motion she thumbed the buttons. "Baxter, this is the Captain, " she said in a conversational voice, "Mr De Vries spotted someone at the hanger across the way out front, making observations. Pick two men have them go out the back way and scoot around to take stock. Whoever it is may have a high powered camera or may be armed, act accordingly." She glanced back at her charges who now noticed that she wore a small flesh colored earphone fit into her ear. "We've been here a few days and with our unusual look have drawn a few sightseers and gawkers, but i don't like that this fellow is taking pains to stay concealed and mounted as if for a quick getaway. And since none of us have been shot yet my money is on the camera. Regardless Baxter will have it sorted and we will be in the air as soon as we get you loaded up."
  15. Tensions passed the kids fell to doing what kids do...telling stories. Stories about there favorite teachers, about the subjects they each liked and those they hated. Stories about the other kids in school especially the ones to be avoided mostly older kids. They talked about what they did for fun, what kinds of movies they all liked what games they played. And Evelyn listened with rapt attention and said the proper things at the proper times, just enough to encourage the next Kid to tell a story and all the while she never told any of her own and Dylan was also unobtrusively quiet. At some point as it was getting late Ice Cream was served and everyone had their favorite. "This has been the best time I have had in a long time," Said Evelyn, "I wish it could on and on." She sighed then smiled, "I know! We could have a sleep over! It's summer it's not like we have school tomorrow. We have plenty of sleeping bags and we can camp right here and eat more junk food and tell more stories I want to know everything about everything here." "You could tell ghost stories, there's lots of them around these parts," Dylan chimed in with a chuckle. Evelyn was beaming, "What do y'all say?"
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