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  1. Leverage dives her sub out of sight of anyone, if indeed anyone could have seen it. "Looks like the mess is mostly taken care of," is the text she sends to the others, adding, "I will find a better place to leave my new toy, and be uptop asap to help with any needed cleanup." She directs it towards the bottom, looking for that ping the submarine's sensors had blipped at her. Whatever that was, was going with her to be poked at later. Away from here. Away from anywhere that might show up to the Dad's that she was involved. The more she could stay off their radar, the bet
  2. Leverage flipped through the buttons in front of her. There were alot of them, though so far everything had been pretty easy to figure out, at least for her gadget happy self. "Yeah, I am so keeping you," She said as she patted the console reviewing her options. "I need a way to get the things attention and get it off the shoreline.... but not surface, OR blow up people including the team who might be in range.... and why in the nine circles of hell is that thing doing. What does it want.... it already had too much miracle grow. Maybe it needs a bigger grow light..." She looked over her
  3. [Tea shop] Bella watched them leave, faintly bemused. Following weird smells? Not twins, but partners? Nameless too, they never bothered to introduce themselves. As for flavor, it was daylight, that ruled out some of the Under dwellers, plus they walked the streets, could look normal, and that comment about their sense of smell. Something animalistic then, maybe another shifter type. There were so blasted many of them, and it seemed like more got crammed into their communities as they slipped south for safer... assumedly safer pastures anyways, considering her current... injured compa
  4. [Back at the tea shop...] Belle sighed, in her head, and turned to the 'not twins', then spoke, "I am going to assume Nym mentioned heading Under because well, we are all in the 'know', at least where as that is concerned. What she, and they holding the meeting seem to forget is that I run a business. With hours, hours that I need to BE HERE FOR," those words were grouched out, though not in anyway at the two in front of her. Taking another long breath and holding it she looked them over. "Though I do see why you get called twins, you act in unison, and you look similar. That is
  5. Belle shook her head hard, annoying talent, hitting like that, now of all times. She sighed, heavily enough that the two strangers who followed the.... man... inside could have heard her if they had been deaf. Which she completely doubted, true deaf were rare, when things could be healed, or tech could be added to compensate, or overcompensate as the case may be. Opening her mouth, she blinked, and then pointed to a doorway with a sign over it that stated ‘employee’s only’. “Holy hell dude, you look like shit. Go on back and clean up, and I’ll come see about your requested service onc
  6. Using the cover of the masses, Leverage slipped up behind what she could see of her 'Team' to view the....not so organized chaos. With a roll of her eyes over her mask at the obviousness of some of her teammates choices of Shining Overt Glory in the form of a goddess to try and shepherd the sheeple away from what she was already calling in her head ‘Ivygeddon vs Plantzilla’, she pulled out what appeared to be an outdated PDA. The device was, at least the case was an outdated PDA, the tech inside was certainly not, but that would have only been noticeable by someone looking over her shoulder. S
  7. "Thanks Agnes," Elaine said, looking uncomfortable, before deciding to move on to the part of the conversation that interested her, rather than outted her. She knelt and helped pick up the book, magazines, and other various detritus from the collision. "And yes, I am. It's.... a lot more important that some realize. A costume malfunction at the wrong time can...well have catastrophic consequences, to one's reputation not to mention longevity and lack of injuries.... Plus... heros's need to look good too. We are long past underwear over tights nonsense.... or we should be," Elaine s
  8. Having just pulled her cell out, on silent of course, after all they were in a library, Elaine snapped a quick photo of the flyer (history of 20th and 21st century superfashion, and Claudia deConnick? She might as well just get a damn year pass at this rate to the place, because she was going to end up down there that much), just in time to turn and watch the assistant wheeling the collection of books catastrophically run into a student. As student went one way, assistant went another, and the books went.... well flying everywhere. She couldn't help but wince, poor books, they cer
  9. Elaine stood there for awhile, a carefully crafted expression on her face. Her outfit was designed, by herself down to the buttons that she had had specially made. The sling style back pack didn't detract from her overall look. That was generally the key to outfits, all of the details, down to the aforementioned buttons. It didn’t look overly gaudy or expensive just… right. She had bags for most of her outfits; all carefully color coded and hung in her closets in the basement. She was glad she was down there, in a corner room. Fire codes meant she had a window she could come and go from if she
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    it's working this morning, just checked on a couple of browser!
  11. Leverage Names: Her name: Elaine Piers, real name: Azavizvedeva Zraddhamanas . She refused to be enrolled with that name, because it "sounds like a sneeze", and "Dads, I want to be normal in school. Not always have the teacher trip over my name and no one ever want to talk to me because saying my name is hard and weird." Her parents: Sahora (mage parent) and Sajjanesta Zraddhamanas (thief parent), parents are gay male couple, big into LGBTQ rights and liberal LGBT darlings in media/culture, which coming from the middle east makes them... odd. Her parents supernames
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    I am not able to access the site from behind a netgear router firewall. I can access the site from outside the firewall. I get an message that says "can't connect securely to this page" and then goes on to mention outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. having to use my 4g on my cell to even be able to get on to leave a note- Jekca
  14. NAME: Belle Alin Fontenot Age: 30 Ethnicity: cajun TLDR: Voodoo halfbreed klutz Concept: youngest granddaughter of Old Family (Dad had a fling with a backwater waitress, then they both went and got killed, so Belle is the black sheep, and half blooded Fontenot, and was raised in the swamps by mother’s kin). Has powers from her mom’s side, and blends them into Voodoo. Runs a teashop that sells a few antiquities, does tarot readings on the side. Family curse has made her Aunts/Uncles offspring die off, so the family has HAD to accept her. Face claim: Ali Landry
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