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    Glad to hear that you're alright, and so are the cats. Life sounds rough right now, and I hope you will be doing well.
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    Hoping for all the best for everyone impacted by the storms and hurricanes. The imagery on news and google is terrible to watch, and I am glad you are at least safe.
  3. His mouth making an almost chewing-like motion, Alfred observed the landing dock and the few remaining signs of Human passage. His wide-brimmed hat shielded his eyes form the sun, which could now play with his eyesight as the clearing broke the monotonous cover of green above them. His rifle draped across his lap, he scanned the jungle and the blocks of quartz, trying to find any clues of danger or peril that may have befallen those who left here. "Looks like the boats are gone. Maybe the expedition relocated after the incident, or perhaps there are other goings-on which forced the
  4. Alfred removed the glasses from his nose, which he needed when reading. One trifling of older age is when your eyesight makes fun of you. Eyes of a hawk at a distance, but things becoming real blurry up close. Another trifling, a rapell down from a helicopter, something he last did several decades ago. But he had to put up a brave face, be a sport about it. He put the glasses in his vest pocket and smiled. "Nothing from my side, we prepared for what we could, and the answers we need to determine the rest await down river." Part of him had a pang of doubt about the drop. But most of
  5. Tal'Vykk gritter her teeth at yet another delay that would get them closer and closer to the Archimedes going event-horizon on them and ending their existence in a grinding noise and a weak splutter. She had password-locked the Number 9 pod, so obviously some scientists had released their previously-untested product on it in an effort to get out of the station. The combined lack of social cohesion among them, combined with their tendency to break the rules when one might need only bend them a little was like a volatile cocktail mix at the back of her mind. "Very well," she stated w
  6. While I am personally not that into mecha vs kaiju I would like to recommend using Fate Condensed, which is a newer version of the Fate Core game. The system's relatively simple, using Aspects, Fate Tokens (bennies) and customizable skills/stunts/etc. It is very modular and can be rebuilt to represent anything, but! it is less crunchy and more theatrical in nature. It feels a bit like the MiniD6 system from STO. It can be gamed a bit easy if you know how the mechanics work, so it's better for collaborative storytelling than a more gamey situation, which is why it might wo
  7. Tal'vykk shook her head in annoyance inside of her Exo-suit, glad that the scientists wouldn't be able to see it. She had found scientists to be a rabble-rousing chain gang of demanding children, trying to advance theories at the cost of everything and everyone - if they were not showing off or trying to get funding for their next galaxy-altering exploratory study. She, she herself preferred basic principles, cause-and-effect and the comforting touch of physical devices causing physical effects. She found herself quieted for a moment, touching the glass of the observation deck, fee
  8. Alfred crossed his legs and leaned down lower in his chair, crossing his arms at his chest. "Yes, heavy water. I am not much of a science buff, but I know it's used primarily for nuclear power, and preserving specimens in old-fashioned schools." He harrumphed to himself. "now I do believe there was a notion of a tooth found at the device, am I right? And heavy water's lethal to living beings in the long run." "So either we're looking at something really special that can survive in it, or that water magically transformed into heavy water as it made its journey from South America...
  9. With a sigh of disappointment Alfred slid the scope back into its protective cover and closed it up with an audible "click". He stood up and stretched himself a bit before turning to the rest of the assembled team. "Well, I guess he got spooked, but I got myself a good look at him, so he won't be hiding from us next time." Slapping the runway dust and grime off his pants he casually resumed his walk towards the others. "I am sure if they're fast enough they might catch him, but if not I hope we can make some sort of sketch-up of him, hmm?" Following the last statement his eyes were
  10. Tal'vykk said nothing at first, taking in the situation. The scientists were blocked by a Duranium door in their efforts to reach the wraparound deck that led down to the escape pods. That deck was a horrible affair, one of those see-through contraptions that had armor plating on it during transit, but was ostentatiously opened up when in orbit to give the paying passengers that modicum of "cruise vessel" feeling that they demanded. Sensors couldn't indicate whether or not there was a breach on the other side, so if they were going to open this up, it'd have to be careful. After a
  11. I spent 100's of hours on Champions Online (60's comics versus 90's Star Trek) which uses a similar engine for the characters and the grinding of lockboxes and costumes. I started up an STO account just to get that screenshot for a Not!Cardassian using the alien maker. While I don't plan on playing the game further, if it's anything like CO it's addictive as hell and has all the right story beats and sound effects to rope you in and keep your endorphins up.
  12. Archimedes, Section 2 Science Division Cursing under her breath, Tal'vykk pried open the panel next to the door to the Science Division of Section 2. Scant minutes ago she had been foiled in her attempt to leave the ship and make her way to rescue pod 9 from the relative safety of the outer hull, forcing her to instead slog through the Science Division with all the inherent dangers that entailed. Rerouting the security scans here should allow her to enter even with a full alert ongoing. As the door slid open with a groan, it revealed behind it the crouched form of a Kli
  13. Smiling wryly the old man shook his head curtly a few times while polishing the small scope he had produced from the pocket case. "You're forgetting, Alan, that even without moles in an organization Newshounds can be incredibly resourceful. And I am sure each of us has performed interesting things in their life that might warrant someone snooping around. Based of course, on the fact that our observer has not yet decided to target us." Kneeling behind the luggage carts as if checking one of them, he squinted and put the scope to his eye, gently inching its view towards the observer.
  14. Archimedes, Engineering, Section 1 Tal'Vykk punched the intercom button with the agitated practice that runs in the veins of foul-mouthed engineers. "Captain," her voice relayed with the tension of a violin string while maintaining the honeyed tones of a twentieth century navigational computer, "Captain, the Warp Field has been compromised. Structural integrity's dropping fast." for a moment she hestitated. "I will do what I can to hold her together for you, captain." Her fingers danced across the displays, shutting down all non-essential power. The lights dimmed as the
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