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  1. So Real Talk time Do y'all want to continue this game? It's going longer and longer between posts for pretty much everyone. I know we've already lost 2 players. I know RL gets to us all. What I want is for each of you to post whether or not you want to continue. There's no hard feelings if you're just not feeling it and want to stop. I can put it on ice for good, or we can come back later. I just want to know where everyone stands.
  2. "A few Hours? That's gonna be abit of a wait." Goren shook his head and looked at Datura. "I don't think standing around waiting's the best idea." He shrugged, and Dende spoke up. "There's probably a faster way. I can send you all there, and you can have your ship wait for you here. You will have to climb up the normal way at least once on the return trip." , Goren nodded. "Sounds good." Dende nodded, and the five of them found themselves in a grassy field, far removed from where the tower. There seemed to be nothing but wild animals around, and they could all faintly feel the pulse of the Dragonball. It took them about twenty minutes to locate it, down in a small crevasse, and Goren handed it up as he climbed out. It had seven red stars on it. "One down..." No sooner had he spoke, than they all heard the whirring clanking of machinery, and the roar of turbines. Looking up, descending about 200m off, there were six aircraft, four of which disgorged ten armed and armored troopers each. The last two, which looked more heavily armed, transformed into humanoid robots. Clearly, they were aware they weren't alone. It was Calvin who realized it "Their sensors can sense the movement of the ball, that's how they know."
  3. With everyone agreed, Dende smiled. "Excellent. I had a good feeling about all of you. I will of course send more help, should the need arise, and i am able, but for now, it will just be you." He reached within his robes and held a small glass orb. "This is abit of energy that is the same as the Dragonballs you'll be seeking. I cannot hold it long, so memorize how it feels." Goren looked at it, and after about ten seconds, the energy dissipated, giving everyone a chance to memorize how it felt. Goren smiled at the others. "Okay strange question but all of you can fly right? I mean I can probably Instant Transmission us all there, but it's a draining technique, and I'd rather not waste any energy to start off."
  4. Alan nodded. "Thanks for seeing to it so quickly. It could just be curiosity about such a unique aircraft, but I'm guessing this is the first time he's been noticed. That implies they know something of what is going on, and that the organization could have a mole somewhere in the chain. They won't like that little revelation one bit." Anna looked at him. "Okay Agent Hunt..." He looked at her with a wry smile. "Maybe I'm paranoid, but I have seen stuff I designed for American Firms on Russian Security craft. You can't say espionage isn't still a thing Anna." She just sighed at him and shook her head. She knew his background well, and that he still held a more US-centric view by dint of being a veteran. "My real question is why someone would be so interested in what we're doing."
  5. Hank smiled, and nodded. "I'd be down for that, provided Mr. Clairburn's alright with it. My parents won't really mind, they're kinda great like that." Hank looked to the others. He knew it was definitely strange, I mean they'd just met, and she was inviting them to stay the night, but after what'd already been said, he couldn't think of a good reason to actually say no. He wasn't working the next day, so he had no real excuse. He looked to the others, and he had to admit he'd not be so good about this if he was the only one, that probably wouldn't look right to anyone on the outside, but if they all stayed, it'd be fine, no different than normal for this group.
  6. Goren sighed at Datura's comments about the tournaments. Yeah they were for glory seekers and such, but they were actually pretty fun. He'd won a a number of them across the galaxy, and was hoping to be scouted to the Universal Team For the Omni-King's Games. They do serve a valid purpose, even if not everyone sees it that way. The tournaments are part of the reason The Universes still exist." Dende nodded. "Well said,Goren." The Guardian looked to Shayuri, and nodded. "The dragons of this world are nothing like your father. The Dragons of this Earth are more akin to large generally dumb reptiles. Dangerous in their way to normal people, but I cannot imagine them being a danger to any of you. The Eternal Dragon, Shenron, is another type. As has been said, he is something all-together different." He waved his hand, and before them what looked like a Window appeared, something they could all see regardless of where they stood. "This is my memory of the first time they summoned my Shenron." On the window, a scene began to play like a movie. The Seven dragonballs, golden crystal orbs, each with from one to seven red stars on them, began to glow, and there was a brilliant flash of light as a seemingly endless giant oriental dragon with emerald and gold scales streamed forth, coiling against black clouds darker than pitch. brilliant Ruby red eyes peered down, and a booming voice with eternal bass spoke. "I am the Eternal Dragon, I will grant a wish to those who summon me, now state it, that I may grant it." The wish was made, though they didn't hear it, and its eyes shown with scintillating light. "Your Wish is Granted." Afterwards, he smiled at them. "He is not the only Eternal Dragon, but for now, he is the one we are most concerned with." He smiled to Ginka. "I trust you understand their name now? And yes, Calvin, you need all seven to summon Shenron, but having them does grant small boons, each one is different depending on which of the balls you possess."
  7. "Take pictures, I'll see if I can decipher it all later." One of his little abilities was deciphering languages, and he'd take a crack at it when they weren't in the Tunnels of Ancient Doom under the Sahara. The swim began again, and he chuckled. "Talk about out of your element." he muttered just loud enough for the mics to pick up, without knowing it.
  8. Austin The effects of the Howl were immediate. Three of the Formori turned and ran away. At least two made it, but the injured formori tripped and fell, and went nearly catatonic with fear. Two still were standing, and looking towards the two garou, their faces set in grim determination, before curling into a sadistic smile. The Gift Red used had a drawback. It affected your allies as well, and perhaps Ariel was too stressed with everything going on, but she too turned and ran, leaving Red alone and injured to face the formori. They came at her with knife and chain, but both missed, surprised by the agility of the injured garou.
  9. "This new faction is the Neo Red Ribbon Army. They were a problem in the past for another generation of heroes, and were exterminated. It is unknown how they survived, or at the moment, if they're just using the name or not. They have tremendous material backing, and since it isn't capsule corps, It has to be someone else. What I can tell you is that they DO have one of the Dragonballs, and are actively searching out the others." He sighed. "The Dragonballs cannot be destroyed without destroying this world. They are Intrinsically linked, both to the planet, and to myself. You see, I made this version of them, centuries ago. Since their last use they've remained hidden, safe, not even known about, or so it was thought. But sometimes Destiny has other ideas."
  10. Umbra It wasn't the spirit who reacted, butt Sophia who moved, and her arms embraced her packmate. "I was too harsh on you, Howls. I didn't think it my words would shake you this badly. I'm sorry. You're pack, and you deserve better. I apologize." It was somewhat uncharacteristic of Sophia, but after hearing that it was her fault that her packmate was so affected by her words, She rose to the occasion to address it herself. She sensed that unless they got past this, things would only deteriorate, and that couldn't be allowed to happen. Sophia nodded once. "Your words and your voice do matter, same as everyone else, even if we don't always agree." Silent nods from the other members of the pack affirmed this.
  11. Umbra The spirit rose, and moved forward slowly, the light touch of her fingers slowly tracing the underside of Howls' jaw, lifting her gaze from the ground. "Words are power, they give and take life, bind and unbind, and when said cannot be taken back. Masters of words must be strong. Do not doubt yourself, or your abilities. Only you can truly set your own worth. Now, Why do you doubt yourself, and the power of your words?" She looked to Micky, and there was a tinge of disappointment, though she still smiled. A Leader must take care to see to the well-being not just of the bodies of their pack, but their hearts and spirits too." Her smile was matronly. It was a rebuke certainly, but there was still indeed time to rectify things here.
  12. Alan nodded along with the Captain as she spoke. The ship was amazing, and while not the fastest, he knew she was incredibly stable. Alfred's warning caught him, but he resisted the urge to turn and look where he'd indicated. "Just move along quietly, like we haven't noticed." He guided Anna, who seemed abit put out by it, but in the past Alan had saved her life, so she trusted him, and clearly he trusted Alfred's word. Inwardly Alan was abit annoyed that he'd missed it himself, but he'd truly not been expecting such a thing as they left. "God, this is going to be one of Those trips." he muttered softly, even as he and Anna made their way into cover, falling in behind the Captain.
  13. Umbra The spirit nodded at Saibh's reply, and Sophia spoke next. "I fight for myself. To see the Evil that taints this world cleansed, to hear the laughter hand happiness of my pack at the end of our battles. I fight because we Garou alone have the strength of will and purpose needed to shoulder the burden laid upon us by this War, and the sins of our past." The spirit nodded, and turned her gaze to Howls With Wind. "And you young one?" Austin The Formori seemed pleased with the amount of hurt they'd inflicted on Red Tips, circling in close to go for the kill. She was still hurt, even as bones knit and her flesh began to mend. Ariel was hurt far less, but still facing the two Formori on her own. One though had greatly suffered as her fangs tore a large chunk from him, his entire right arm and upper torso tearing away under the brutal edge of her claws. Still there was no fear from the Formori, and it and it's fellow seemed to surge forward, preparing to attack again.
  14. Hank sighed. "It's not THAT bad." Hank had moved through school with minimal effort. Not grade-wise, no he had to do alot of studying, but he found things easy enough to navigate the various factions at school. To be fair it could get bad, but he didn't see it so terribly. "Stick with us and you'll be fine. At the very least, you won't be alone."
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