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    An update (sorry to hijack your thread) I am okay, my family and housemates are ok. My home needs a new roof, and is mostly unlivable. I am currently living at my parents' home, and likely will into the new year. Most of the city is still without power, and they expect it to be 2 months or more before we have drinkable water. We Might get internet (crazy priorities, I know) back by the 28th of september, but also might not. It is my hope that if not then, then probably on October 2nd I'll be able to come back and give another update. Yes the cats are fine. They've caused me a
  2. With the barrage of attacks, the remainder of the troopers were taken down, and some indeed were left both alive and minimally conscious. Shayuri was able to find that once you got close, the energy shields protecting the mechs were almost ineffective against physical attacks. Seeing this in action,Goren moved in on the second mech, and managed a flurry of blows to take it down. Most of the troopers were dead, and still of the living had removed their armor. Indeed, they couldn't see the faces, or anything that denoted them as living things. Goren shook his head. "Alright, gue
  3. Hank sat there listening attentively, and he looked at the others, and then smiled as Warren took a break. "Well you guys did want Story Time, I gotta admit this one has been a whole lot better than any of the usual scary stories that get told." IT was a very "Hank" comment, no lack of sincerity, and clearly he'd been as engrossed in it as anyone.
  4. Shameless


    Take Care Nina. It'll all still be here when you come back.
  5. It was a happier song, and Eric wasn't surprised to see Red dance with her sister, nor for her to quickly pull Deerstalker in. The Lupus in the Pack were closer to each other than to the Homids, and indeed closer to each other than the homids were with each other. When she reached out to Eric, he could have resisted, but didn't. Red could easily pull him up and into the dance if she physically wanted to, and he didn't want to bring down the mood. It took some cajoling to bring Ariel into the festivities, and with Mickey the last to be invited to join. They danced for a few songs, a
  6. Designation- GMX-7 Tesseract Combat Class- Tactical Size 2 4 hard 4 soft armor Health- 2 bruised 2 injured Tags- jump jets 1, additional armor 2, augmented run 1, Weapon x3, Super Science 2 weapons- Flechette cannon-A mecha scale Shotgun Hardpoint 2, Ranged, Short Ranged, Silent,Spread, VARG Scale Assault Chaingun- Avenger GAU9 ballistic Peircing 1, Automatic 2, Range- Medium, quality 2 Vibroblade- a mecha- scale vibroblade Unique power- Overdrive System The Overdrive System provides 1 accuracy, 1 to the scale of physical at
  7. So, One mech to find them, one do distract them, and one to wrestle them into the damn cargo hauler... we'll be an interesting mixed element.
  8. quick question for the other players. What sort of mecha are you looking at piloting? My own choice is something like the Arbalest from Full Metal Panic. Humanoid, fully functional hands, which operate mech-scale weaponry (shotgun, machine guns, heavy ballistic Cannon) Molecular cutting blades. It's a generalist, with the ability to carry a modular payload, and function as a "trooper-type" mecha. I was thinking of giving it the Electronic Camoflage System (re: cloaking device) a picture for reference I'm figuring we're going to be our own Element, though I could be wrong. Still a
  9. Name- Maximus Adian Croft Callsign- Outlaw Age- 24 Height 6'1 weight- 210 lbs Handedness- Left (ambidextrous) Eyes- Blue Hair- brown Max Croft comes from an American family with a long history of distinguished service in the nation's Military. The Crofts came over from England In the era of the original colonies, and even then were renowned as capable warriors, officers, and later fur trappers. They parleyed their skills and name into a fair amount of wealth, much of which would be spent in the Revolution. They were no lo
  10. well I'm technically making 2, one in power armor, one a pilot
  11. Alan looked at the others, and nodded. "Diego has a point. If you're all like me, you packed your most essential gear in your backpacks, maybe one handheld case. Doing some sort of pallet drop once we get to the camp may be the best way to get the rest of it down, without us having to make so many trips, and needlessly exhausting ourselves." He had his pistols strapped on and the most essential gear for survival and their mission in his pack, and if nothing else he'd grab the other pack with rations.
  12. "So some sort of ancient pact binds our families to this area, to your family, and yours is a family with a heritage of magic. Why would our families make such a pact with yours, and what exactly does such a pact mean for all of us now?" Hank asked quietly.
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