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  1. Leshy is stunned for a moment before gratefully hugging back, enjoying the first human contact in a long while. as Persephone calms the storm Leshy looks down and sees the alien biomass floating on the ocean. Looking down at it now helpless and defenseless he can feel...something from the mass. Not quite thought, nothing that sophisticated but maybe, emotions? or some alien analog? Fear, anger, loneliness. Leshy's anger towards the mass softens as he realizes it's just another form of life, another creature far away from it's home and anything it knows, confused and frightened. Le
  2. Leshy is delighted as he wades back to the shore and sees the fish and sea life that had been absorbed. He starts to laugh in relief and runs a tendrilled arm through the water watching the fish bend their path around him to swim away. The fish survived, and were released unharmed. It was beautiful and it meant there was hope for others affected by the lifeform. This felt good, been a while since he could just enjoy nature. And then he comes across the remains of the symbiote lifeform, a mass of mossy algae left as a weak film atop the water. Leshy looks at the pathetic struggling life form an
  3. Leshy's body lunges, pulling them towards the monster eager to get back in the fight. he feels something tugging at his "feet" (well the stilt like extensions of them made out of algae and sea weed) and looks down annoyed to see a human grabbing onto him, desperate to keep their head above water. This persons's fear of drowning has overridden their clear terror at Leshy. The red fog of rage subsides from Leshy's mind as he watches for a moment. He looks back at the shore, and back at this helpless human. A clump of his mass detaches and forms into a life raft underneath the human,
  4. "oh of course. OF COURSE" Leshy mutters as he seeps onto the boardwalk. He knows the others are coming and considers waiting for someone to tell him what to do, but then he remembers the last time. Things went bad, very bad, and they treated him like a monster. because of course they did. Leshy starts to get frustrated and charges on ahead. They just made things worse last time, maybe he could stop it before it reached shore at least. At least being a monster meant he was good for something. Leshy wades into the water and reaches out to the kelp and algae in the surrounding area, wrapping
  5. Leshy felt the vibrating of the communicator. they reached into the mass of slime and flora that made up their chest and dug around until they pulled the moist device out. He read the message and put it away intending to ignore it and head on to see the doc...but something made him pause. Maybe it was the kids words? For a moment he looked back and forth between the path to the Doc's farm and the large drainage pipe he was passing. With a final sigh he slithers into the pipe and uses the water ways to find his way to the bay.
  6. Leshy gives them back their comic "well glad at least you guys think so...I don't know how though the team up didn't really go too well. I don't know how much those guys even are going to be able to help...it seems like right now they can't even help themselves" He fleshes a hand a couple of times watching it grow into tree like branches then be reabsorbed and then become tendrils, back to hand claw, back to hand etc etc a couple of times in a nervous tic. Finally he trudges off towards a farm off in the wilderness "I better go check in with Dr. Stantler...she'll know what to do.
  7. Leshy lumbered up to them, casually growing a stick of wood from his flora and throwing it for Pucca to fetch. "Hey, what are you arguing about now?" he asked reaching down to get a better look at the comic book. pausing when he sees the cover. On it the hero Axiom clashes with a monster made out of slime and teeth as it menaces a woman it holds in a clawed hand. The cover promises the surprising return of the swamp monster Obscenity and it's super villain creator Bête Noire. Leshy deduces from the panicked blurbs on the cover that the villain and it's monster have returned to capitalize o
  8. Leshy panics seeing his note fluttering away in the wind. Without thinking he shoots out a tendril from his body, the end forming a set of gummy jaws that snap down on the note, snatching it out of the air. He is relieved at first but then stares in horror at the alien appendage holding the note. He didn't even think about it, he just did it. as naturally as moving his arm. It was so normal for him now, was he even human anymore? The limb lets go of the note, releasing it to flutter away in the wind as the tendril withdraws, gummy mouth reabsorbing back into his skin. It's actually better
  9. it's night and Leshy is trying very hard not to think about the fact he is hiding in the bushes and stalking a dorm. He spotted his girlfriend, (er former girlfriend? what was their relationship status when you disappear and only leave her cryptic notes assuring her you're not dead), during the fight at the park. the first fight. She saw him and was terrified of the monster. which...yeah fair that's about what he expected. He knew he should get back to the sewer and be headed back to the woods, Pooka will be grumpy he was late for dinner, but he needed to make sure she was ok. in shadows
  10. (we good to say what we're doing/start? I admit I've been reluctant to be the first one)
  11. Leshy Moment of Truth It’s so easy to forget that you’re not your body, and you’re not the voice in your head—you’re both. Be the monster, and save them anyway. Smash down walls, and speak softly. Because when you embrace it, you can do anything. Of course, putting on a display like this is sure to rile up those who see only the monster when they look at you… Team Moves When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, clear one condition if they treat you like a perfectly normal person and mark potential if they praise your power or abilities. When you share a vul
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