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  1. Silas blinked at the abrupt tossing out. "Uh- um, okay. Where do we want to go? Just hanging out outside on the street is going to get us caught. Evelyn, can we go to your place? Or meet up tomorrow, I guess, but it seems like we should do something. . ." he trailed off, glancing over at Daryll. "Thanks for digging all this up, Roach," he said as he stood up to leave. "That was a pretty awesome first spell and let us known what we're up against." He wasn't sure why she was making them all leave when they already gathered up at her house, but credit where it was due: they wouldn't have know
  2. "So, she was poking around Hannah's house and didn't know it'd already been sold. Does that put Daryll's family in danger?" Silas asked Evelyn, glancing over at the new boy who was probably debating between bolting from the crazies or looking for the hidden cameras at this point. Daryll was supposed to be a part of the Circle, that had been made clear. And being part of the circle would paint a bullseye on his back for other reasons, but if Daryll's family was already in danger from the centuries old witch, then they needed to move fast: get Daryll in the circle with whatever magic he'd ge
  3. Silas watched the parade of portraits and pictures with fascination - how had she managed to stay alive this whole time? Magic, obviously, but still. 400 years? That was something. A terrifying something, honestly, when he thought on the experience this witch probably had and that she was poking around on their street and clearly bad news. He felt Dylan stiffen and slipped an arm around him, asking quietly, "Do you know her?" Dylan flinched at the unexpected touch and question, his mind having been elsewhere. He quickly looked around but everyone else seemed focused either on Evelyn or
  4. For Silas, the day went in a haze of warm sunlight, fried foods, stares at him and Dylan that he resolutely ignored in favor of just enjoying the afternoon. Google got drug along - powdered sugar staining on one side a lighter blue now and the black nose just a little red from lingering ketchup. Silas was looking forward to a proper lake sleepover, and Evelyn was right - it would be better with just a little bit of time to set up. "Today has been great," Silas said softly to Dylan and nudged the boy still clinging to Google. "Enjoy yourself?"
  5. Silas gave Evelyn a small nod, catching the slow pitch point she was making. "Maybe we should do another sleep-over, give Darryl a proper welcome to the street. We could head out to the Cabin, go swimming in the lake, have a fire for s'mores, that sort of thing. It's the perfect time of year for that." He looked around the group, asking, "Sound like fun?"
  6. Malachite

    Holiday Gaming

    I think for the most part Dawn and I won't see a ton of difference between holiday/non-holiday. We have some grandparents that have been mostly sharing our quarantine bubble that'll come visit for a bit, but we're not planning to go anywhere or host major events. The time off of school might actually give Dawn a bit more time to post here. I'm hoping the slowdown that'll likely happen at my job will mean I can be a bit more present here.
  7. "You okay?" Silas asked Dylan softly as the others spoke - missing most of Jo's introduction in the process. He gave Natalie a smile and an affirmative nod, a little off balance by being the person someone was looking up to. Dylan nodded but leaned against Sylas, saying back just as softly. "Yeah, just a little overwhelmed by. . . e'erything." Silas stifled a giggle and returned in a whisper, "All we've been through and it's the fair that gets to you?" He bumped Dylan's shoulder with a grin and then, feeling bold, put an arm around him and pulled him close. Silas brought his attenti
  8. Silas looked down now, his flush fading as he shook his head. He glanced up quickly at Quinn, then away; Dylan wrapped his arm around Silas' and laced their fingers, squeezing tight. With that little bit of encouragement, Silas gave Dylan a small sigh and a nod. "I-my parents heard. I-I told them. About Dylan and me. Not-," he glanced over at Natalie and shrugged a little, just moving on. "Mom isn't - she. . . she's not taking it great. And she's looking for you, Quinn. Something about funnel cake?" He took another breath and turned back to Natalie, giving Roach a deadpan look. "I was in Me
  9. "Natalie," Silas said, blinking several times at the not-so-subtle changes in his previously kind dorky and almost forgettable classmate. "Um, this is Dylan. Dylan Coventry. He's here visiting family." "My cousin, Miss Evelyn, and her Uncle, Mr. Clairburn. Though I might stay for the school year." Dylan said without a hitch. He smiled at Natalie and hugged Google. "Thanks. His name is Google and Silas won him for me by whacking many moles." Silas flushed happily at that and glanced away, rubbing at the back of his neck. "It, uh, was good stress relief. So, Natalie, are you go
  10. Dylan squinted at her. He suspected she wasn't speaking English, even if it sort of sounded like maybe a connected language? Silas had looked impressed for the split second between that and seeing Dylan's reaction; he couldn't hold firm against that confused, puzzled expression. His shoulders began to shake as he did his best not to laugh out loud. "Who. . . what?. . . is Google?" the former Casper asked. He glanced at the enormous blue bear in his arms. "Google. . . yeah, your name is Google." And the battle was lost as Silas doubled over. "Tha-that's a g-great na-me!"
  11. Silas laughed at the pure look of wonder in Dylan's eyes, just thrilled that the other boy was enjoying the fair. It was an all you could take bonanza of fried foods, candy & funnel cake, rigged games you still loved, and hot Saturday afternoon rolled into next-year's-nostalgia as you could get and Dylan seemed in awe of every moment of it. "C'mon, then, let's go watch. I think it's mostly kids that went to my school, too." When they got close, Silas waved to the others, angling him and Dylan over towards familiar faces. "Hey, look, there's Hank. . . and Roach. . . and Jo and Quinn. Hu
  12. The fair attracted pretty much everyone from town and the surrounding counties, and was the social highlight of the summer for the local high schoolers. This was doubly true for Heather McKenny, who used the fair to cement her spot as The Most Popular Girl in school, despite only being a Junior. As the Most Popular, she had to have the best of everything. This year, the Best Boyfriend was the hunky new guy out at the Clairburn place. She saw the guy waiting by the gates to the fair and with a smile and toss of her golden culs, she walked over. “Hello, we haven’t met,” s
  13. WALSH ROAD "Sure!" replied Roach with faux cheer. "What a...great way to rui...I mean spend a morning. Woo..." Quinn frowned at Dylan, noting that he'd brought out the Power of His Forearms today. "You know, you don't have to come," Quinn said sharply, but not in anger, to Roach. Silas and Roach both knew that was her 'practical' voice, offering what she thought was the obvious solution to a problem. "Yeah, but then who would I torment" is Roach's return query. "Like, I have all this tormentiousness, and if you guys weren't around I'd just have to use it on myself.
  14. WALSH ROAD The woman had been staring up at the two kids on horseback and was just about answer the boy when a third child approached and spoke loudly, asking if everything was alright. The woman looked at the newcomer; she opened the car door and got out of the vehicle, still looking at Roach. She reached up and took off her sunglasses; she had dark brown, almost black eyes. She looked at all three again then focused on Quinn who looked the most normal. "This is Walsh road, right?" Quinn raised an eyebrow and bit back a remark about Google maps. "Yes, ma'am. You lost?"
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