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  1. The fair attracted pretty much everyone from town and the surrounding counties, and was the social highlight of the summer for the local high schoolers. This was doubly true for Heather McKenny, who used the fair to cement her spot as The Most Popular Girl in school, despite only being a Junior. As the Most Popular, she had to have the best of everything. This year, the Best Boyfriend was the hunky new guy out at the Clairburn place. She saw the guy waiting by the gates to the fair and with a smile and toss of her golden culs, she walked over. “Hello, we haven’t met,” s
  2. WALSH ROAD "Sure!" replied Roach with faux cheer. "What a...great way to rui...I mean spend a morning. Woo..." Quinn frowned at Dylan, noting that he'd brought out the Power of His Forearms today. "You know, you don't have to come," Quinn said sharply, but not in anger, to Roach. Silas and Roach both knew that was her 'practical' voice, offering what she thought was the obvious solution to a problem. "Yeah, but then who would I torment" is Roach's return query. "Like, I have all this tormentiousness, and if you guys weren't around I'd just have to use it on myself.
  3. WALSH ROAD The woman had been staring up at the two kids on horseback and was just about answer the boy when a third child approached and spoke loudly, asking if everything was alright. The woman looked at the newcomer; she opened the car door and got out of the vehicle, still looking at Roach. She reached up and took off her sunglasses; she had dark brown, almost black eyes. She looked at all three again then focused on Quinn who looked the most normal. "This is Walsh road, right?" Quinn raised an eyebrow and bit back a remark about Google maps. "Yes, ma'am. You lost?"
  4. WALSH ROAD Silas fish-mouthed for a moment, cheeks pink again. “I- uh-, he’s not now. We think. He used to be just like a poltergeist. Then, um, you remember in fourth grade with Craig dared me to go touch the doorknob on the Clairburn house? When Mom and Dad were out of town for that chef’s show?” He shrugged, “Dylan says he recognized me and after that he could manifest. Like, make himself seen and have a body for short periods of time. That’s what he was doing that first time he offered us lemonade, but he couldn’t keep it up for long.” “Then. . .at the sleepover. . .I
  5. Davian moves to stand behind her, putting a hand on her shoulder. It's probably the first time he's actually touched her - or anyone beyond handshakes, Temple realizes. "Hey, it's not like your average person can do anything like you do on a regular basis. It just tells us that if we want to make use of your abilities, we've got to get people in the same room with us. Pity Ryan's already half-way around the world," he said with a chuckle. "How would you like to fly on a private jet? Maybe we can keep them all distracted by being there." He smiled at her through the reflection of the glass.
  6. "I would be careful," Davian said, giving her stomach a chagrined glance. He should have ordered hours ago, given Stormer appetites. "Cassie is a nu Stormer, you're a psi Stormer. From the little bits of research I've managed to get my hands on, that's a big difference. Psi's seem be more mind-focused, like telepaths or telekinetics, while nu Stormers tend to be more freeform. Like Cassie's boom powers or Ryan's flight. There's overlap, but there hasn't been a telepathic nu Stormer yet. I'd just be concerned about running into another psi Stormer that's a telepath and getting called out or hur
  7. <Oh, most of those people operate on flattery or bribery, and I have a great deal of money and words. Thank you for trying, though,> he "said" with a chuckle. "How about we get something to eat before we try waking whoever this is up at. . ." he did the calculation up quickly and frowned. "Nearly 9 PM their time, so maybe not. Waiting much longer is likely to get us quite a grumpy Utopian." He pushed a button twice on his desk and grinned at Temple again. "No reason not to have some sample platters from Brennan's delivered, though." Apparently he liked the expensive restaurant en
  8. Temple got to see Davian’s other office this time - one made of wood tones and cream accents. He motioned her to move one of the chairs around the desk and sit next to him for the next several hours as he made phone calls to search into the ‘Utopia situation’. Watching him change tone, wording, even vocal quality with each call was a chameleon whirlwind as he passed from powermonger, concerned young man, and flirtatious, nosey upper-cruster. Finally - after nearly six hours, he finally had a phone number of someone known to be connected to the group of Stormers suspected of forming the core co
  9. WALSH ROAD "Huh," Silas said, watching the car coast into Hannah's old driveway. "I guess we have new neighbors. I thought. . . well, I don't get how real estate works." He shrugged and glanced over to Quinn. Things were still tender between the two of them, but some time helped. "I hope they're not the nosey type. That could get real awkward." After a beat he added, "Clairburn's gonna pay me the end of each week. You. . . you want to come help me celebrate my first real paycheck?" Helping his parents didn't count, even if they'd slip him some extra allowance for doing it. "I though m
  10. Malachite


    My plan was to have Donald surprised by another Stormer at the precinct who basically locks him down to keep the "kid" out of trouble and from trying to be Peter Parker in a real emergency. Donald can get himself free whenever Gabe is available again.
  11. The tunnel continued on for miles, winding around some and dipping further underground. There were intersecting tunnels, but all much smaller - like country roads compared to a major six-lane-to-a-side highway. Many side tunnels were caved in, but the water rushed around the boulders and sediments often anyways. None of that was a problem until the cave-in was in the main tunnel and not even the water seemed to find ways around the rock, sediment, and however-long years of settling that had gone on. The other side might be dry for all they knew, but it might also be miles of rock blocking thei
  12. Malachite


    Max - Gabe is still MIA from school/life. Would you like me to move Fear and Loathing forward with a situation that takes Donald out of commission for a little while? Renata will have to deal with Phobos on her own or look for other allies, but it would allow the thread to move forward.
  13. Malachite


    Sorry about that blip on getting back to this. My work duties expanded like two days after posting here, but we've now got staffing, so I can actually take my Thursday's off again. And until the end of October it looks like I have my Saturday days off free as well! Yay! So! I am working on stuff here again and look to have a post up either later today or Monday sometime.
  14. Malachite


    :hugs: Good to know you and the peoples and the kitties are all safe! I hope you're back to somewhere safe and livable as soon as possible!
  15. Silas nodded, eager and curious to see what would happen. "Hold out your palm, then," she instructed as she gathered up the necklace into her hand so she could drop it into his hand and be touching no part of it by the time it touched Silas' skin. The moment the small cross was passed between them there was a pulse of something felt by everyone in the room - it wasn't sound, though it felt a lot like a deep base beat or the effects of an explosion. It was just a pulse with no known physics attached to it spreading among the children in the room. Along with the pulse the cross itself began
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