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  1. Valentina smiled, every inch the world-saving daughter her parents had raised her to be. The monsters they'd raised her to fight were of a decidedly human bent, but world saving was world saving and she wasn't going to quibble. Sign up for advanced combat classes, but not quibble. "I accept."
  2. Valentine considered her words carefully, listening to the others ask the strategic questions or only for advice. She tumbled thoughts and questions in her mind and eventually turned the first of her three patrons, a beautiful Goddess wrapped in a hijab-like covering whose name she did not know (Ninhursag). "What skills and qualities did you see in me that made you think I was up to this undertaking?" After hearing her response, she turned to the next Goddess. This divine woman was sharply dressed with short hair and a piercing gaze. "What is the best way I can help my. . . group, I guess - the others here - that we might succeed where others have failed in the past?" And again, after listening attentively, Valentine turned to the final Goddess, one who made her think of baking special treats with her mother and happy summertime days spent with her family. "What is your advice on how best to come together as a group? We as a whole are only as strong as our weakest bond."
  3. Val pursed her lips. This was already so far into the absurd, why not toss in 'gods are real and don't like each other very much'? Sounded like family drama, just on a cosmic scale. She watched them come in, the beautifully monstrous turning themselves into just the beautiful. Her parents hadn't raised her with much of a religious education - more cultural studies than 'here's what to believe' - so she didn't have a contradicting belief set to be challenged at the moment. Just basic sanity. "So. . . .yeah. I'm with Tenchi. This is already completely strange. Why not a bunch of gods? I'm just curious what they want with us." She gave Imhotep a curious look. "Can you tell us? Do you know?"
  4. Valentine's mind was half numb from shock of the night and half racing in a hysterical spin. Nothing made sense. Surely she was dreaming? Or hallucinating? Still, her body moved on as if it had never really needed her mind to guide it. She followed everyone into the wall of light - how much weirder could that be than the ruins that had brought her half-way around the world in a trek of maybe a half hour. On the disc floating in space she just stared. It was beautiful and it made her heart ache even as she wondered if she were dying of radiation poisoning still back in Turkey or if she were already dead and the whole afterlife thing was way trippier than anyone had thought. She watched the pegasi fly towards them, eyes wide. After a moment her mind made the connection to some of the myths she'd learned about as a child. "Odin," she breathed softly to herself. "That's Odin." She bit back hysterical giggles and scooted in close to those around her for some semblance of 'safe'.
  5. Silas came up sputtering but fine, swimming with the ease of long practice and a youthful, toned body. When Dylan made his way over the Walsh boy got a mischievous glint to his eyes; he ducked under the water just before Evelyn started her levitating spell. Under the water he touched on the floor of the lake and shot upward under Dylan. He caught his boyfriend around the legs on his way up and propelled both of them up over the surface of the lake enough to dunk Dylan at least a little like the rest of them had gotten from Evelyn. He was laughing and wiping water from his eyes when he finally joined the others in watching the flying girl with wide eyes. “Holy sh-, wow! Can you teach us that?”
  6. Silas slipped an arm around Dylan and said softly, "Well, there's no feud now and there is a Circle. That guy is terrifying, but if he's going to be going around attacking people, killing people, we need to stop it." Dylan could feel that Silas was still trembling, still in shock from just how badly his attempt at a spell had gone, but now there were people in danger - people of Blairsville, their people - and that meant doing something about it. "We should practice. Maybe at the lodge by the lake, after school? Evelyn, do you have a spell book of things that work or something? So . . . um, that. . . doesn't happen again?"
  7. Val darted outside the Sno-Cat, having spotted the disarmed axe. She picked it up and gave a wild swing towards the giant - and whiffed completely, cutting only air and snow. Dice Maiden BOT — Today at 11:14 AM MalachiteDrake Roll: [6, 5, 4] Result: 0
  8. Athletics + Cunning # 1 Details:[5d10c[>7] (7 3 9 7 1)] 1 success!
  9. Valentine started at the gunshot and gave Ali a wide-eyed look. She looked where he had described, hoping that it was somehow a trick of the snow. Then again, she was in snow right now and that was about as impossible. All color drained from her face when she saw not one of the large creatures, but three. "How far away are the others? They should get back in here. I don't know what those things are, but. . ." she swallowed hard. She wasn't one to scare easily, but her day had now been several whole worlds of weird and she just didn't imagine that giants in a snowstorm were a good thing.
  10. Snuggled into the Cat and as warm as anyone could be in this situation, Valentine watched as the city rolled by. It was surreal, all the snow falling and blanketing the city not just in delicate frozen ice, but in silence as well. She was grateful for the background noise of the Cat and the others in there with her - after the strangeness of the passage at En'gannokt she wasn't sure how much more 'silent and strange' she was up for today. At Raiko's call to be prepared, Valentine double-checked her restocked bag of supplies from the hotel. Her mind fell into 'emergency doctor' mode easily, letting her ignore the fantastical facts of where she was and how impossible everything was to focus on helping other people that might be anything from fine to suffering hypothermia to. . . well, whatever they might be doing at the edge of a cliff in a blizzard. "Ready when needed," she stated to the group.
  11. Yep, mysteriously dead batteries all around. Guess Keith is about to get a crash course in what's been going on with us, Silas though to himself as he piled out of the car with Dylan in tow. He frowned, following Evelyn's gaze back to the Camero. "I've got a knife, Roach, and we've all got blood." Wow, that sounds super creepy and scary when you just say it. Never one to ask another to do something he wouldn't, he dug out his Drifter pocket knife and flipped it open. He knicked his finger and dropped his hand, letting the blood drip beside him as he walked a circle around the truck and the kids already outside the truck. He had no idea if he was doing this right, but he wanted to protect everyone and it was more than time now to try something magical himself. So he walked and he dripped and he poured his hope and will into protecting those he cared about. Finding the right words to fit his will to the magic ended with a simple little rhyme: "With this blood from my hand For all who within the circle stand Shield them now with my power Against those that would harm us this hour." As he repeated it over and over the others joined in, adding their will and words to his own efforts. His hand stung as he continued to bleed and drip the blood next to the path his feet were tracing out around the truck. He felt a bit foolish and a chunk scared - what if this didn't work? What if it did? He honestly wasn't sure what intimidated him more and his eyes kept tracking back to Dylan and his own thoughts during the movie.
  12. Silas had intended to watch very little of the movie, but Dylan was so enthralled by the entire theatre experience that it ended up being a rather tame actual movie watching experience. He did get to snuggle up to Dylan's side and the taller boy put an arm around him for most of the movie, so it wasn't a total loss. When Steve Trevor is resurrected, Silas lost the thread of the plot for a while as his mind whirled around the entire situation with Dylan and what it might mean with the rules he knew of magic. How was Dylan alive now? What was the cost to that going to be? Like the Dreamstone, every spell came with a cost and Silas couldn't see any way that Dylan's resurrection wasn't magic. Unless it was a bonafide miracle. . .did miracles actually happen? To him? He was still half-lost in contemplation when they all piled back into the truck. And then sat there as nothing happened. "Sounds like the alternator, maybe? It's just clicking," Silas said, showing nearly the entirety of his knowledge of cars. "Maybe we just need a jump?" he asked, gesturing over to the Camero left in the parking lot. "Or we could try something ourselves. . ." He made a little gesture to mean 'with magic', glancing over at Roach and Evelyn, but looking unsure. A dead car battery or whatever seemed a little. . . little to apply magic to to him, but by the same token they should be practicing, too.
  13. "I've still got my bag on me," Valentine said to Raiko. She wasn't discounting the arguments of the others for splitting up, but her vote for herself was firmly on going. This is, in various iterations, what she did for a living. "I'm sure between what supplies are in there and a first aid kit from here in the hotel, we can figure out most anything we might need." She thought over the numbers and counted up the group as it was. "There's not so many of us that even if the other Cat was completely full, so long as it's not doubled up, that we wouldn't be able to get everyone back in ours. I'd say let those that want to come, come and let those that want to stay maybe have a look around the hotel and see what they can figure out about this place. My personal opinion is for us to stick together."
  14. Valentine nodded to herself, her eyes far away for a moment. "If the team out there ran into trouble or have an injured person, you might need people with medical skills," she said, gesturing to herself, Kamala, and Karam. "I'm not sure on the whole 'being set up' thing, but something weird is certainly going on and sticking together seems like a good idea. I'm all for it."
  15. Valentine had been about to answer Raiko when the bartender had appeared so abruptly. "Uh, thanks." After the sake was set down, she poured herself a drink and sipped at it, her eyes widening at the strong alcoholic bite. She set it back down carefully, resolved not to get shnockered when strange things were afoot. "I suppose anything's possible," she said to Raiko after another heartbeat, "but my phone says it was less than twenty minutes after converting for time zones. I don't know what happened because either this is some really elaborate prank, a hallucination, or a miracle. I don't think any of us-" she gestured to herself and the other two from Surac, "are rich or important enough to have this elaborate of a prank pulled on us. So that leaves hallucination, which can happen in groups but don't usually include fancy meals at snow-bound resorts, or miracle. Which is pretty much what I'm going with. I'm not a hugely religious person, but I've seen and done things in my time with the Doctors that have defied probability and in a few cases biology and physics. Little miracles I've seen. Something like this? I wonder why but I'm over questioning that it happened." Explaining herself to Raiko had let her work through her own thoughts. People might think she was crazy now, but she was much more centered and sure of herself at the end of her little monologue and it showed in her demeanor.
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