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  1. Earlier on the Fourth Bey-bey’s hooves beat a steady tempo on the ground as Quinn rode. For once, she was alone, just her and her horse, on her favorite trail. She loved the way the trail switched back and forth, and how there was a steep slide to one side and a softer drop on the other side. Silas had offered to come, but she’d said she needed to focus on refining her pacing. He’d known that it was an excuse to be alone but he’d just smiled and said he’d see her at the celebration. That was, she reflected as the chestnut Arabian kept up her trot, the best part about S
  2. Quinn pulled herself out of her stare at Hannah’s house. “Hm?” “Mini golf. Ice cream. Fun.” Silas grinned. “Oh, sorry, no horses, so fun adjacent. You in?” “I thought you loved me,” Quinn grumped. He hid a smile, knowing where this was going. It wouldn’t be inviting Quinn to a non-horsey event without a few dramatics. “I do?” “The last time I did mini-golf,” she said, steering Bey-bey toward the Clairburn’s, “I twisted my ankle on the planter on the first hole.” “Yes, but you were fine on the other holes.” “Then the time
  3. And with Mr. Clairburn playing the ‘you’re too young to understand’ card, Quinn had officially had it. “Yeah, you only ‘have’ to stay because Silas puppy-dogged you into staying so he could hold his new boyfriend’s hand,” she snapped at Roach, making no move to join her on the couch. Silas flushed painfully red and gave Quinn a hurt look. She missed that stare as she rounded on Mr. Clairburn. “It’s one thing for a kid to have weird ideas and beliefs, but it’s quite another for you, a supposedly responsible adult, to encourage that,” she said sternly. The other kids had
  4. Silas squeezed his arm around Quinn; he could feel how tense she was and was worried she was going to storm out or break down with everything going on. It was just all so strange and she’d already had a rough day. The only reason he’d had the courage to try to go talk to Dylan alone earlier was that he knew she was here and that if things went wrong he’d have a shoulder to lean on - and not have to talk her out of retribution like Roach. When Emily had dumped him, Roach had a number of suggestions on how to feel better - one of them had even been legal. Emily’s social media got hacked and p
  5. “Die?” the man asked fuzzily, and Tal’Vyk noted the blood matted in his hair. Clearly he wasn’t completely coherent, and he glanced back at the door. “Wait, those labs are gone?” “Well,” Tal’Vyk said, wondering how upset he was about to be and making sure she had a good grip on him, “the labs remain, but the occupants are gone. These were the first to vent to space.” She could watch the comprehension flow ove rhis face. “Oh. Oh. Oh, David,” he said, and blinked rapidly. “I don’t suppose anyone’s alive over there?” “Only if they don’t need to breathe,” Michel
  6. Sick Bay Dr. Bain glanced up at Cmd. Idrudor as the other doctor burst into the room. In front of him, a surgical tray had been laid out by Nurse Ijen. The quiet Bajorian was preparing another tray of tools appropriate for a wide array of emergency surgeries. Giving Idrudor a relaxed nod, he did one last scan of the instruments and hummed thoughtfully. “Well done, Nurse Ijen, as always,” he said. Bain had a reputation for being a great doctor, and Idrudor had learned much under him. His habit of finishing whatever he was doing before answering her questions was a minor
  7. Michel and Leana scrambled to stand next to the unnamed human, who opened the panel as instructed and took a firm grip on the canister. Michel supervised the human, but muttered to Leana, “This is a stroke of luck for us!” “Yeah, we’re way more likely to survive this nightmare,” she rejoined, throwing her boss an eyeroll. Behind them, the Klingon waited impatiently. “No, you nit. Well, yes. Yes, but also, she can help us with the lawsuit!” Michel rubbed his hands together, staring at the engineer’s back. “I wonder how much of a cut she’ll want--” The door op
  8. Engineering “Acknowledged, away team,” came Captain Saidi’s steady voice. “Stand by for beam out.” Jelal watched on her screen, absentmindedly holding herself in place against the lack of gravity and waiting for the moment when they were removed from the rom. Idrudor waited tersely, prepared to start life-saving measures when they were beamed to the shuttlepod. Bridge Perry waited for Chen’s response to her statement… All The simulation ended without warning, though the gravity returned more slowly to allow the crewmember
  9. I see people posted! That's awesome. I'm going to update tomorrow. Sorry, this week is still poop.
  10. Engineering Commander Idrudor didn’t like what the scanner told her. The man had a crushed spine, which wasn’t a problem in the safety of []The Odyssey’s[/i] med bay. Here in the middle of a smoke-filled trash-heap of a ship, he was dying from shock and internal bleeding. Worse, with the loss of gravity, yet another timer of terrible started: without g’s to pull the blood away from the ruptures, it was pooling around wherever the organs had taken injury. With every second, the injuries were getting worse. Idrudor quickly prepared a hypo with medicines to help the man. “
  11. The corridor between the labs wasn’t empty; three people huddled around the door. One of them, Michel Archam from Lab 16, had pried off the panel on the door and had his fingers buried in its guts. He and his assistant, both Antarans, were in their lab coats and wore oxygen masks, though neither had a suit on. The third was an unknown assistant, a human with large gray eyes who at least had a sealed suit on -- though Tal’Vyk knew that model and it was rated for about five minutes of open vacuum. “Engineer!” Archam barked when he saw her, pushing aside Leana, his assistant. “Thank
  12. Crew quarters Sc’vhalles sighed and put her burden on the ground carefully. Scanning the room, she found a likely piece of debris -- and long cylinder of some kind of metal -- and hoisted it, bouncing a few times to get a feel for it. In the dark, in the privacy of the closed room, Sc’vhalles closed her eyes, drew a deep breath, and centered herself. With a blood-curdling scream, she rammed the long piece of metal into the seam of the door, then with a howl that would have made a Klingon sit and take notice, threw her weight against it. With a screech that threatened h
  13. A little later at the Hollins farm… Silas followed Quinn out to the barn for evening chores - he’d been honest about that, even if it was also an excuse to talk to her alone. “Uh, Quinn?” he asked as they made their way out to the pasture where the horses were currently grazing. His hands fiddled nervously and he finally just stopped and turned to her, “Would - could ya’ come to th’ sleepover? Please.” Standing behind her, Silas saw her steps falter and her shoulders slump. “I literally don’t think I can,” she admitted, which was the first time Silas had ever heard her
  14. Next post moving things forward will be Thursday (that's the plan anyway).
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