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  1. "Is that worth worldwide chaos, loss of life, and suffering?" Calvin sniffed, as he seemed to casually weave around the hails of gunfire. Sauntering through the barrage as he struck down one then another soldiers. "Guys, this is pointless. Save yourselves the hospital stay, drop your weapons and surrender already." Out of an idle moment's impulse, he snatched up one of the rifles and used it to whack a Red Ribboner in the head. Would probably hurt him less than one of Calvin's full punches.
  2. "The originals weren't trained for fighting ki-wielders." Calvin mused, flowing between the diffuse volley with ease. "Then again, their leader wanted the Dragonballs just so he could wish to get taller. And no," Calvin interjected as he drew an incredulous look from the Saiyan medic, "I wish I were making that up." He grabbed one of the shooters, flipped him in the air, and then Calvin flung him into a packed knot of the enemy formation.
  3. After Ginka finished her barrage of ki energy, Calvin flew in. Funny thing, for all his pursuit of mind and body, he'd never really fought before. Competitions were one thing, but truly aiming to hurt or even kill someone? This was new territory, and he wasn't sure how he felt about it, even if the Neo-Red Ribbon Army was just as dangerous as its predecessor. But practice and training took over as he landed and spun on his foot, delivering the other leg in a sweeping kick to the first soldier and using the momentum to jump and bring a two-handed axe strike on a second man's head. R
  4. Unlike Ginka, Calvin needed no sensor to evaluate the energy, and it's very curious feel. But Calvin had no issue assessing and ingraining it. Was this how Bulma felt 200 years ago? "Cool down the posturing, Saiyans. We all can fly, to some extent. The question is," he went on, "is the ship generally faster? If so, then let's use it. If not, fly and carry. Right now we don't have any solid information on locations for Shayuri's teleporting method." "And no, I doubt we can simply ambush the Neo Red Ribbon Army, for no other reason that this is the first any of us are hearing of this
  5. Calvin sighed at Shayuri's pompous air. "Did you miss the part where he said all knowledge about the Dragonballs were removed from the world?" Admittedly, it did sound a little sketchy, but... "Question. When you say nearly any wish, that does include resurrecting the dead?" Dende smirked knowingly. "Yes." Calvin nodded, "I figured." He gestured expansively to the others. "Remember, descendant of Bulma and Vegeta Briefs. The family records from their era kept referring to Son Goku and company repeatedly dying and then coming back to life, but all indications how were mysteriously absent."
  6. Name: Calvin K. Briefs Species: Human (with Saiyan ancestry) Affiliation: Capsule Corp Background Calvin K. Briefs is many things. Billionaire, genius, martial artist and part of the famous and powerful Briefs family. While he is a direct descendant of Bulma Briefs and Prince Vegeta of the Saiyans, after a couple centuries the Saiyan genetic inheritance has dwindled to nil and Calvin possesses no Saiyan abilities. As far as he's concerned, that's no problem. Calvin has pushed himself to be a master of both the mind and body, an exempla
  7. Meanwhile... Capsule Corp Special Experimental Lab "Calvin's Mad Science Emporium" The nickname had originated from someone on the employee roster, had spread like a virus, and stuck like Super-Glue despite Calvin's protests. After a bit, Calvin let it go in good humor, even though it was totally unfair. There wasn't any mad science here. Just free-form experimental research and projects befitting Calvin's multidisciplinary interests. All obeying the proper rules of the scientific method and safety requirements. Yes, there were explosions now and then, but they we
  8. Calvin is submitted. Waiting for approval.
  9. "That sounds like a good idea." Donald agreed, brightening up just a little. "I suppose then, fingers crossed, that the cops are willing to be understanding and not make things worse. I'll set something up tomorrow and message you about the results. That sound good?"
  10. DBV first, Monsters and Mecha second. Never really been interested in Transformers.
  11. Name: Darrik Reynolds Appearance: Supernatural Type: Demon-Blooded Known Affiliations: Puck Rumors & Quotes: - Darrik summoned succubi to work in certain sections of the Night Flower district, if you’re daring enough to look for them. Background: Darrik is one of the most controversial members of the New Orleans supernatural community. He entered town several years ago, to, in his own words, “luxuriate in the one place where the Cabal hasn’t castrated the human spirit.” Certainly, he has succeeded in carving his slice out of th
  12. Donald rolled his shoulders, and then changed. His face morphed, his body mass shifted... and became a picture perfect copy of Tom Holland. He raised his hands and dramatically uttered, "With great power, comes great responsibility." Donald changed back, more serious now. "I can do that. The problem is, I haven't exactly broadcasted that I can, so Phobos might not make the connection if I raise a ruckus while shapeshifted. What did you have in mind?"
  13. "I have no idea how to do that." Donald replied. "I'm not sure how you're going to get them to believe you without revealing who you are, but we do have to try." Honestly, the cops would be idiots to say they should do nothing, given the police wasn't any good as it stood anyway... but hey - it's not like movies would use that bit again and again if it had nothing to do with real life, right?
  14. "Yeah." Donald agreed wholeheartedly. "But there aren't, and if we go to the police before hand, we have no way of ensuring Phobos doesn't find out and disappear. Anyway, people are scared enough that they'll probably let it slide if we pull this off." It wasn't a prospect that Donald approved of, since Ren was right - it's a shitty thing. "I know how it sounds, but do we have any other options?"
  15. "I got a letter from Phobos." Donald bluntly summarized. "One for me," he passed over the offending document, "and one for you." The still unopened letter addressed to Mask came over as well. "Probably the same nonsense as I got, but can't hurt to check. Of course, he's not going to meet with us without an incident to make it look like we've bought into his delusions of godhood."
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