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    Mala, that could work. We could let his end of things...going to the police and all...fade into the background and focus on Renata's side. Then perhaps catch Gabe up when he returns?
  2. "Oh, that. The timing was all off. The orders came through so fast, I still had GMB up on blocks in the garage." She laughed at that, with a rueful edge to it. "My CO was pretty pissed off, but it was too late to argue over it, you know? And I had all the permits and requisitions on file. It was just really bad timing and not enough notice. If I'd had even a day, I could have rushed the refit through but...nope." Del shrugged. "How about you guys?"
  3. The woman that Aiya was waving at seemed oblivious to the offered hand at first. She was sort of dance-walking, moving her shoulders and hips to some beat that couldn't be heard by anyone else. In another era she might have had earphones in, but right now there was nothing to explain her grooving as she expertly balanced her tray in one hand and mug in her other. On the mug was a picture of a gear with a smiling face in the middle. Of special note was that her right hand...and wrist where it could be seen vanishing into the sleeve of her jacket sleeve...was cybernetic; bla
  4. Rochelle doesn't really get the tears and croaking, but she does see the glowing. The glowing is a thing, and it's scary maybe a little but also gobsmacking cool! How would you make someone glow like that? Like, you could dust the cross with some kind of phosphorescent substance and then have a hidden tight-beam UV lamp somewhere that would light it up...but unless Silas was in on it... But now he was offering the thing to her, so that didn't make sense... She had no more time to think before Silas dumped it into her hand. There was another of those hollow pulses, like
  5. "Yeah, I was going to go with 'she sounds made up,'" said Roach laconically. "I think the story has a real future on the young adult fantasy market, but none of this is proof. Witches and devils...oh, but not Judeo-Christian devils...and cults and lost treasure and...yeah." She swung herself around to sit upright on the couch again. "Is there more? An extended epilogue before they all sailed west to the Grey Havens or whatever? World saved, job done?"
  6. "Eh..." Roach shrugged and shifted on the couch to lean against the armrest, half-lying at an angle with her legs hanging off. "Still waiting for the part where we're all witches. So far it's sounding like a Raiders of the Lost Ark / Road to El Dorado mashup." For all her affected nonchalance, she'd been listening as attentively as anyone else though, and anyone who knew her would know that this somewhat negative review was surprisingly restrained. If she'd really been disliking this, she'd have torn into it much more vigorously.
  7. Shayuri leaps into the air as the robots raise their gun-arms. Powerful wingbeats fan the flames of cooking minions into a pair of vortices as she rushes forward, turning sideways to slip between the energy beams! In another wingbeat she reached the two robots and flung herself onto the one on her right. With a roar the dragon-sage clenched her claws into its metallic hide, then reached back with her right arm and swung terrible talons up and over...catching in the armored steel and tearing it downward. Then she ripped downward with her clawed feet as well, even as Shayuri grabbed onto the rob
  8. Roach scooted over and patted the couch beside her. "C'mon over here," she said. "If I have to stay, you have to stay. We can be all rational and skeptical and plot against the rest of the world. You know, like we do."
  9. Rochelle rounded on Silas, her eyes narrowing slightly...but Silas had one attribute that really annoyed Roach. She couldn't really get mad at him. The little shit was just...earnest all the time. Earnest and harmless and...kind of doofy. There should have been videos on the internet of him slowly falling asleep, or skidding on his own hands and feet as he tried to stop running on linoleum. Hell, maybe there were. Moreover, she didn't see any reason to waste her time here anymore. For a second she'd hoped maybe there'd be an actual explanation, but now it was all Devil Books and ma
  10. Not quite ready to take an adult on face-to-face, Roach stayed focused on Evelyn. She flapped her hands around and said, "Wingardium leviosa. See? I can do it too." Then she looked at Warren and spread her hands. "It's America. You can believe whatever you want. But we don't have the book anymore so...that means we're done, right? Don't need us for a black mass, or a voodoo chicken thing, or whatever? Because...this has gotten way out of hand. Jokes are jokes, but actual belief in magic is something that is holding humanity's advancement as a species BACK. Every day I read about 'm
  11. "Okay, nope," Roach said. She stood up out of the couch, shaking her head. "Fucking nope. I don't...I don't care how big your wand is, or what kind of...mythical creature gonad is in the core of it. Okay? Cards on the table, I'm still not convinced this is not some epically elaborate hoax. The lightning is the only thing that's fucking my brain right now, and...I don't know, like a van de graaff generator hidden in the cave wall somewhere..." Again she shook her head. "Just because I'm hearing you out doesn't mean I'm buying it. Like the trick with the lights? Trivial. A remote con
  12. "Hey, I never said I wasn't into it," Roach replied. She waved a hand at Evelyn and plopped down on a nearby chair. "Normally, chin-operated lights would be freaky, but the bar's been raised. Lightning hitting altars in mineshafts, evil books disappearing...weird creepy vibes like we're being watched all the time..." She leaned her head back against the back and shut her eyes. "Too much crazy in my life right now. Just someone, anyone, tell me what this is all about?"
  13. "Okay, one...I didn't LOSE it," Roach retorted. "It VANISHED. I had it, then it was gone. And two...I thought there was something off about this whole thing! I would say I hated to tell you so, but I think we ALL know that's a huge lie. I LOVE telling you I told you so." She thought for a second and shrugged. "Even though, I think in this case I didn't actually TELL you so, per se. It's the thought that counts. Anyway! This whole thing was just pumping us for info about the damn book, wasn't it? And the whole...altar of greyskull thing."
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