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  1. "Okay, one...I didn't LOSE it," Roach retorted. "It VANISHED. I had it, then it was gone. And two...I thought there was something off about this whole thing! I would say I hated to tell you so, but I think we ALL know that's a huge lie. I LOVE telling you I told you so." She thought for a second and shrugged. "Even though, I think in this case I didn't actually TELL you so, per se. It's the thought that counts. Anyway! This whole thing was just pumping us for info about the damn book, wasn't it? And the whole...altar of greyskull thing."
  2. Shayuri ducked down and somersaulted forward in time to let the blast from the robot howl over her and impact on the ground beyond as she nimbly leapt back to her feet. "This is going to take forever at this rate," she muttered as she put her hands together. "And I have better things to do with my time." Her fingers interlocked, then quickly made a series of rapid-fire, complex gestures. Immediately those that could sense chi felt a pulse of power from within her; like the distant rumble of a torrent that follows the opening of floodgates. She flung back her cloak, throwing it to the ground. Under it Shayuri wore a suit of armor crafted of overlapping scales that seemed like metal, but of an almost organic sheen, not metallic at all. The Dragon-Sage tugged at releases woven into the sleeves, and the ties that held the scale mail together loosened. ...and just in time. Shayuri was beginning to grow. Within seconds she was towering over what she had been. Her armor swiftly discarded even as black and red plated scales formed all over her body. Her hair was replaced by scales and her horns grew significantly, arching back and out from her forehead. A long, powerful tail took shape swishing behind her...and she opened wings that rose high up over her shoulders, dark and batlike and colossal. Her eyes gleamed with a hellish yellow-orange light...and a similar light burned in her chest, leaking out from between the armored plates that had taken shape there. The light throbbed with each beat of her heart. Then Shayuri opened her mouth impossibly wide, like a snake's unhinged jaw, and the glow from within her could be seen down her gullet as well. She inhaled and the light of dragonfire grew brighter and brighter until it was nearly too much to look at... She exhaled. A wave of unnaturally intense flame roared out from Shayuri, washing over the ranks of robots to her right, cracking the concrete and heating the metal of their hulls to a livid yellow-white, like steel in a forge. She then turned to her left and inhaled again. The ranks of robots to her left then found themselves likewise bathing in dragonfire as the smell of sulfur, burning vegetation and melting rock filled the air!
  3. The interruption to the training meant it wasn't actually time for her bridge shift to start yet, but Anri wasn't scheduled to be anywhere else either. After a second to chew on it, she decided to head to the bridge early. She wouldn't have a place to sit before the other science officer on duty left, but it would mean she was up to speed when it was time to take over. Not technically a regulation move, but she was satisfied in her reasoning and if command staff had a problem with it they'd just tell her to leave. She just missed Parker and Chen going into the turbolift, and took the next car up. When she got to the bridge Anri glanced around to see if there were any empty seats, then stood by the door, out of the way in case anyone else was coming up.
  4. "Jesus," Rachel blurted on seeing the operation of the drive. "That...we are going to have to do so much math to figure that out. Whatever it's using to keep the ship from just falling into the singularity isn't merging the frames of reference. That shouldn't even be possible, and...and this engine is exactly why. It's practically a perpetual motion machine." She shook her head. "And we've got no idea how to stop it, as it takes us halfway across the goddamn universe." On some level Rachel was aware she should be a lot more scared and angry than she was, but she had already dealt with the idea that Earth was probably long gone way back when they'd first gotten dragged out to the alien ship. Nothing had fundamentally changed about that now. The scale of the dragging maybe...but to her way of thinking that just meant it was even more imperative that she figure out how to tame this ship. If she did, then Earth and much more would be at their fingertips. Fail, and the crew would be at the mercy of forces outside their comprehension or control. "Is it weird that I'm kind of into this?" she asked, and glanced at Yseult with a wry grin.
  5. "Yeah, I'm with her," Ariel said, nodding at Deer-Stalker. "We had constant attacks over on this side, like someone knew you were gone. At first they put in some effort to look human. Later on...not so much." The memory of her own embarrassment on the first attack still felt fresh even after three days, and she couldn't help but feel a little bitter that the others had had what was starting to sound like some kind of vacation while the caern was threatened. She looked at Micki pointedly. "So...please tell us that whatever you found, or discovered over there was worth it."
  6. THank you so much for doing that tally, Mala!
  7. "Hank!" shouted Roach. "No no no. You guys don't understand. We don't have to buy fireworks this year. We can totally DIY it. I have been reading up." "Some cardboard tubes...a few chemical compounds in the correct proportions...and a WHOLE LOTTA BLACK POWDER." She wiggled her hips in an impromptu dance move. "It's all about the molds, turns out. You mix it all up, get it wet, put it in a mold and let it dry... I think we could get multistage skyrockets going. Like, solid-fuel rockets for the lift, then have, like...a couple of molds as payload...just gotta work on the timing." "Anyway, as much as I could go on all night about explosives, were we going to do spoooopy stories or something?"
  8. Kitsune's self-back-patting over how she'd solved the problem of the panicking crowds was interrupted by an unearthly bellow from the sea. A stark and very unwelcome reminder that the real problem here was not dealt with yet. Slowly, unwillingly, Sachi turned around to look at the monstrous thing and couldn't help but feel absolutely dwarfed. What the hell was SHE going to do to THAT? Her images were just that: Images. Fancy lightshows. And the homemade gear she'd managed to bring with her was designed to work on PEOPLE. Shooting a mountain like that would be about as effective as shooting...well...a MOUNTAIN. Even so, she couldn't just run the other way. The others would never let her live it down. So Kitsune ran down the streets a bit to get a better bead on the mossy tower, and concentrated HARD on her powers, coaxing a spray of photons to explode from the atoms in the air in very precise wavelengths and intensities. Similar bursts of infrared light caused pockets of heat in the air, causing it to expand and create sounds as well...and THAT had been a hard trick to pick up. All around the mass of moss there was a flurry of fireworks explosions...blinding flashes and bursts of light that sent sparks of red and blue and violet everywhere in their wakes. Accompanied by BOOMS and THUDS and crackles. It was like the final display of the biggest fireworks shows someone could see...the kind they set off over Central Park, or the Great Lakes. Blinding. Deafening. The creature reached up and swept an enormous arm through the images, and the change in air currents made distortions in them that almost immediately stabilized. So it stomped forward then...apparently completely unhindered by the display. Kitsune felt a sinking feeling in her gut as she realized she had no idea how this thing saw, or heard. Maybe it used totally different wavelengths. Maybe it used vibrations conducted through the ground. It was so...alien...who even knew?! The only thing she realized with clarity was that it was moving again. Directly towards her. As if it could tell she was responsible for the annoying images around it...and had decided to make them stop. Now she could run the other way.
  9. Anri taps her commbadge and opens her own line to the ship. "Odyssey, this is Lieutenant Jelal, acting on orders from Commander Idrudor. Bring the ship to one hundred meters from us and make the following changes to your shield harmonics." She squinted slightly at the engineering display, set to show details of the subspace envelope of its shields. Using her PAD, Anri sent a diagram of the anti-harmonic specifications that would 'cancel' those out. "Then extend the forward shields to include this ship. And have someone ready to transport us all out immediately once our shields fail."
  10. "That's why I'm suggesting this," Anri replied tersely. "Every other solution to the shield problem involves several minutes at the very least. Overloading the shields will take seconds. I can upload the data from here, then all they have to do is configure the deflectors and activate them. If they're standing by at the transporter...they could bring everyone back immediately once the shields are offline. It's the fastest solution I can think of."
  11. Lieutenant Jelal didn't waste time going to the two survivors, and not just because the thought of what that pinned man's innards might look like made her stomach gurgle uneasily. It was because she knew the fastest, best way to save the life of that injured man was to get him back onto the Odyssey. The shields had to be lowered. "A lack of gravity may be why he's survived this long," Anri said. "Commander, I'm going to see what we can do about the shields," she said as she found one of the few consoles that wasn't burned out or flickering spastically. "Let me know if you need me, but I think this is our best bet for bringing everyone home safely." The engineering LCARS terminal was functioning, but Anri could tell that something else was damaged deeper in the computers. It was sluggish to respond, and sometimes needed several tries to make a command work. Partial break in one of the data trunks, maybe. Or disruptions in the main computer core from fluctuations in the processing enhancement subspace field. Even so, she managed to bring up a diagnostic report. The results were staggeringly not good. The data linkages between engineering and shield control were severed by damage. It meant she couldn't just turn the shields off from here...and because they were a secure tactical subsystem, they couldn't be powered down without an authorized ship ID. So. In theory, they could use Starfleet emergency bypass authorization, but that would require time and she had serious doubts that this limping, wounded computer would recognize the codes as valid. She could jump into a Jefferies Tube, find the point of severance and connect to the data trunk from there, sending the command to deactivate the shields directly. Anri was no engineer though, and navigating those maintenance tunnels looking for something she'd only physically seen in training scenarios was a daunting thought. If they had EVA gear they could have someone do a point-to-point transport to the main deflector array dish and manually shut it down...but that was a nonstarter. They would have had to have planned for that prior to launching the mission to realistically make it work now. ...the shields were damaged though. Badly damaged. They'd fail on their own in another ten, fifteen minutes tops. In that condition, maybe the best way to lower them was just to force them down. Overload the entire array. A phaser blast could do it, but that would obviously not be ideal if they wanted survivors. But it didn't have to be a phaser. Any release of energy that interacted with the subspace field created by the shield array would work. Even if it was harmless to the crew. "Commander," she said, glancing over at the medic. "It's going to take too long to get the shields offline unless we overload the generators. Odyssey can come in closer and use its own deflectors to generate an inverse-phase field that overlaps this ship. These shields are so damaged, they'll burn out trying to fight it. I can send them what they need to generate the field, I just need you to give the order."
  12. Ariel had to run away, so I was waiting on that to wear off. ...which isn't much of an excuse, admittedly. I should have posted something for her. Just kind of hard to get the gumption to write a post about bravely running away. Sorry about that.
  13. "Robots, hmm? We'll see about that." Shayuri stepped forward and flung her cloak back from her shoulders, freeing her arms. Her fingers twirled in a complex dance before her, locking, loosing, locking again in a rapid series of signs. In the air before her a circle appeared, drawn in midair by blue-white light. She spoke then, in a loud, commanding voice that rolled over the field...carrying far longer than it had any right to. The language was rough sounding, maybe a little like German. As she incanted, runes appeared within the circle, one by one. Once the inner ring was filled with runes the entire array flashed brightly and erupted into a horizontal stroke of lightning that painted the entire battalion of robots in livid black and white for a camera-flash instant. It struck one of the larger robots squarely, and immediately the target was enveloped by an oval of translucent blue light. The two energies writhed and snapped at each other, and finally the lightning lanced through and licked over the robot's armored hull, drawing a blackened line down it. The dragon-sage swore under her breath. "All right then, the big ones have some kind of force field. Good to know!"
  14. Or Not sure yet on the pic...one of these, or maybe I'll find one I like better. Name: Anri Jelal Species: Trill (unjoined) Department: Science Rank: Lieutenant Background: Even from when she was young, Anri was 'groomed' for the Joining. Her father put her to bed with stories about the honor of it all, and how wonderful it was. She learned that her uncle, his brother, had been joined. So from early on she was challenged, and challenged herself, to excel scholastically. Her top of the class graduated won her a place at the prestigious Trill Science Ministry itself, where she conducted her thesis publication on studying the effects of persistent warp fields and subspace distortions on geological strata. Once that was done she submitted her application to become an Initiate for consideration for Joining, and was accepted. Unfortunately, after a grueling period of trials, she was not selected for the Joining. This was devastating for Anri, and in the end she decided to seek her fortune off-world, hoping to put the whole affair behind her. She enlisted with Starfleet, using her rather impressive resume of accomplishments and schooling to earn an advanced placement following the completion of an introductory training program. Her posting to the Odyssey is her first field assignment following an abbreviated term at Deep Space 5. Aspects Mental - Ad: Meticulous (good at catching errors), Creative, Scientific-Minded, Tenacious - Disad: Driven, Squeamish Social - Ad: Attractive - Disad: Defensive Physical - Ad: Athletic - Disad Skills - Ad: Astrophysics, Subspace Physics, Geology, Self Defense, Swimming, Public Speaking - Disad: Diplomacy, Games (any kind), Medicine Perks - Ad - Disad Training - Ad: Subspace Anomalies, Cloak and Phase Technology - Disad: Isolated Career
  15. "My ability to fly is a little limited," Shayuri admits, "but I've picked up a number of useful tricks. For example...if you have a good map and can mark where we are, and where we're going, I may be able to just teleport us there." "Or...or your ship! Even better! We can go straight there, then all ride in your ship!"
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