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  1. Like a piece of flotsam tumbling through white water rapids, Sean staggered through the cacophony and chaos of the crowd. Sounds seemed louder, sharper and more resonant, colours so incredibly vibrant and saturated that everything was nearly a blur, anything or anyone pressing against his tight and itching skin made him shudder. Disoriented and feeling so light and weightless, it felt like he was having to learn how to walk all over again, and was only having imperfect success. Though he was stone cold sober, he was vaguely aware of people looking at him as though he was drunk or h
  2. The Foodland was a nightmare. Jordan despised grocery shopping at the best of times. Besides being used as a mule, being taller and stronger than most full grown men, it felt like she couldn't go two steps without someone asking her to get something off a high shelf, or to put something heavy in someone's cart or to bring to the front for them. Or even bring it to their car! And these weren't the best of times. Because it was the Fourth, the Foodland was only open for a half day and it was crazy packed with people stocking up and looking for last minute supplies for Independence Day cookouts a
  3. Tara earned that tip. She wouldn't accept any cash for the ticket, so after taking his time with the caramel banana xango and the company of the striking blonde, the redhead ended up with a 100% tip and well wishes that she did well on her exam. Sean enjoyed the rest of the architectural symposium, even if the week seemed to drag itself out. When it ended and his colleagues packed up and started to head for their flights home, Sean was a little miffed. They weren't precisely friends, but he'd worked many of time for years and they didn't even seen to notice he wasn't going with them, nor th
  4. "Thanks for the offer, but I'll see what I can find on my own," Sean said politely, tapping his phone sitting on the table. Tara gave him a dubious nod and a crooked grin, then went to get their orders put in. Other than Floyd Mayweather, and then older boxers like Tyson and Lewis, Ali and Leonard, Sean wasn't particularly informed about boxing, let alone female boxing. Wasn't Mohammad Ali's daughter a boxer and TV host or something? But other than Mayweather making stupid money for some reason, Sean thought the popularity of boxing had been waning as the popularity of MMA waxed. He had dis
  5. Sean gave Tara a tight, subdued smile and an apologetic shrug as he mouthed, "Sorry." Out loud, he said, tapping his glass, "Could I get a refill, please?" Sean had a younger sister, but there had barely been any rivalry or animosity between them, except for a bit when they had been young. Rose was the baby and their parents had relaxed with her, so she got away with a lot more then he ever had at the same age. They loved each of course, but just had different interests and different circles of friends. Other than the rare get together on the holidays, or exchanging pleasantries when asking
  6. "Hmm. You're almost as new to Chicago as I am," Sean observed with a wry grin. With a forefinger, he pushed up the pair of glasses that had slipped down his nose slightly, then followed Grace's eyes to the frames newspaper clippings. The Boxing Angel was quite cute - he was by no means put off by fit girls - though Grace Moran looked young enough in the articles that he felt a little dirty. She might have still been in high school. A closer look, and he noticed the articles were from seven or eight years ago, and he let out a silent sigh of relief, feeling not quite so decrepit. He picke
  7. Lodge and Lake The muscles in the girl's massive thighs rippled as Jo looked down at her feet and calves swirling idly in the cool lake, making silvery eddies in the water, spreading out from the pier. It was refreshing. The big blonde leaned forward and scooped up some water in hands and started rubbing the dirt from her legs, arms and shoulders that had been kicked by their ride, her tanned physique glistening under the sun before the heat of the day evaporated the moisture. "'Pends on what yah call fun." Jo gave Darryl a small, private smile. Ah reckon Ah shouldn't say a mite
  8. "I'll just have a Pepsi to start, if that's alright?" Sean asked his cute, red-headed waitress, a private wry curve to his mouth. If Tara seemed more interested in who he was sharing the table with, he could hardly blame her. "Is Coke fine?" Tara replied with practiced habit. "Yeah, yes, that's fine." Sean glanced towards the stunning blonde sitting across from him in the semi circular booth, his stormy grey-blue eyes meeting her gaze to flick away, then back, as though he didn't want to be caught staring. He wasn't up on fashion, but her clothes looked expensive, if u
  9. Sean looked through the window at the sprawl of Chicago as his plane started its descent for O'Hare. It was only his third time on a plane - if you counted going to and back from Las Vegas several years ago - but this time was a marked improvement. He was visiting Chicago to attend an architectural symposium through work, so Adamson Associates had arranged business class seats for him and his colleagues. A nice bonus for his first ever business trip - despite having been at Adamson's for almost twenty years - and he greatly appreciated the luxurious leg room and no screaming kids. O'Hare wa
  10. Personal Information Real Name: Sean Fionn Cassidy Nicknames: Skippy Nova Name: Concept: Aimless Man Looking For A New Direction Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Jack Cassidy (Father), Marie Cassidy (Mother), Rose Cassidy (Younger Sister) Date of Birth: February 7th, 1980 Date of Eruption: First Public Appearance: Citizenship: Canada Home Region: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Occupation: Junior Architectural Drafter Allegiance(s): Family, Friends Physical Traits Gender: Female (formerly Male) Ethnic Background: Caucasian (French-Canadian, Irish, Danish) Age: 40 Apparent Age: Late T
  11. LODGE AND LAKE Not used to being on a motorcycle, nor not being in control, at first Jordan had trouble shifting her weight in time with Darryl, causing a pair of near spills. But the huge girl was an incredible athlete and soon adjusted, leaning into the turns with the boy. As Darryl poured on the speed and stopped slowing for the rises and bumps in the trail, Jordan didn't need his prompting to hold on tighter. Her hands slid up his chest as she hugged herself close. Darryl could feel Jo's strong arms tightening against his ribs, her firm breasts pressing against his
  12. "No... " Yseult said, turning away from a monitor showcasing the approaching terrestrial body, and running her hands through her short, sable hair. "But close, it is being relative, no? Any signal we are catching, it is being more than for years out of date. Still, ascertaining this is being Alpha Centauri, we can calibrate for the distance, and determine if there is any noticeable time dilation due to relativistic shenanigans. Rachel, if you can arrange the sensors to be doing this, s'il vous plait? Regardless, with our Impeller Drive, even being inside a gravity well to take advantage of the
  13. If Jo had noticed Darryl's shoplifting shenanigans, she gave no sign of it. On the other hand, as much as Darryl admired the view - front and back - he admired the big girl being an exquisite distraction, her sheer size drawing attention with no effort on her part. Leather jacket hiding his purloined goodies, Darryl watched Jo circle his motorcycle. Jo was suitably impressed. She trailed her fingers over the seat, then played at twisting the rubberized grip. The bike wasn't a black over-priced, over-loud Harley that a middle-aged weekend warrior would ride only two or three times a
  14. THE QUICK MART Jo stared at the boy as he approached, striding tall and with his chest puffed out like a bantam rooster, and unconsciously did the same, not letting any man try to dominate or impress her with his stature or presence. Broad shoulders thrown back, her red crop strained, edges of the straps of her black sportsbra peeking into view from the neck, the can of Monster forgotten in her hand. Did that throb of soundless thunder mean anything? Could the boy feel it too? Evelyn had taught them some in the little time since the sleepover, but she'd hardly had time to teac
  15. The story was sounding kinda like that Sabrina show on Netflix to Jordan. She didn't really watch, but Keith and Craig did, and she'd caught bits and pieces of it. Witches, magic, and a devil or demon or something. Jo didn't care about all that stuff, but she did like that this Ruth person and her friends, coven, or whatever, didn't wait on a man or men to save them, but saved the men themselves. Yes, her own size and strength might be freakish and extraordinary, but with them, she didn't need a guy to protect her. To Jo's mind, most girls could protect themselves, if they just tri
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