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  1. Saibh gently nudges Deer-Stalkers shoulder in quiet support to her commentary, offering the Theurge a rare smile for her input. It was a strange sort of pride to see one of the lupus openly... not questioning, but perhaps cautioning? Either way. It was good to see and deserved the support for it. Turning back to Micky, she hesitates a moment, clearly thinking of her own input. "It's hard to say. We are all one people, Tribes aside, and we all call the same creatures enemy. Were we to be sidelined by another pack due to pride or whatever, I would be angry, especially if
  2. Saibh lets out a long breath, eyes flicking over the pair of her Alpha and her second from her lounging. "Delaying on either's a problem. Could take the Hive completely by surprise, or strike while the spirits still finding it's feet, so to speak. Whichever we go for first makes the other more difficult though. More time to entrench, more time to build momentum." she takes a swig of her drink, swirling the contents as she talks. "My gut says go for the Hive, for what it's worth. Though how much of that is because I'm more comfortable dealing with an opponent who stops moving when y
  3. As the interlopers arrived, the lazy half smirk on Saibh's face is wiped clean, settling into something closer to her more normal fierce scowl. She practically rolls out of the camp chair she had previously been almost artfully draped across. The position had looked distinctly uncomfortable, though her expression had belied only a certain ease only those in the pack were privy to. Stepping around the small pile of bottles that had taken up residence by her chair, she takes up her customary position on one of her Alpha's flanks, letting a slow breath out through her nose at the stil
  4. I just have no energy on days where I'm working. I finish tomorrow morning and will be cooking something up then.
  5. Honestly, previous mech games I've been in have been sort of kludged. MY longest running one was based on Shadowrun. You essentially built two characters, your meat suit and your mecha, but it was messy to say the least. Fun, though. Cthulhutech also has mecha in it, which was decent. But like many Cthulu based games, the players are constantly in extreme danger, and it focuses a lot on their mental health, which is not something you're looking for, I think. Noir had tried to get a Mekton (or was it Jovian Chronicles? I can't recall) game going. IT's specifically desig
  6. I feel attacked. Mechs are fun, and I'm definitely interested. It would depend a bit on system for me, but you can colour me intruiged.
  7. Fluidly shifting up to Homid, Saibh lets out a grunt, beginning to pat down her pockets, looking for her smokes. That was probably the longest she'd stayed in Lupus since she first changed. Nodding her head at Eric as he gives Micky her "hug", the only sign of how pleased she is to be back a quirk at the side of the mouth. "We certainly found something, all right. Met some interesting people. And didn't have to kill them, for once. Nice change of pace. Dare say the boss'll fill you in properly." she nods towards the seated Elder "Y'all right there Gram? Didn't keep you waiting too
  8. Saibh lets out a whimper as she is overtaken and the scene of the Umbra fades away to be replaced with other visions, of places near and distant, and the struggles of all in the face of destruction. An older man, here, his tattered jeans and shirt doing nothing to hide the obvious power in his form as he strides towards a bloodied foe. The taint of the wyrm hangs heavy about the wretch as he steadily increases in size, his clothes finally being subsumed by the change. "Should have stayed away from my family" he growls as he- -lunges at the soldier, the backdrop of gun
  9. I have an account I made ages back, but the game never really grabbed me, tbh. But I mostly play MMO's as a social thing, and only having one guy I knew who played it was a major reason I didn't put any real time in. I'm considering giving it another shot to see, though.
  10. Kaoleth


    I've never been the best for responding quickly or consistently, but I'm good to keep going if other folks are. I just feel that Saibh doesn't really have anything to contribute to the last couple of posts beyond "Sits there, observing."
  11. Saibh pauses a moment, allowing the words to wash over her, a brief moment of confusion apparent in her stance, eyes flicking over to Micky's almost prostrate form, thinking deeply. Flicking her gaze once more over over Deer-Stalker, she hesitantly steps forward. "Balance is difficult, but nothing in life worth doing is ever easy. If all you ask is our voices raised in acceptance, then to strive towards that Ideal I would agree." Nodding at Micky she continues, "For Vengeance and honour, for sure, but beyond that, and more importantly, that I would see my family thrive, to see kith
  12. And this was why Micky was Alpha, Saibh lets loose her own snarling howl of agreement. The sudden change in scenery causing a shudder to run from neck to flank in a rippling wave. Gods above and Below, she hated dealing with Sprits. At least this one seemed to be mostly friendly. Stepping quietly to one side, she allowed Deer-Stalker her face time with the Spirit, all the while keeping a close eye on her. She appeared friendly, for the most part, but she wouldn't be letting her guard down until it was a sure thing...... whatever "it" was, in this case. With how the Spirit was talki
  13. Eyes focused on her Alpha as she steps through the barrier, but ear swiveling almost wildly, belying the focus of her attention, Saibh stands wound as tight as a coiled spring. Nodding to her other packmates, gesturing forward with a nod to the barrier.. "Go. I will follow." She would be the last through, to ensure that no unpleasant surprises awaited the last of their party to step inside.
  14. There were definitely some simple pleasures to be had, even in the current situation, Saibh reflected. There was nothing quite like the feeling of running with the pack, cut down to size they may be. The quiet focus as they pounded along the bridge, near silent on the bridges ephemeral surface, the quiet panting of her sisters instilled a sense of unity that had been wavering somewhat as tempers ran high. It helped to alleviate the paranoia of being so far from their home turf, certainly. She did not appreciate being this deep in the Dark. Still, fear was useful. Utilised correctly, it sharpe
  15. Saibh padded her way into the clearing, already in Lupus form. Being homid, her relationship with the form was an ongoing experience, the sharper senses appreciated but sometimes overwhelming, and the lack of opposable thumbs annoying, but like and decent get, she viewed the awkwardness as just another trial to overcome. Chuffing a greeting to the others, she settles down to wait for the remaining members of the party, the grey and white of her bulk, so similar to her dyed hair in homid, made her tribe obvious. A lineage longer than most cared to remember provided her an air or regality, even
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