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Found 2 results

  1. Ryan was pouring over maps of the Sahara, particularly the region known as the Eye of the Sahara, although its official name was the Richat Structure. The structure itself was fascinating a geological dome that defied the geological data, it wasn’t a volcano at least not at any time in the last two to three million years, it seems to have been surrounded by the sea at some point due to the vast deposits of salt clearly visible from ariel and satellite images. It is home to a vast number of archeological artifacts, mostly stone tools like those found at other sites used by Homo erectus. These artifacts range in age of 1.5 million years all the way to 1.75 million years. The oddity is the dispersal, the artifacts are usually found in tight groupings located around the entire circumference of the structures outside ring, except where the dry riverbed lay, that once let to the ocean. Fascinating, puzzling, and infuriating. His intercom buzzed, “Mr Hawke,” the voice of his assistant came through clear, “Miss Faire is here.” “Thank you, Sylvia, please send her in.” Ross had told them to be diligent and her advice to find some one who could see through walls might be useful had been a broad hint, there was a Nova calling himself Brightstorm, who seemed to be working for the government, or if not, at least he was based in Arlington Virginia and he was reported to have some sort of X-ray supervision. Rayan and Deezy figured Ross was hoping they would approach him and that she would have her a spy with out openly placing one on the team. Unfortunately they were at a loss, none of the Novas recruited so far by NovaStorm had any such power. Their last option was to see if Temple Faire, Davian Layton’s ward and apparently a powerful psion, who had managed to keep her existence a secret from well most everyone, until recently, if she could help them in anyway. So while Deezy was gathering gear Ryan had been waiting for the young lady. The door opened and Sylvia a tall slim attractive black woman showed Temple in, “Can I get either of you anything?” Temple looked at Sylvia and shook her head saying nothing. “No we’re fine Sylvia, thank you.” Ryan looked at the girl, no young woman, standing near the door. She had changed so much from the sullen, dirty haired, skittish teenager they had found nearly a year ago. She had been the victim of the storm, her family all killed, her entire town destroyed leaving her the only known survivor, the Gulf Coast of East Texas and western Louisiana turned into a burned waste land by a storm monster that had seemingly vanished. Today she was a different person, a High School senior, well dressed, and Powerful Psion. Ryan looked at her from across the room, she looked back at him, neither moved. Finally Ryan broke the silence, “Are you reading my mind?” “No,” Temple shook her head, ”did you want me to?”
  2. March 20th, 2020 The ocean was amazing. Emily had loved the water her entire life, but this was a communion with it she'd never imagined before. When she was under the waves she was stronger, faster, and more at ease than she'd ever been air-side. She wasn't Aquaman with the creatures of the sea at her disposal, but then again she also wasn't expected to rule over an underwater kingdom with politics that made Game of Thrones look cuddly. So when a mixed pod of dolphins and swordfish sharks approached her, she was understandably perplexed. The dolphins came forward first, swimming close enough around her to gently bump her with their noses; she got the distinct impression they were trying to make her comfortable. Next came the mako sharks, forming a loose sphere around her. The dolphins swam to one side of the sphere and gave off a series of excited clicks as the sharks began moving; it was clear Emily was to move with them. Other animals that drifted near them actually stopped and gave them room, like cars pulling over to the side of the road when fire trucks came blaring past them; they didn't flee as they normally would from such a large frenzy passing by. They swam faster than any shark should be able to, passing from the eastern coast of the United States where Emily had last been ashore deep into the equatorial region of the Pacific in a matter of hours that should have taken days. After a time the sharks split apart to drift in place around a submerged plateau rising from the ocean depths. The shelf bore a pristine coral reef, exploding in colors and vitality. Emily was herded by a single shark companion towards the center of the reef before that shark also took up sentry, floating in lazy circles just below the surface overhead. "Thank you." They weren't words - a jellyfish lacked the physical structures necessary to speak - but she felt the intent in her mind and knew it was directed at the both the sharks and her for making the journey. A singular immortal jellyfish floated up from the rich life teaming in the reef and made it's way to just in front of Stormer. For it's kind, it was enormous - nearly six inches from bell to tentacle tip. "I am Memory, Emily. What is known upon this world is known within me. As you and other walkers have become loud upon the world, it has been comforting to know that at least one of you has returned to the waters. It gives me hope that all will not end with you and your kin." The jellyfish bobbed closer and Emily could feel a sense of immeneness to it despite it's relatively tiny size compared to her. This was a creature of both power and timelessness. "Others of the loud walkers, Emily, they have changed that world to their whim. This alone is not enough to rouse my fear - their new waters are an interesting new current to the world. In their ignorance and carelessness however, they have uncovered an old truth of the world. Of you walkers. If they are not careful they will call back the living suns to our world's shores. I fear that even you new loud walkers will not be sufficient to protect our home from their return. They are powerful, proud, cruel creatures, Emily. They will destroy you and your kin if they see them as a threat. They will burn the entire world and spread it 'round our star if they deem it necessary. As they have done here once before." One small tentacle pointed back behind Emily. "Gather your kindred, Emily of the Waters. Go to the places they have uncovered, beneath the dry place walkers call the Sahara Desert, in the tunnels they made to fill their new sea. Look for the tunnels that are not theirs. You must find the buried places of the living suns; you must keep them from the unwary and the foolish. If you can, destroy their places completely - but be cautious. We do not know what safeguards they left in place. They were cruel even to one another and trusted no one. Learn and act, Emily. Before it is too late for us all."
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