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Found 2 results

  1. Heliopolis. Two Days before Ventres, in the Month of the Seeress, 848 IY. The First Month of the Flood. Mid-afternoon. A city of red tile roofs and white stucco walls rising above a majestic harbor, its entrance marked by a lighthouse three hundred feet high. Home to dozens of brightly-painted temples, libraries filled with thousands of scrolls, and markets bustling with trade. Three hundred thousand souls were safely encircled within its fortified walls. The heavy rain had come early this season, spattering the raised sidewalks still hot from the morning sun. Damp pedestrians caught in the sudden downpour huddled under awnings and balconies, watching the rainwater run down the cobbled streets and into the storm drains. Most of the shops were closed for the holiday, but the taverns and food stalls were still doing good business; after all, a little rain wasn't going to stop the Festival of Hathor! What kind of celebration of the Rising of the River would it be if people were afraid to get a little wet? Nearby the Produce Market (today a ghost town of colonnades and wet canvas stalls snapping in the wind), a young tortle girl wearing a vest and a simple skirt was rocking from side to side in the entrance hall to the Imperial Arms, an impressive insula a full five stories high. She wore a wide-brimmed straw hat trimmed with colorful wildflowers, which contrasted with her mournful expression as she surveyed the near empty street, singing softly to herself. "Oh rain, oh rain, I wish you'd go! I want to go and plaaay!"
  2. And we're off! Please let me know if I mess up any sort of formatting used here on the board. The Imperial Arms is the insula where you will all start out renting a room. Feel free to ask any questions before you (or after) you make your first post.
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