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Found 2 results

  1. Ryan was pouring over maps of the Sahara, particularly the region known as the Eye of the Sahara, although its official name was the Richat Structure. The structure itself was fascinating a geological dome that defied the geological data, it wasn’t a volcano at least not at any time in the last two to three million years, it seems to have been surrounded by the sea at some point due to the vast deposits of salt clearly visible from ariel and satellite images. It is home to a vast number of archeological artifacts, mostly stone tools like those found at other sites used by Homo erectus. These artifacts range in age of 1.5 million years all the way to 1.75 million years. The oddity is the dispersal, the artifacts are usually found in tight groupings located around the entire circumference of the structures outside ring, except where the dry riverbed lay, that once let to the ocean. Fascinating, puzzling, and infuriating. His intercom buzzed, “Mr Hawke,” the voice of his assistant came through clear, “Miss Faire is here.” “Thank you, Sylvia, please send her in.” Ross had told them to be diligent and her advice to find some one who could see through walls might be useful had been a broad hint, there was a Nova calling himself Brightstorm, who seemed to be working for the government, or if not, at least he was based in Arlington Virginia and he was reported to have some sort of X-ray supervision. Rayan and Deezy figured Ross was hoping they would approach him and that she would have her a spy with out openly placing one on the team. Unfortunately they were at a loss, none of the Novas recruited so far by NovaStorm had any such power. Their last option was to see if Temple Faire, Davian Layton’s ward and apparently a powerful psion, who had managed to keep her existence a secret from well most everyone, until recently, if she could help them in anyway. So while Deezy was gathering gear Ryan had been waiting for the young lady. The door opened and Sylvia a tall slim attractive black woman showed Temple in, “Can I get either of you anything?” Temple looked at Sylvia and shook her head saying nothing. “No we’re fine Sylvia, thank you.” Ryan looked at the girl, no young woman, standing near the door. She had changed so much from the sullen, dirty haired, skittish teenager they had found nearly a year ago. She had been the victim of the storm, her family all killed, her entire town destroyed leaving her the only known survivor, the Gulf Coast of East Texas and western Louisiana turned into a burned waste land by a storm monster that had seemingly vanished. Today she was a different person, a High School senior, well dressed, and Powerful Psion. Ryan looked at her from across the room, she looked back at him, neither moved. Finally Ryan broke the silence, “Are you reading my mind?” “No,” Temple shook her head, ”did you want me to?”
  2. Ryan entered Davian’s private dining room, located by his formal office, he took a seat across from where Davian sat down. The girl, Temple, Davians Ward, came into the room after them and sat at the far end of the dining table away from both of them. The events of the last twenty-four hours weren’t sitting well and that meeting hadn’t done much to ease his mind. The table was already set for three and a door opened and a uniformed waiter entered the dining room and took position between Ryan and Davian, “Good afternoon gentlemen, miss, for todays lunch we have the following selections…,” after explaining the offered entrees and the waiter noted their selections and took drink orders from Ryan and Davian. He then retired only to return a minute later with a tray of drinks, a bottled beer with a frosted mug for Ryan, a glass of wine for Davian, and what looked like a simple glass of water for the girl, not even any ice. “Lunch will be ready in about twenty minutes sir,” he said to Davian as he placed a bowl of bread rolls and a dish of butter on the table then left again. Davian shook his head amused as the unnamed waiter closed the door behind himself, “It’s what everyone expects, I just play along," he said and took a sip of wine. Then he sighed and gave Ryan a knowing look, "Thanks for joining me for lunch Ryan, I know that this whole thing has you upset. I’m not too pleased myself. Losing Emily.” Davian shook his head again.
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