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[PLOT THREAD4.2] DR: Diplomatic Disarray

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Despite Centerpoint's intent or desires, it was much too late for the men, the gravitic stresses too much for them to endure. Painful, but mercifully quick deaths. Full lips tightened faintly, the only evidence of the gorgeous Nova's frustration. There would be no answers from that corner.

Feet bare inches above the ground, she 'fell' or perhaps was pulled towards the strengthening gravity well. As yet, it was more a matter of delicacy, intricacy, than pure brutal power to constrain the growing singularity, her lavender eyes lambent with their own light and pinpricks of blue-white. Through the deepening haze, she could make out the cause of the incipient black hole, more from her inherent awareness of gravitational effects than from her actual vision.

Tiny bits of metal, machinery - presumably ripped from the armour of the men - were spinning around with each other, forming an intricate latticework, a multi-faceted sphere. It looked like a D20, an icosahedron, in fact. A very dangerous one. The gravity sources were in the bits making up the vertices and the energy fields around each one was collapsing. As the fields collapsed what were in them producing the gravity wells were trying to join together, amalgamating. Centerpoint was handling them individually at the moment, but if they compacted into a single source, the strength of the well would increase exponentially.

It wasn't through scientific knowledge or working out the mathematics, it was simple, certain, intuition. Her luminous eyes widened as she grew closer, just know realizing how small the technological black hole actually was. She needed to get it out of the city, in case she could unravel the individual gravity wells before they reached a critical mass and formed a catastrophic singularity.

The idea of forming a warp portal was there for just an instant before she discarded it. It took direct focus for her to spin one open, a focus she couldn't split from the disastrous D20 before her. Plus, she wasn't sure what would happen if she passed it through the event horizon of the portal, the clashing gravitic forces being unpredictable.

Dauntless came around the building, hands still alight with crackling blue-red energy, and almost skidded to a stop at the sight. Before Centerpoint was a deptless black sphere a little bigger than a fist, limned by a phantasmal accretion disk of incandescent reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows. It eerily mirrored the design on the front of Centerpoint's glossy white bodysuit encasing her extravagant, hourglass figure.

Centerpoint's eyes flicked from the black hole to Dauntless for a moment, the ominous sphere swelling perceptibly bigger. "Seems like we have a little problem, D, that's growing into a big problem." She rose higher above the ground, easing the fluctuating gravity wells with her. Her long, rose-gold streamed over her shoulders towards the black hole in space-time. "And I need to get it out of the city in case I can't solve the problem without a catastrophic solution. I think..." There was an uncharacteristic pause, something that Brigit didn't recall from Sean since she'd become a woman and a nova. "I'm going to try to bring it up and over the lake."

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23 hours ago, Divine Right Co-Storyteller said:

Just as Apex leapt, twin beams of energy from right below blasted the corner of the building, looking down as she glimpsed Dauntless, hands crackling with energy, as two more beams erupted from her fists at an armored man flying rapidly toward her!


The beams missed, and Apex twisted changing her trajectory the man and the Nova crashed together and flew around the corner out of Dauntless' view.


As she passed within arm's reach of the man, Apex felt herself get scooped up ever-so-seamlessly by a field of gravity contrary to what held for the rest of the world, dragged along at breakneck pace above the streets with him. She had enough experience with Sean's own fields to not freeze at the odd sensation, cool-headed certainty flowing through her thoughts as she went for a grapple. Armored or not, Apex's inhuman strength and practical experience punching monsters in the face had the man's right arm quite firmly in her grip, legs wrapped around his waist in a few kaleidoscopic moments of grappling.


"Down," the blonde juggernaut insisted, "Or we see what gives first: your armor or your ability to steer."   



Rolling STR+ Close Combat to Get a Grip on this guy.

Exile_Jeane — Today at 9:07 AM
!roll 8d10e7

Dice Maiden
 — Today at 9:07 AM
Exile_Jeane Roll: [10, 10, 10, 9, 7, 5, 3, 2] Huh. 10s explode I think...

!roll 3d10

Dice Maiden
 — Today at 9:10 AM
Exile_Jeane Roll: [5, 4, 3] And Nothing...

So five starting successes plus 6 for being scale 5 to his 2 means 11 successes. I think that'll do it. 🙂



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The mans face inside the helmet grimaced, "Whatever you say doll."  Suddenly Apex felt her weight double, triple, quadruple and multiply! The two figures spun and then dropped like a meteor toward the ground. Grace felt the weight of her body  driving them down at an ever increasing speed when she realized they ad stopped spinning and she was on the bottom...



As Centerpoint zoomed off into the sky toward the lake, Dauntless cursed in frustration. First the badguy gets away by flying off and now her partner takes off, flying, leaving her with energy crackling around her fists in the middle of the street feeling like a useless lump...


Centerpoint flew out over Lake Michigan as fast as she could her intention to get as far from shore before she tried to put an end to this menace!  All the while the mass continued to collapse and it was straining her own ability to hold the effects in check she had to do something but what?


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She'd faced worse threats, not worse manners though.


"Warned you," Grace tsked in complete deadpan, shuffling any concern at the encroaching impact to the back of her mind. She'd made a promise and had but heartbeats to act on it and risk him getting away. So she squeezed, applying all the pressure she could to the man and his armor with her quantum-infused might. 



Rolling Might+Athletics

!roll 9d10

Dice Maiden
 — Today at 1:30 PM
Exile_Jeane Roll: [10, 8, 8, 8, 8, 7, 3, 3, 2] Result: 57

One exploding die...

roll 1d10

Dice Maiden
 — Today at 1:31 PM
Exile_Jeane Roll: [3] Result: 3

So scale 5 vs the armor's scale 2 means 6 extra successes added to the 6 rolled. Ow. 12 total.


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