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Rising Phoenix Gaming

  • Discord is live https://discord.gg/n3Gae5
  • Shadows of the Worlf: a Game of Personal Supernatural Horror
  • Three Leaves DnD 5E Campaign
  • Code of Conduct Read in Rules Above
  • Code of Conduct for Rising Phoenix Gaming

    Legal CYA Rule

    This site is hosted in the United States. Do not violate United States laws regarding online content while on the site. Doing so risks a permanent ban from the site, with leniency only if the content is immediately removed and no further infractions occur.

    STs are Volunteers

    The games run by and for people through RPG are the purview of the people running them. Game runners get to decide which players and how many characters are allowed in their game and may set rules more restrictive than the site rules but not in contradiction to them. If the ST elects to have more restrictive rules in their game, they must post these in a pinned thread within their club, so players know what to expect. Finally, no game runner will be expected to invite players they do not wish to run into their games nor to take on more players simply because there is high interest in their game.

    So are Admins

    The current Admins are Nina, Malachite, and Dawn. Dawn is our tie-breaker when Nina and Malachite disagree, otherwise please only go to Nina or Malachite for Admin needs. Admins aren’t perfect and should an infraction be made by an Admin, please contact the other Admins to discuss it. 

    We’re Here to Write

    The writing done on the site is sacrosanct. While edits can be done to improve or change writing as needed for a game, completely removing writing from the site is a bannable offense. The site is cooperative storytelling and while your words are yours, they exist in a cooperative context. Don’t rage-wipe. If inappropriate or disallowed material is posted, contact the game runner, a moderator, or an Admin and have them look into it. Administrators have the sole discretion to remove writing on the site.

    When We Don’t Get Along (Disciplinary Rules)

    While it is encouraged for people to try talking it out when conflicts arise, Admins are there for the times when that’s not possible - no matter the reason it’s not possible. A private group PM will be created for the Admins and those involved in the conflict to work on things and come to a decision on matters. The adjudication is the final word on things. If a group PM isn’t an option or isn’t the best course of action for a reason, the Admins may contact each party separately and go from there with mediation and adjudication.

    Gaslighting, shaming, bullying, and other forms of emotional abuse will not be tolerated on the site. The Admins are the final arbiters of what constitutes this behavior. To further assist in moderating behavior that is stressful to the site, we have decided to implement a point system in the same vein as found on D&D Beyond: 


    1. Players that engage in disruptive behavior will accrue points; these points can come from behavior both on the site and on the Discord server. Each “incident” is considered to occur from the moment the behavior begins to the moment they were asked to desist in the behavior; persistence in the behavior becomes additional incidents between each request/direction to desist in the behavior. We highly recommend players self-regulate if they’re becoming highly emotional and take a “24” to calm down (voluntarily withdraw from the site/Discord for a day to cool off).
    2. Admins assign the points, though STs and players may send the Admins information on infractions - please include channel/timestamp for Discord or thread posts for the site. 
    3. The points will expire over time, but if one of the benchmarks below is reached, the listed consequence is to be enacted unless a mitigating circumstance is agreed on by all Administrators. 
    4. The Administrators may assign fewer or more points for an infraction if they feel the situation merits it - these alterations must be approved by a second Administrator as a means of accountability. 
    5. Behaviors on other sites, past or current, are not given consequences here unless that behavior also disrupts this site. Legal actions take precedence over all of this and in the cases of violence and sexual predation a ban may be assigned even if the behavior did not occur on Phoenix. The safety of our players is our highest priority.
    6. Players will each have a PM that holds the record of any points accrued. This will list what happened when points were assigned, as written by the Admin, and what consequences have already been enacted. All Admins will be included in the PM. Do not add anyone else to the PM besides Admins and the player.
    7. Under ‘Threats of Violence’ are included “naming and shaming” threats or actual action and threats or actual doxxing. The malicious release of real-world information about a player on the site is unacceptable.







    One Month



    One Month



    Three Months

    Spite Posting


    Three Months



    Six Months



    Six Months



    Six Months

    Hate Speech

    Automatic Permanent Ban


    Threats of Violence

    Automatic Permanent Ban


    Sexual Predation

    Automatic Permanent Ban





    24 Hours


    3 Days


    1 week


    2 weeks


    1 month


    3 months


    6 months


    1 year


    Permanent Ban



    These rules and tables are meant to act as a benchmark for Admins to refer to and for players to understand the expectations of the site. They are not here for someone to try to rules-lawyer their way out of disciplinary action. These are a framework to bolster the Admins’ discretion in the matter. Administrators always have the final decision on the application of points and the application and enforcement of consequences. 

    For accountability and sanity, it is highly recommended to have at least three administrators on the site at any given time. An odd number of Administrators helps avoid deadlock on contentious issues. 

    Discord-Specific Rules

    All public channels that are not specifically designated as NSFW or FFA (free-for-all) are prohibited from posts containing sexually explicit content of any kind, as well as content offensive or mocking of any demographic such as (but not limited to) age, gender, ethnicity and so on. If you wouldn’t do/say it in an office setting or in front of your relatives, probably best to not do/say it in the public channels. 


    Private channels may create their own rules, to be pinned to the channel for easy reference. Best practices is to have those that do not follow the public channel rules to be marked “NSFW” or “Mature” or “Free For All Chat” in their names. People should feel comfortable in public spaces and have warning of the content of more risque or rough-and-tumble channels. This is especially important for those whose jobs could be at risk for said content, and thus need materials contained to the appropriately labeled locations.

    Voice Chat on Discord

    The above rules for Discord also carry through to Voice Chat for exactly the same reasons.

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