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The Neighborhood


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This is a map of the neighborhood block our brave adventurers will initially call home. The Imperial Arms is a reasonably priced insula or apartment building affording furnished rooms for those with a few coins to claim them. There are eateries and small shops on the first floor with apartments above.

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Residents of the Imperial Arms


Mr. Galavrakas, the conservus (super)

Mrs. Galavrakas, snoop and gossip

Mrs. Kakistos, gossip

Mrs. Alabastros, gossip

Mrs. Milipolus, sweet widowed baker and cook

Avram Pitikasas, teenage discus thrower wannabe

Mr. Pitikasas, human volcano


The three gossips typically spend much of their day sitting on a bench near the fountain in the building's lightwell/courtyard, talking about the various residents as they come and go.

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