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KOTNR - Project #1: NPCs


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Since there was a general consensus about the ideas of projects, I will offer them from time to time. They are totally optional and rewards will vary from Character Points, to Force Points, or even re-rolls or something similar. With that in mind, let us begin....


KOTNR Project #1: NPCs



For this first project I would like you to come up with 5 NPCs connected to your character. They can be friends, family, rivals, enemies, contacts, the droid repairman you frequent and built up a relationship with, the bartender at your favorite cantina who knows you by name, a merc you worked with, a jilted lover, and so on.


All that is needed is a brief description of who they are and how you are connected. Pictures are optional (I know they can be hard to find, so I might be able to fill in blanks for photos if needed).


Stats for the NPCs are totally optional (and would likely get a bit of editing by me), so you can stats them out if you like. Alternately, if there is something in particular about them, like a skill or ad/disad, you can mention or just give the stat for the skill, ad/disad or whatever.



You will be awarded 1 CP for each NPC you present (up to 5). You can do more than 5 if you like, but that is totally optional.


If all the active players participate, then I will award a Force Point to all PCs as well.

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