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MASKS: Best OOC Thread Ever!


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Hello everyone! Welcome to MASKS.


Now, I have a final exam I absolutely want to pass, so I'll be scant for the next few days. But for now, here's some resources.


In the files section are the playbooks we're using, as well as a cheat sheet to the basic moves available.


There is a relationships map here; I'll also be tracking label shifts, potential and Influence via the sheet. This is free to edit for all; I encourage you to write everything down in your own thoughts as we progress!


I'd like to see everyone post their characters in separate topics, so that I can double-check to see if they're complete.


Now, as for the first post, it will begin with you in your secret IDs if you got 'em, one day before the start of school. (For those not attending, Xhrin's librarian friend is gearing up for the fall semester, and the kids that Leshy's befriended are about to start middle school.) So get thinking as to what you'll be up to ahead of time.


And finally: in this OOC thread and on the Discord, feel free to brainstorm ideas for interactions, and also: tell me what your character's birthday is. Since this game will be taking place over the course of one year (the best year ever!) you'll all get at least one chance to deal with Birthday Stuff and obligations.


The IC date we begin is August 31st, 2020.


Good luck, and hope you survive the experience!

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So, what was supposed to be a quiet week and weekend this last week was anything but, we had people call in sick, and I had to pull quite a few extra hours, which is why I havn't been active the last few days.  I'm hopeful of this weekend being better, so I am aiming for a character post for Xhrin tomorrow or the next day.

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