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Name: Amanda Jones

Superhero Name: Argo

Appearance: An American girl with long blonde hair, always dressed in good fashion

Playbook: The Protege



Danger                0 [-1 (add +1 from creation)]

Freak                   0

Savior                  +1

Superior             +2

Mundane           0


Shared Ability: Superhuman Physique

Own Ability: Power Mimicry

Mentors Ability: Impossible Fighting Skills


Protégé Moves

Been Reading the files

Fireside Chat

Heroic Tradition



Embodies           Savior

Denies                Freak



How did you first meet your mentor?

            Random chance, She happened to show a similar ability to that of her mentor in the beginning, so was taken on to be trained properly


• When and why did you choose to train with them?

            Its been many years of training now. They saw potential and made sure that the capacity was there for it to be reached


• Why did they agree to train you?

            Not so much them agreeing, as waiting for her to accept and wanting to be trained


• Who else, outside of the team, knows about your training?

            Mentor, that is all


Resources: A hidden base, med lab, communicators


Amanda was born in Halcyon City. Normal family. normal life. She loved it. She was always pretty too, and rather athletic. Through Grade school she did Gymnastics, taking advantage of her athleticism. She won many competitions and continued to do gymnastics into high school. As soon as she could, she also joined the football teams cheer squad. She loved it. The energy, the joy, the excitement. When the Head Cheerleader graduated at the end of her first year, the team selected her to take that girls place. The team are really close, spending a lot of time together not just at school. but outside of it, shopping, going out to eat. You know, usual teenager stuff. Amanda came under the eye of their history teacher and cheer coach (insert name here). The teacher saw something in her that she hadn't realised was there. They shared an ability. A super ability. She pulled Amanda aside after practice one day, stating extra training for the head cheerleader. That is where things where revealed to her. She was super, it wasn't a joke, and this woman was Athena, a well known hero within Halcyon CIty. She explained what it all meant, that the secret of who they are is extremely important. Amanda took this in stride and the two started training together. Which was easy as she could just all it 'extra coaching' for cheerleading and her parents are none the wiser. Amanda is now 18 and has been training with Athena for several years. She seems to not only share the amazing physique of her mentor, but her skill with all manner of weapons. Athena couldn't be prouder of how far Amanda had come in a few short years











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