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Character Xhrin


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Where do you come from?

Xhrin is of the D'zir, a race of shapeshifting beings from another dimension, xey does not have gender as humans understand it, being at once both male and female and neither.  They have on occasion interacted in human affairs, usually centuries apart, and have given rise to legends of D'jinn both friendly and malicious, as they have both among their ranks.  All of their kind are capable of flight, are exceptionall tough and radical shapeshifters

What is Xhrin doing on Earth?

Exploring, learning, has become somewhat fascinated by humans and is at the critical formation stage of their people, where their choices and experiences shape them for eons to come.  He/She/It encountered the heroes (other players) protecting folks and was fascinated, but then inspired.

Why do you want to stay here? (At least for now)

Humans are fascinating creatures, so short lived, and yet so filled passion and  potential and yet such ability to deny themselves.  They fall to terrible evil, but also to incredible heroics, and they are so incredibly creative, but their capacity for destruction is just as great.  I want to learn everything I can about them, experience all that can at the side of my friends among them, and learn what makes them such interesting and paradoxical beings.

Why do your people want you to come home?

D'zir were born of the elements, and Pandora, their home dimension is in flux, few and far between are those among us who can anchor a place so that it stops shifting, allowing the creation of lasting structures and the growth and development of our people.  An Anchor is very important among our people, as they are always telepathic as well, able to speak to and read minds, making them truth readers as well, but attempts to coerce those with this gift to do anything but what we desire has proved disastrous in the past and as I am only a teen by my peoples standards, so I'm aloud a considerable amount of freedom.  Still, on occasion they attempt to encourage, persuade and even sometimes plead with me to give up adventuring, grow up and take on the adult responsibilities of a Anchor.

Why do you care about the team?

I encountered the team shortly after I entered this dimension, as I'm not ready to take up any duties among my people before I have explored and lived much more, I've only lived a few thousand years yet.

Is the world in general fully aware of the D'zir, or are you newcomers?

D'zir conflicts have occasionally slide into this dimension, some to assist and some for more violent activities, so the world is aware of them.  Magicial folks more so then others, since Pandora is considered a more mystical dimension, and D'zir are often mistaken for genies by those who don't know as much about them.


⦁    Danger: -1
⦁    Freak: + 2
⦁    Savior: 0
⦁    Superior: + 2
⦁    Mundane: 0



Xhrin can fly, and is pretty tough. As well as possessing the following powers

  • ❑ radical shapeshifting ❑ telepathy and mind blast

Outsider Moves
⦁    Kirby-Craft {Shiftship}


  • ⦁    Strengths: Dimension-Shifting, Fast & Manouverable
  • ⦁    Weaknesses: Difficult to Repair, Unarmed

⦁    Alien Tech {Infusion the Device with the Dimension Tech of the D'ziar, it's a complicated process that involves working on the object in more then just the three dimensions that humans operate in}
⦁    Belong in two Worlds {As an Anchor, Xhrin has fairly high status among the D'ziar, equal to royality among humans, and so they will answer xer requests, but as xe has yet to fully take up the duties and responsibilities of an Anchor, they can potentially ask xer for more then xe is ready to give.


NOTE: not male or female, is comfortable as either or neither, pronouns used are xe, xer, xem.  

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