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Creating Character Cards


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ok I broke the character manager today and want to make sure that doesn't happen again.

The first thing. These are not accounts like we had had rpg post, these are cards, basically what that is is a skin which you use to post with it is not a separate account that you log in with.

Creating a Character Card is simple here. you can do it from three different places.

1. from the Create Content menu at the top of the page near the account menu.

2. From the Characters tab.

3. In the Club/Game you belong to.

There are several things you can do aside from a name. you can select gender, give appearance and history even clink a specific playlist to the character. As well you can select and change which group the character is in.

You can also select the club she is in and that is where the difficulty lies. As of this moment once you assign a character to a club she cannot leave that club although the character can belong to multiple clubs. The only way to remove a character from a club is to completely delete the character. Therefore make sure you are in a club/game that your character is playing in.

So go ahead an make a character but be careful.



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Everyone seems to be confused.

Characters here are not the same as they were at rpg post. They are not separate accounts. you do not log into them they are only for posting. any where you post you have the except chat, you have the option of posting OOcC(which is yourself and the default) or as any character you have made.

 Don't worry you about miss posting, you can change your character even after a post has been made.

Do not make the same character over and over. each  character you make needs to be unique. it has to have a different name even if its the same character for the most part.. if you make the same character exactly it will break the data base. and I don't not know how to fix that except by uninstalling the app which will wipe out all characters made by everyone.


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i had to uninstall/reinstall character manager again so you will have to remake your characters. Only make one of the same charcter please. each character must be unique.

Remember characters are not accounts like they were on rpg post, they are simply alternate names you post with.


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