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Star Trek: Odyssey of the Federation


I am proposing a new game, set in the post-Voyager world of Star Trek. Also, expect that this will be a Voyager-esque game with no contact with the Fleet. I will be using the Simple System (see the Game Rules post in the LotF folder). The posting speed for this game will follow my posting schedule, so will be updated weekly minimum. If I go to update and you haven’t posted, that’s life. If there is a month or more where I’m the only one posting, then I’ll talk about shuttering the game. If life gets crazy and I can’t make a weekly post, you’ll know. 


Player minimum is 1, I’ll allow as many as I like. 



Heroic. Uplifting. Star Trek has always been about embracing the best of humanity, and I’m looking for players interested in playing that. However, that doesn’t mean that people are perfect. I’m okay if characters have major flaws (looking at you, Ro Laren) that cause trouble and drama. I expect that players will deal with those interactions appropriately and keep IC and OOC separate. 


IC Setting

2398. The USS Odyssey (NCC-74560) has left Deep Space 5 on a cruise of the Demilitarized Zone. Their last layover saw not only a full maintenance and refresh of their bio-neural gel system but a number of new crew.  Her current mission: maintain Federation presence along the DMZ en-route to Deep Space 6. From there, the ship will stock for a two year exploration mission. 


PC requirements

People are allowed to play crewmembers of any rank on the Odyssey save the following:

  • Captain (as the captain shouldn’t go on away missions)
  • Chief Medical Officer (they really shouldn’t go on away missions)

Other positions are open, including XO, ship’s counselor, and the “expendable” doctor who gets to go on away missions, etc. 


Players can also choose to play civilians for reasons that will be revealed in the first plot. Please see tone above for guidance on the type of civvies I’ll allow.


I’ll be as flexible as I can to include as many people in a scene as I can, or to create multiple scenes to accommodate everyone, but there will be times that people wouldn’t logically be part of a scene. In which case, I'll talk to those who can't participate about another scene, such as a Holodeck adventure.


Character creation

Please see the Simple Rules for the Game.

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