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Known NPCs

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Known Characters

I’m working up the command crew, starting with the positions not available. If you are interested in command crew, please let me know.


Cpt. Mei Saidi

Tall and lanky, Capt. Saidi still has the raven hair of her youth, though the first signs of aging are showing on her brown skin. She keeps her hair pulled back in a tight bun when on-duty and her uniform is always neat and to code. In fact, Saidi is known to be by the book, even to the point of stubbornness. It is fortunately a trait she is aware and is willing for her command staff to call her on. Anyone who calls her out or questions her had better have some strong facts to back up their statement. Capt. Saidi is logical and curious, which makes her a good explorer for the Fleet. She’s hard-working and meticulous, demanding the same of her crew. Saidi has a pristine record with the Fleet, but the cost of that is a husband and three children she rarely sees.


Dr. Alberto Bain

Chief Medical Officer - A steady, thoughtful man, Lt. Cmd. Bain is an unknown figure to many of the crew, and Bain prefers to let his nurses build the close personal relationships with crew. He is a consummate doctor, steady and sure in a crisis, and the inventor of a new way to stabilize crewmen when all of their electrolytes have been removed from their body. A few people have learned of Bain’s love of debate; he’s remained part of the Debate Team he was on during his Academy Days, and they hold regular meets when members are close enough for near-instantaneous communication. As such, he occasionally seeks out experts onboard to ask them for talking points to support his position. Physically, he’s a middle-aged man of average height who has aged well with dark hair going silver and a neatly trimmed goatee. Holograms of his two husbands and their grown children are displayed in his office. 


Lt. Ijen Danuci

Quiet and professional at work, Dr. Bain's surgical assistant is known as a dedicated nurse, medical professional, and Starfleet officer. His family was exiled from Bajor for being collaborators, and they went to a Cardassian-occupied planet. After a year of being subjected to Cardassian treatment when the family no longer had something to offer the Union, his parents had themselves smuggled to Federation space. Though too young to remember any of this, the Lt. grew up on stories of how wonderful the Federation is, and he worked hard to join StarFleet. Though he doesn't talk much about his past, it is part of his record, and he bears any prejudice directed at him with resigned stoicism. Even his detractors admit that he's a damned fine nurse, and Dr. Bain has long "claimed" the nurse as his personal assistant.


Ensign Esari Sh'vhalles

New to both starships and The Odyssey, this young security ensign is tall and broad. Her statue alone is enough to give most trouble-makers pause. Like most Andorians, she enjoys martial endeavors, and it frequently seen boxing or practicing her aim on the Holodeck. She's personable but a bit short-tempered. She's also quick gifted at drawing, and often gives charcoal images away to friends.





Advantages: Militaristic; Quick-witted

Disadvantages: Rigid



Advantages: Good at Small Talk; Imposing

Disadvantages: Temperamental, Suspicious 



Advantages: Muscular, Tough, Hard-Hitting, Precise

Disadvantages: Tires Quickly



Advantages: Brawling; Drawing; Intimidation; Phasers; Tactics; Weaponry

Disadvantages: Diplomacy; Lying



Advantages: Resistant to Extreme Heat; Militaristic Culture

Disadvantages: Stands Out



Advantages: Security Protocols; Shuttlecraft Operation; Phaser Maintenance; Small Unit Tactics

Disadvantages: Rank; Rank

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