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Barbarian's OOC


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  • Nina changed the title to Barbarian's OOC

Ok I wish to address a common occurrence and pet peeve which is cropping up more and more in games.


Not reading the posts.


Everyone who posts here has to take the time out to formulate the post write it down and edit it and then post it.  It is a lot of work.


When some of you post it is obvious that at most what you have done is maybe skim the previous posts as your new shiny post is riddled with glaring mistakes and oversights which had you read the previous posts you wouldn’t have made.


Now aside from the fact that not reading what has come before causes mistakes which need to be edited, it is rude and disrespectful to your fellow players.

I am not just talking about my storyteller post but everyone’s post.


So why not take the time read the posts then write and if you have a doubt go back and read the older ones again or ask someone.


There is no excuse for some of the mistakes which are creeping into posts because the writer either didn’t read a farmer post or is just being careless.


So READ the posts, not just the story posts but the Occ posts, the setting posts, and the rules post. Read all of the posts in  the games you are involved in.


Thank you Nina.

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