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Barbarian's House Rules


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  • 7 months later...

Damage in Barbarians.


As you know the damage a character does in Barbarians, both armed and unarmed, is based on class, and in RAW this damage never increases. This would be fine if the foes you may face played by the same rules. But their damage is based off of their hit dice and can be exceedingly high especially for those with more that one attack.


Therefore it is house rule time.


To bring players into some parity with the foes you face the following rule will apply to all Player Characters.


Each characters armed and unarmed damage will receive a bonus to damage equal to +1 per each level gained after first level. This bonus also applies to spells and science which do damage.


In addition high stats will now add bonus damage in the same manner as most OSR games. Use the following to determine stat bonus damage.


Melee uses Strength

Ranged uses Dexterity

Magic uses Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma depending on the spell

Psionics uses Charisma

Bonus Damage by Stat Score

12-13 +1

14-15 +2

16-17 +3

18-19 +4

20-21 +5




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