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Alright, I'm putting this here so that it doesn't vanish into back messages. 


First, I'm going to change the ship a bit, make it bigger, because after planning around it's dimensions I found that I needed it a touch bigger for what it does, which is also going to increase the crew numbers a bit, but the command crew isn't going to change, just the amount of folks who answer to you shifting a bit.


2nd, I need folks to get their characters posted on the data thread, I've seen a character sheet and backstory from SalmonMax, just need you to post Melera now, especially since.  Asarasa I've seen your backstory, and some of your character sheet, but I need both soon, with the details.


Ship Commander: (Legion Rank: Lieutenant Colonel in the 7th Legion & 4th Legion) Leonidas Daniel Johnston  (Ship Rank: Captain)

2nd in Command & Chielf Science Officer: (Chitra Bhanu Rank: Senior Operative) Sian Tristana Bleys  (Ship Rank Commander)

- Note: With regards to everyone's rank below this, with regards to the ship and it's crew, everyone's Lt. Commander, mainly you have primacy within you preview

3th in Command & Security Chief: Asarasa's Character 

4th In Command & Navigation Chief: (Upeo Rank: Explorer): Melara Richter 

5th in Command & Chief Engineer and Drone Manager: (Orgotek Rank: Senior Engineer): Cliff D'vir


Additional Officer Positions Available  (I will fill these with NPC's eventually, but the original preference was for PC's to take them, still could happen I suppose)

  • Medical (Vitakinetic)
  • Intelligence ( Clairsentient)
  • Moral/Diplomacy (Telepath)

NPC's of Note (I'll be adding these to a new thread eventually)

  • Qin Diplomatic Attaché  (also powerful telepath)
  • Admiral in command of your ship and several others (this one I have plans for)

NOTE: Crew member NPC's are generally enlisted, I will include some stuff for them as needed


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