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Setting (Trinity Aeon): 2130 (+7 years to base setting, some differences from base setting)
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  2. Cliff looked over at the Qin, and quickly made his way over towards xer, extending a fur-covered hand. "Cliff. I think this will be an interesting mission, Clarity, and it will be made moreso by the presence of one such as you." He turned to the Admiral, "What's the request and why send us on this task immediately? Is it time sensitive?" He drummed his fingers against his thighs, showing a bit of nervous energy.
  3. Siân shook her head almost imperceptibly at the fawning over the alien and muttered sub-vocally, "Gwlithod ffycin" (fucking slug), in her native tongue, though the weave allowed those in the net who perceived it to understand what she said. She turned her attention to the military men particularly the blustering Colonel who was part of her weave and her 'commander'. "Our rules of engagement Colonel are, we kill them, eliminate them, destroy them. Preferably before they realize we are even there. It is what they intend for us. or worse"
  4. Leonidas watched as Mel moved to greet the Qin added to their crew. "I am Lieutenant Colonel Leonidas Johnston, it's a pleasure to meet you as well, Clarity." As Mel asked the same question he'd have asked, he smiled. "Admiral, while I would echo Melara's question, I'll ask the others on my mind. Should we find ourselves in hostile situations, what rules of engagement are we following, or will be leaving that to our hosts?" He wanted to know exactly how far they were permitted to go. "What's our timeframe on the shakedown cruise, and when we are expected to meet with our ally?"
  5. "Clarity," Melara said as she scooted her seat over towards the Qin. "Nice meeting you. You know, I think you're the first Qin I've ever actually served with?" She offered a hand. "Melara Richter. You can call me Mel. For short." At that the pilot winked, like sharing a private joke just between the two of them. Then Mel looked over at the Admiral as if mildly surprised he was still there. "Khantze Lu Ge? What kind of assistance do they need from us?"
  6. After about a week to come to terms with your new status, each of you slowly becoming accustomed to your connection with one another, you are all introduced to your new ship and ranks within the ship, for it's shakedown cruse. First, of course, had been the meeting with the Admiral, and then for the official documents, each of you had been appointed and assigned your place on the crew of your new ship. Of course, the ship was a prototype, and as of this point, one of a kind, though several others were in the works. Meanwhile, the Admiral called the members of the weave, who were also the officers in command of the ship to his location, a hidden base on Charon, the moon of Pluto. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Elysium, and the Nemesis project. You lot have been tasked to my command for the purpose of bringing the fight to the Doyen, as well as the Abberants, and any other threats we might find out, like our encounters with the Coalition. But you also a exploration and discovery ship, in part because the Doyen are cowards who are not interesting a direct fight, but also because allies and discoveries will better help us in what is likely to be a centuries long conflict, baring some particularly useful discovery." She gestures to the Qin beside her. "This is Emerald Rain Clarity Mind Zhong Fu who has asked to join you on this mission, as the Qin are our allies, the request was accepted." The Qin, whose biosuit had a feminine cast, and as xe spoke the voice reinforced the impression, though those of you in the know were aware that Qin did not have genders as such, which meant that the impression was deliberate. The Qin made a formal bow of sorts, seeming very polite. "Since humans prefer shorter names, Clarity is an acceptable alternative. I look forward to working with you." The Admiral nodded, then turned her attention back to the rest of you. "So, once you've run the ship though the paces, I have a request from Khantze Lu Ge for assistance that I'd like you folks to look into, since a cloaked ship can get behind enemy lines in a way non our other ships can.. any questions?"
  7. Emerald Rain Clarity Mind Zhong Fu - The Zhong Fu Qin House is a house that has been generally neutral toward humanity, they value knowledge, asking questions and seeking knowledge, but also exploring new possibilities, as well as the inner discipline of knowing oneself. With the discovery of the Doyen's more nefarious plots for humanity, there are new questions to be asked, and they are more on board with some of humanities plans then before. Emerald Rain is one of their rising stars, xe seeks clarity in understanding and a request has been made to assign x to your ship, a powerful telepath, with some ability in biokinesis and clairsentence, she does have some diplomatic training, though she's more interested in learning and study, so has been assigned to Sian's department. Xe allows humans to call xir by only a single one of xir's names, but xe prefers 'Clarity' to either of xe's other names. Admiral Nishihara Hikari - A Superior from Nippon, who, since the war have become public about the Superiors, the admiral is quite adapt on many levels, but most importantly for her appointment, she is a strategical and tactical genius who managed to help put down quite a few of the sub-Abberants and saved hundreds of lives during the war. Since then she's been considering the ways to carry the fight to the Doyen, which is a problem considering their mobility and evasiveness. She has been put in command of the Nemesis project, of which the Starship 'Sekhmet' and her crew are part of. NOTE: I'll be adding more as time goes by,
  8. Name: Melara Richter Order (Allegiance): Upao wa Macho Description: Though Mel can easily recolor her skin, hair and eyes...and frequently does so...she is naturally a strikingly attractive blonde with deep dark eyes and a mischievous smile. A little on the tall side, slim and acrobatic of build, she always finds something out of regulation to wear on or with her uniform, just to be getting away with something. Temperament/Personality: Melara is a devout extrovert, expansively friendly and indiscriminately flirty. She loves moments when she can seize the spotlight and show off. If there's anything she hates, it's the idea of being boring. Psionic Aptitude: Teleportation Psionic Capabilities/Talents: Richter is, for her relatively young age, one of the most powerful Transmassion specialists the Upao have; just shy of a Proxy by some estimates. In addition, her secondary abilities in biokinetics and clairvoyance allow her to navigate through deep space with little to no assistance, and adapt easily to hostile conditions at the destination. History: Mel was discovered as a latent by one of the Upao wa Machu, and referred to their Prometheus chamber for processing at the tender age of fourteen. She was in the final batch, in fact, before the Order of teleporters made their fateful migration out of known space. She and her family settled on the shattered, mineral rich husk of Ruan's World and plied their trade as asteroid miners. All the while she honed her skills as a pilot and a teleporter. This led to some rather ill-advised personal jaunts that, while chastised, also garnered her some attention. As one of the very youngest of teleporters, she was considered something of a brash 'younger sister' by the Upao; a moniker that Melara felt was condescending and tried to evade...usually by means that just reinforced the idea. She learned to appreciate the quiet moments of solitude out amongst the stars...collecting stories both true and untrue to share with raucous crowds when she got back. Finally, Mel joined the Upao wa Machu proper, and her years of running long range pickets and precision jumping through asteroids had paid dividends. Her psionic teleportation powers were uncannily well developed, and immediately flagged for special training. In particular she was one of the rare teleporters with sufficient clairvoyance to do her own navigation work...something she'd used to great effect. Once the Upao wa Machu rejoined the rest of humanity, Melara immediately took her leave of the Order and got into more independent work, quickly joining one of the local space militias and serving a full term of duty before mustering out. Having sown some wild oats, Mel then went back to the Upao and was nearly immediately swept up in a new joint venture for which her unique characteristics made her an ideal candidate. Private History:
  9. Alright, I'm putting this here so that it doesn't vanish into back messages. First, I'm going to change the ship a bit, make it bigger, because after planning around it's dimensions I found that I needed it a touch bigger for what it does, which is also going to increase the crew numbers a bit, but the command crew isn't going to change, just the amount of folks who answer to you shifting a bit. 2nd, I need folks to get their characters posted on the data thread, I've seen a character sheet and backstory from SalmonMax, just need you to post Melera now, especially since. Asarasa I've seen your backstory, and some of your character sheet, but I need both soon, with the details. Ship Commander: (Legion Rank: Lieutenant Colonel in the 7th Legion & 4th Legion) Leonidas Daniel Johnston (Ship Rank: Captain) 2nd in Command & Chielf Science Officer: (Chitra Bhanu Rank: Senior Operative) Sian Tristana Bleys (Ship Rank Commander) - Note: With regards to everyone's rank below this, with regards to the ship and it's crew, everyone's Lt. Commander, mainly you have primacy within you preview 3th in Command & Security Chief: Asarasa's Character 4th In Command & Navigation Chief: (Upeo Rank: Explorer): Melara Richter 5th in Command & Chief Engineer and Drone Manager: (Orgotek Rank: Senior Engineer): Cliff D'vir Additional Officer Positions Available (I will fill these with NPC's eventually, but the original preference was for PC's to take them, still could happen I suppose) Medical (Vitakinetic) Intelligence ( Clairsentient) Moral/Diplomacy (Telepath) NPC's of Note (I'll be adding these to a new thread eventually) Qin Diplomatic Attaché (also powerful telepath) Admiral in command of your ship and several others (this one I have plans for) NOTE: Crew member NPC's are generally enlisted, I will include some stuff for them as needed
  10. First we shall begin with the two most important development of biotechnology in this 22nd century The Prometheus Chambers: With the cores of the chambers provided by the Doyen, each of them are a sort of black box biotechnology, something that will take humanity centuries of study to even begin to understand how they work and were made. The chambers alter a persons genetic and noetic template on a sublime level, changing them from latents psionic talents into the psions they are now. The Doyen meant this to focus and limit the human potential, as well as making them more vulnerable to Doyen possession, so that their powers were available to the Doyen possessing them, making them into useful pawns in their quest for galactic dominance, but it didn’t quite work out the way they wanted it too, in part because humanities noetic potential was much stronger then they would realize for some time. Each chamber is focused on one particular aptitude, and are akin to something of a cryochamber and a bacta tank and a womb, they are grown from the seed of the core they were given, with certain additional parts added during their growth to optimize their potential. The process actually takes a couple of years for the chamber to grow to it’s full potency, but once complete, one only needs to enter the chamber for 15 to 30 minutes for the human to be awakened to their new potential. One enters the chamber the same way you entered the world, wearing nothing, and the chamber fills with a bio-organic liquid that opens an individual’s mind, it’s been described as a mix of enlightenment and epiphany, with a touch of spiritual transcendence, and it covers a period between 12 to 36 minutes, depend on the strength of the new psions talent. When they leave the chamber, their new capabilities take a few weeks to get use to, and further development depends upon use and experience. Presently, this can be considered ‘black box’ level technology, though there is some thought by the Proxy’s that it might possible to reproduce a Prometheus chamber in a century or two. Maybe less with help (see Noetic Weave below) Proxy Tier: This normally takes at least a decade of focused development or an almost unprecedented level of talent demonstrated by the actual Proxy’s (leaders/founders) of the various orders, hence the term ‘Proxy Tier’’. While any latent who is awakened to his/her Aptitude can eventually reach this level, the level of discipline, focus, talent and experience suggest only about 10% will do so within the next 50 years. The Noetic Weave: Designed by the Eden nova know as the Engineer with the aid of the various Psion orders in order to remove or limit the weaknesses installed into the Prometheus chambers by the Doyen. The Engineer can understand noetic theory far beyond the limits of present , but is unable to actually work with the sub-quantum and it is difficult for her to translate her understanding into present human comprehension or to make the necessary tests regarding her theory and understanding without psion assistance. Even then, without some of the information that Dr. Bhutano managed to snag from the possessing Doyen before it left her, this would have taken many more years. As a result, the process is no where near as sublime and easy as the Prometheus chamber, each member of the soon to be formed ‘weave’ or ‘soulweave’ has to be specifically calibrated for the Weave chambers, a process which takes several weeks. For that matter, the Psions undergoing the process must posses a certain degree of competency within their own aptitude, as well as some degree of capability in other aptitude’s, in that they must possess at least 1 auxiliary mode d ot as well, in order to facility the weave’s connection accords multiple aptitude’s. The Weave chamber is biotech, just like the Prometheus chambers, and also quite complex, containing 9 rather similar chambers connected to one another like the petals of a flower. Once calibrated for each individuals genetic and noetic signatures, a minimum of three or a maximum of nine psions enter together, with at least 3 different aptitude’s between them. The chamber offers shimmering veils for modesty, since one must enter the Weave chamber just as one did the Prometheus chamber, unclothed. The chamber fills with a semi-transparent liquid in color similar to amber, giving the impression of each psion being caught in amber during the process. Unlike the Prometheus chamber, the process is much longer, and takes about an hour for each individual added to the weave, during this period, they enter a dream like state where the various members of the weave dream each other’s lives, though mostly with regards to using their powers. This does create a certain degree of intimacy that gives all members of the weave a sense of kinship, or soul connection with one another, hence the term ‘’soulweave’. Generally the connection effects the members of the weave making them feel a since of intimate friendship, but other positive relational connections are possible. This kinship extends to the noetic, weaving the noetic patterns of all members of the ‘weave’ together, so that every member of the weave always has a sensory connection with each other’s, as though they were always touching, no matter the distance. This has several effects, as indicated below. First: Members of the weave may choose to share their senses with one another, willingly sharing senses at any point. This also allows them to detect entities, such as the Doyen, attempting to possess a member of the weave and allows them to collectively react to it. Psionic attunement and other psionic senses gained from aptitude’s count here. This means a teleporter can always teleport to a member of their weave, a telepath can always create a network, a clear can always ‘see’ them if they try, and the various ‘kinetics’ can always reach out to protect or assist a member of their weave. Second: Any member of the weave can reach out to combine powers with other weave members as per the Combining Psionic Aptitude’s (Aeon page 208). They can also uses powers though each other, though outside of one’s attunement range this can produce greater difficulty. Third: The noetic development of each member of the weave strengthens the noetic development of the other members of the weave. When they develop 4 or more dots in modes of their primary Aptitude, others members of the weave can develop their own auxiliary modes within that Aptitude one dot higher. Should they develop 7 dots in a mode, that increases by one more, to a maximum of 4 dots for a proxy tier psion. Mixing the various modes together for unique applications of an Aptitude is only possible with one’s primary aptitude, though you can always combine you powers with another member of the weave, to use your powers together for unique combined applications that would otherwise be impossible Psionic dysfunction will create dissonance that disrupts this effect, though if you have already developed auxiliary mode it will not disrupt it to the level you’ve developed, just prevent further development Adding new members to the weave only requires that one member of the weave be present in chamber with the new members, though it still has a limitation of threes, so it takes two members of the weave to add one psion to the weave, and one member too add two. Why there is a limit of threes is not entirely known at this point. NOTE: More biotech will be added as I feel necessary. Having gone though the weave process in the last week is where the game will start
  11. An exclusive bio-archeology in Sudamerica, run by Trinity, and open to members of the various orders only by invitation, it is devoted to relaxation, rest, and restoration to members of the various orders, as well as physical and mental wellbeing. It contains a number of rooms, including bars, indoor swimming pools with jacuzzi’s, massage parlors, gardens, art studios and quite a few other amenities. Invitations come to those who are significantly overworked and stressed due to the tensions of their service in the orders or their experiences, guided by the clairsentient (Julian Silva) who runs the place with the aid of his telepathic wife (Maria Silva) who is also the psychologist on staff. Tradition has the guests pay not in money, since the archeology is independently funded and all but completely self-sufficient, but by the stories and experiences they are willing to share, independently or collectively. Private psychology sessions are not recorded or shared but the more publicly told stories told are. OOC: Ok, this is for folks who want to further flesh out their backstories and connections between your characters, or with some of your connections, or just tell stories about your character’s past, this is sort of an open area for you to put your stories together. Guidelines: If you have a fairly long interaction with another PC or PC’s, work it out in chat and one (or both, or more) of you put the entire story together rather then a dozen posts back and forth here. If you want to run something with one of your major contacts, get with me on timing and I will give you feedback (or even potentially run them) but its on you to put the story together for this thread. Yes, posts should be in character, and you might get some XP for them, especially if the story is a good one. Also, yes, that means your character should already be cleared and posted in the Character thread. Timeline wise, this is in the past, your free to do what you like with your characters, but get permission before including any other player characters. I have no problem with mature or erotic scenes, if they are part of your story, but explicit details should be contained in spoilers marked as such. If your wondering about the list of guidelines here, its because I don’t intend to police or guide this thread or even make any posts here beyond this one, unless I absolutely have too, the responsibility here is in your hands, players.
  12. Name- Leonidas Daniel Johnston Age- 45 height- 6'3 Weight- 210lbs eyes- grey handedness- Left Hair- brown Description- a tall, well built man of forty five who doesn't look it, Leonidas Johnston is a soldier's soldier. Not given to really dressing up, he prefers to wear clothing that allows for ease of movement when not actively on duty. picture Personality- A serious man forged by a lifetime of battles, over half his life has been spent in the Legions, but he still maintains a sense of humor, though it doesn't surface often. He is independently minded, but not to the point where he's anti-authority. He believes in the chain of command. He's a loyal friend, and well respected by those within the Legion who know of him. Psionic aptitude - Psychokinesis Capabilities- Leonidas is well known as one of the more powerful Psychokinetics, having achieved mastery up to Proxy tier in all three primary psychokinetic modes, though it seems that he does favor telekinesis above the others. Out of need, Leonidas has learned Iatrosis, helping to serve as an emergency medic to help teammates heal. Fundamentals from the quantakinetic aptitude was a must for someone in the legion frequently interacting with alien species and corrupted aberrants. He also learned abit of psychomorphing to enhance himself in times of crisis, and for those times when hiding his identity was something required by his mission. History- Born on Luna, Leonidas had a fairly normal childhood for the time. His parents cared greatly for him and his two sisters, and when it turned out that Leo was a latent psychokinetic, none were more proud of his decision to join the Legions and Defend humanity from the threats they faced. Leo was a patriotic youth, and active, though perhaps not the best student out there. Still he got by without too much help and worked hard, that being something of a core value of his, working hard to better himself. After awakening as a Psychokinetic, He was sent to Legionairy boot camp, where he applied the same direct and precise approach to things, Excelling in his training. He would serve well, before the return of the Aberrants, and Legion Command took notice, putting him in for further training, as an officer. Having served as a Lieutenant then a Captain, he and his fellow soldiers would be stranded outside of the solar system for seven and a half years with the disappearance of the Upeo. Forced to fight with what was available, Leo would distinguish himself in multiple actions, and gaining respect of the other legionaires for his prowess, as well as his commitment to his troops. It was during this time he'd become one of the Legion's feared commandos, never failing to accomplish a mission. Returning home saw the first leave he'd had in almost a decade. While he'd not been declared dead, His sisters had grown so much in that time, now teenagers, nearing their own majorities now. Both were possessed of brilliant minds, and were ecstatic to see their elder brother back from the dead. Then War came again to the solar system, and Leo answered the call. Now a Major, Leo fought in many engagements, gaining more renown as a hard working harder fighting Legionaire of the 7th Fleet. After Combat operations finished, Leo found himself a Lieutenant Colonel, which would nominally put him in charge of a fair portion of the 7th Legion. Following this promotion, It was determined that command from a desk wasn't to be his lot, that he was much better as a field commander and operative, and so he was given a new mission with a small squad of legionaires, for a 'detached duty" mission. With his vast and varied combat experiences, it is though that he and his detachment will be well suited to this new role. He was allowed to choose the Legionaires for his team, in a nod to this. Abilities Leonidas is an excellent pilot an extremely competent in space actions. An excellent shot with many weapons, He is an experienced fighter and a survivor. He has a working knowledge of biotechnology, something he's managed due in part to utilizing various biotech and his own VARG, Artanis Family Information Father- Jacob Jonah Johnston (65)- A powerful leader in the Lunar financial world, He manages the Lunaris Conglomerate, a Major Financial group throughout the Solar system, with pharmaceutical, scientific research stations and vast mining concerns. Mother- Catherine Serena Johnston (65)- One of the Key figures in Lunar Government, She fights for the common people, using her wealth for many philanthropic enterprises, and to raise the quality of life for all citizens. She still holds on to a certain idealism after so many years, and secretly is an inspiration to her only son. Sister- Sarah Nicole Johnston- Two decades younger than her brother, and fifteen minutes older than her sister, She has always looked up to her brother, following his exploits, and seeking to be like him. Unfortunately like her sister, she has no real potential to be more than a regular human, so instead She turned from service to Science. By the age of 23 she'd earned her doctorate in Chemistry and Biochemistry, and was quickly recruited by the research division of Lunaris. There she works tirelessly to advance her fields of study, and help fight in her own way. Sister- Farrah Rianne Johnston- fifteen minutes younger than her twin sister, she's the "baby" of the family. Like her sister she looked up to her older brother, hearing of his exploits, and mourning his apparent death when Earth was cut off. Still this drove her on to develop herself, to grasp her own goals tightly. Not as brilliant as her sister, she was much better at interacting with people, and went into buisness management. She got her degree, and interned with Lunaris. She would earn her own place in the company and rise to being the number two person for marketing at the young age of 25. Both parents are quite proud of their children, and none were more excited when Leonidas returned than his family, having thought him dead. Squad-mates Team name (Spartan Blue) Leo picked this team for a mixture of experience and talent. The elders guide the younger, and the Younger members bring a different view of things than the elders. Having both presents more options for accomplishing their goals. Fred Hawkins- Sandy blonde hair and in the same age group as Leonidas, a powerful defensive psychokinetic, one of the two legionaires who prefer to fight in smaller scale VARGs. Specializes in Perikinesis Linda Richard- flaming red hair and pale skin, she is a dedicated sniper and long range scout. She is twenty years younger than Fred and Leo. Has a small scale VARG tuned just for her, She specializes in Thermokinesis. Kelly St.Clair- Raven haired and actually a former classmate of Linda, One of the best of the new generation of legionaire pilots, she impressed Leo with her tenacity and bravery. (locust pilot) Samuel Cain- A powerful thirty five year old Psychokinetic, he is a gifted and experienced pilot. He, Leo and Fred have fought together a number of times. He specializes in Telekinesis. (locust Pilot) Hidden information Sheet
  13. Psionic Numbers Roughly 160,000 Psions, and each Order has roughly 85 to 90% of them as the aptitude that their prometheus chamber offers, but the orders do on occasion swap aptitudes between one another. It should be noted, regardless of the number of psions in an order, there are several times that number of regular humans (or Talents, though many talents don't recognize that they are such). The numbers below replace the numbers on page 133 and represent aggressive recruiting of latent psions over the last few years. It is presently believed that there are more then 200,000 latents (This does not count the 160,000 already activated to their Aptitude). Of these, not more then 10% of the latents have a strong enough latency to be teleporters or quantakinetics, and many of them will never meet the requirements that both Proxies expect of those they agree to put though their Prometheus chambers. Part of the reason some orders have such high or low numbers depends on how selective they are about the one's they are willing to accept into their order. There are about 2.5 to 3 million Potential latents are weaker then regular latents, as in individuals who do not initially test as latent, but after some time and exposure to noetic energies and biotech somehow awakens latency. These individuals have no ability to hold noetic energy (Psi), but if they gain a biotech device that stores psi, can develop psionic abilities, which is how the first of them were discovered, non of these have enough latency for teleportation or quantakinesis, but they can awaken to any other aptitude, though they often have to work harder to develop strongly then a normal latent, and it appears they can't reach proxy tiers (though this might not be true, perhaps it will just take them longer, no one knows [ST Note: They can't]). Going though the Prometheus chamber awakens them to being full psions, and apparently fixes the problem of their inability to store psi. Children of a Psion who has been fully activated to their aptitude automatically have latency. Quantakinesis is humanity's birthright, no other race will ever possess ability in that aptitude, even as a auxiliary aptitude, furthermore, it is because of that that humans can reach Psi 7 and gain level 7 powers in their aptitude. Not even the Doyen have access to level 7 powers in and of themselves. Proxy Tier: It takes talent, drive, experience and will to reach the proxy tier, many psions never will reach that point, even if they have the potential. Somewhere between 1% to 5% of an order's psions presently have reached that strength and drive to have reached proxy tier at this time, and the majority of those have been psions for years, most of them more then a decade. Æsculapian Order (Vitakinetic): Roughly 30,000 psions The Order’s Home base is in Switzerland, which is also where their Prometheus chamber is. The medical psionic order has quite a few non-psions, who serve in other ways, biological research and medical responders, after all, even with their high numbers, there are still billions of people spread out across light years, and one can be a doctor without being a vitakinetic. While the majority of the order are vitakinetics, about 90%, they have a number of electrokinetics with medical training who assist with regards to cybernetics and biotech implants, as well as telepaths who are trained psychologists, they also have a few biokinetics who help with regards to biological alterations, these are the major aptitude’s within the order after vitakinesis. Proxy tier psions among the order run to almost 700, it would be higher but many of them are to busy healing to further develop the strength of their powers beyond the norm, since that is enough to help people. Chitra Bhanu (Quantakinetic): Roughly 800 psions The order has reformed their HQ in India, but their secondary HQ and location of their Prometheus chamber is hidden and only known to their Covert division, they were more trusting before, never again will they be so. The smallest order, both in terms of aptitude and rarity, their number before the destruction of their order was barely over a hundred, but this was because the aptitude requires very high latency, their Proxy was very choosy, and Doyen interference to keep their numbers down. The number of quantakinetics who survived both because of their proxy’s actions or because they weren’t there and went into hiding was barely 25, and from those are the majority of the Order’s proxy tier psions. Of the order’s psions, only 600, about 75% are quantakinetics, but that is more then 6 times the number of quantakinetics who existed before their destruction so many years ago, this is part do to their Proxy not being possessed by a Doyen and more willing to make some trades and take in a few non-quantakinetics who manage it impress her with their skill and intelligence. While the majority of the order is still focused on Research, though more hands on and field research then lab research, it now has 3 additional divisions. The Medical division works closely with the Æsculapian order with regards to flux diseases, both with regards to healing individuals and healing flux zones, theirs was the recent project that restored France. The Covert division works with Norca and Trinity, the order was caught out due to events that nearly destroyed them completely so many years ago, Norca and Trinity were the two orders who assisted them in the dark years and the two who they trust much more than the other orders. The Combat division works closely with the Legion, without being fully inducted into those orders. The Legion grants them either the status of civilian experts or in rare cases of the more combat capable, honorary rank.within the legions. Due to how badly they misjudged the situation with the Chita Bhanu in their destruction, the other Orders are more willing to accept such circumstances then they might be otherwise. Proxy tier within the order is actually less then 1%, roughly 40 members of the order has reached that level of capability counting their actual Proxy, and not all of them are quantakinetics, the Proxy’s oldest and closest friend is a telepath who was part of the order before it’s destruction and achieved proxy tier. Mostly it is the oldest members of the order who are at this level of capability, which makes proxy tier quantakinetics exceptionally rare and precious in the eyes of many. IRSA [The Interplanetary School of Research and Advancement] (Clairsentience) Roughly 9000 psions The clairsentient order’s HQ and Prometheus chamber is a private location on Luna. The order is the second strongest in terms of drive to explore and colonize the stars, they were closely connected with Upeo before their disappearance and heavily involved in the Leviathan project, which makes use of clairsentience to jump a entire ship. While a teleporter’s ability is far superior, and they can operate jumpdrive based ships as well as a clear, it has opened up considerable additional options for humanity to travel the stars. While IRSA has a drive to push to the stars, that is but a small subset of the order as a whole, they also as much of a spiritual organization as they are an order, their Proxy encourages them to seek self-discovery and following their own vision, and there are no required beliefs to be part of the order. While only about 60% are clairsentients, just about all of those who are not have clairsentient auxiliary modes. And the order is much larger then their number of psions might suggest, since more then a quarter of a million neutrals are also part of the order. Proxy Tiers within the IRSA are a closer to 400 of the most focused and capable, many are 'clear's of course, but good number are of other aptitudes. The Legions (Psychokinetic): Roughly 54,000 psions The headquarters and Prometheus chamber of the Legions is found in Australia, though the exact location is kept secret, though the legion command centers are connected by jump rings, it's almost certain one can reach the chamber though them, if you know where your going. The largest order, in terms of number of psions, but also in terms of manpower they have a charter with the United Nations that gives them considerable leeway within their charter, but little outside of it. In essence, if it involves threats to humanity (alien, abberant, flux zones, monsters created by abberants, rogue psions, etc.) they have considerable leyway, but with little to no authority over how a nation governs its people and itself. Despite the huge number of psions within the order, the number of psion deaths within the order are higher in some ways then total number of psions in the majority of other orders, they are the tip of the spear. A military order, they have rank and discipline. That said, their number of non-psions and dependents cause their numbers to run well over a million, split into seven separate legions, though in the long run, perhaps the Seventh is most important to humanities future, since it focuses on extra-solar threats. The majority of the order are psychokinetics as one might expect, but they have a high number of other aptitudes, though the majority of other types are these more oriented in ability to affect the physical word, of the other aptitudes, electrokinetics are most common, but all aptitudes except for teleportation and quantakinesis can be found within their ranks at decent numbers. Their huge numbers means that they have a high number of proxy tiers as well, though even there, the high stress and turnover does have some effect, the majority of psychokinetics who push to this point had a single mode within the aptitude they focus on, with a secondary one they keep just strong enough to keep from falling into psionic dysfunction. Furthermore, a good number of them have died in combat, although roughly 2700 have reached this point, only about 1800 are alive, the others died in humanities service, of them about 1200 are pyschokinetics. The Ministry of Noetic Affairs (Telepathy): Roughly 9000 psions The headquarters of the Ministry are within China, but the location of their Prometheus chamber is a guarded secret, the kind of secret only telepaths capable of wiping your memories can keep. The Ministry is the only order that is directly part of a government, in particular, the Chinese government. That said, they are as devoted to humanities advancement as the other orders, they are both a part of the Chinese government and an independent force of their own. While the majority of the Ministry are telepaths, it's a simple majority, the order trades a lot with other orders and with trinity, the eyes of heaven, one of their unofficial sub-divisions has no telepaths, but 20% of them are other aptitudes and 15% are talents. Proxy Tier telepaths within the order are about 300, though another 100 are other aptitudes. Norca (Biokinesis): Roughly 4500 psions The headquarters of Norca is in Sudamerica, particularly Brazil, but their Prometheus chamber is in a guarded and hidden location. The number of psions within the order is low because their proxy is extremely careful about who he invites into the order, and because he has a preference for quality over quantity, in some ways they are the opposite of the Legions, who go for quantity. Even the neutrals who are part of the order tend to be exceptional (and are often Talents) due to this particular trend. This trend toward quality over quantity means that they have about 315 who have reached proxy teir, a higher percentage of their order then most of the other others. Orgotech (Electrokinesis): Roughly 27,000 psions Headquarters with the FSA, the location of their Prometheus chamber is unknown, they keep it secret like many of the orders do. As much a corporation as a psionic order, if an unusually altruistic one, much of the biotech in the world is developed and produced by them, though they struggle somewhat with FSA regulations. Orgotek is the world icon for biotechnology, which humanity embraced over hardtech due to bad associations revolving around Abberant actions. They do have different divisions devoted to various cooperate concerns, but also are still an order with actions focused on humanity's good as a whole. Roughly 1200 members of the order are at the Proxy tier at this point, which is pretty high, of them about 800 are electrokinetics. Upeo wa Macho (Teleportation): Roughly 1400 psions The headquarters and location of their Prometheus chamber is on Ruan's World, which they now completely control, in essence, they can be considered an order, a extra-solar colony and a government of their own, if a fairly loose one. The low numbers of teleporters is both because one must possess strong latency as teleporter, much like the quantakinetics, but also because their Proxy looks for particular qualities in those she is willing to awaken to the Aptitude. Though due to the fact they still take in those with less latency but commitment to their mission, not even the majority of them are teleporters, even though they have more teleporters in the order then all the other orders combined, about 500 are teleporters, with 700 psions of other aptitudes, though they have a slight preference for clairsentients with the order, and just about everyone develops teleportation auxiliary modes. Proxy Tier teleporters is fairly low, but about 50 of the 80 proxy tier psions within order are teleporters, the rest are of other aptitudes Trinity (none): Roughly 10,000 psions Trinity has a huge number of psions within their order, despite not having a Prometheus chamber of their own, but they offer something else, unity across the orders. It is often their work that gets the orders to work together. They are also larger then the majority of the orders, since their organization has existed for almost 200 years, though they have reformed several times over those years. About 500 are Freelance Psions: Roughly 12,000 psions Many freelance psions are distant from their orders, but not quite fully estranged, others are out for their own thing, or work for other organizations, governments, corporations, etc. Some even work for groups like Disney or Apple or the like. Proxy Tier Psions within the various Freelance Psions are rarer then the orders, since reaching that level of capability definitely gains attention, but they are also more scattered without a order to draw upon, and often the orders make offers to those who reach that stage to bring them 'under their wing' so to speak. Psiads (Mostly in hiding, but some are active members of Trinity): 2500 With the aftermath of the 2nd abberant war, roughly 10% of the psiads are known as such to the orders, of those 250, all are quite powerful, and about 50 are actually proxy tier Psiads who are also members of Trinity. NOTE: In the height of the nova age, there were not more then a few thousand novas, the number of psions is way beyond that, and their impact on society may not be as dramatic, it is much broader. Altered Quotes regarding the Chitra Bhanu Æsculapian: We were wrong about them, let us be more careful in the future. IRSA: 'The Truth will set you free' has proved to be even more apt with regards them Legions: We were tricked into believing to they joined the enemy, let us never forget who is the true enemy The Ministry: We thought they were traitors, instead they were the betrayed. Norca: (No change) Ogrotech: When you find that you are completely wrong about someone, it's time to reevaluate how and why you came to the conclusions you did. Upeo: We understand both their disappearance and return, did we not do the same? Trinity: The secrets they uncovered find us at war for the future of humanity NOTE: I intend to add more to this thread but here's a bit of basic data for folks.
  14. Name: Cliff D’vir Order (Allegiance): Orgotek Description: Cliff is a slightly pudgy human being who stands about 5’7” and is covered in Otter-like hair. He is what is referred to as a Phib or amphibious conversion. His eyes are rather large and designed for Low-Light conditions. He is usually found wearing a blue bodysuit, similar to a wetsuit, but only going to mid-calf, and mid-forearm. He has RVO in big letters on the back, most of the time, but with the malleable nature of the B.E.S. he occasionally removes those. He has a small survival toolbelt at his waist (first aid kit, waterproof lighter, a couple of underwater rated flares). He also constantly wears a pair of fingerless gloves, and a set of large bracelets. Temperament/Personality: Cliff is an introvert. He is a laid-back, playful, and inventive individual if given time to warm up to you. His focus is on exploration, both of the physical and mental worlds. Psionic Aptitude: Electrokinesis Psionic Capabilities/Talents: Cliff is an exceptional Electrokinetic, even considered to be Proxy level. He can control many different devices, including Drones, at once. He is also skilled with the manipulation of the electrical fields of the human body. Through this training, Cliff learned the basic skills of a Telepath. His skill at reading the detailed electric fields and putting the pulses and signatures to feelings and thoughts was enhanced by the activation of his basic auxiliary modes to read and connect minds. History: Cliff was born on Oceana a few years before it became a recognized nation. His fondness for exploration even as a child was eventually channeled into a love for exploring the oceans around his home. As a teenager, he was fascinated by ancient tales, but none more than the story 20,000 leagues under the sea. This combined with his love of exploration helped him decide to focus his studies on submersibles and engineering. He began engineering courses in college and then followed that up with an internship on a wreck hunter/research vessel. During the assignment, the crew grew to rely on Cliff’s skill piloting the drones. After his first assignment, he was scouted by Orgotek for latent psionic testing. Once he was tested and accepted by Orgotek for Psionic awakening, his life became a dream come true. He was able to afford the Amphibian Conversion that he had always dreamed of, and he became a SubDrone operator on one of the Orgotek research vessels operating on Earth. With the first crew he joined, he met Jaques Irwin, a wreck hunter that had already found a few undiscovered wrecks and liberated their treasures. He became a mentor to Cliff and kept helping Cliff hone his skills. During his time on the third vessel, his ship came across an anomaly when exploring the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. They found an ancient, undisturbed shipwreck. Once the find was confirmed and permission gotten from higher ups, Cliff led a small team of RVOs (Remote Vehicle Operators) in searching and cataloging the wreck. It was too deep for regular divers, but hardsuited divers would be able to dive the wreck, as well as divers with Biokinetic training. The value of the wreck was estimated at 15,000,000 dollars per share, with 35 shares of the treasure find put out. Instead of collecting cash for the wreck find, Cliff took the value half in cash and half in shares of Orgotek stock. Since then, he has worked closely with Engineer P.J. Portsmouth in designing a SubDrone capable of surviving in extra-terrestrial, and dangerous, environments. His current goal is to pilot a drone of their own design into the Oceans of Titan. Private History: Cliff D’vir was a child of tragedy. His mother died in an industrial accident a few years after he was born. His Father wanted nothing to do with him after that. Dad became an alcoholic and abuser. His older brother became more of a dad to him. William, the older brother, was a swimmer and free-diver of no small repute. He was killed by a romantic rival at the age of 25, when Cliff was 18. This led to Cliff suffering severe depression and self-blame issues. In time, Cliff has come to terms with the death of his brother, but sometimes it overwhelms him still. His work, from his past time as an RVO to the current assignment both testing and utilizing cutting edge drones for Orgotek in conjunction with the Noetic Weave assignment, has always been dedicated to his brother. His drive and passions were things that his brother encouraged from as far back as he could remember. Sheet:
  15. Ship Name: Sekhmet As the one of the first phantom class ships, but also meant to carry battle to the doyen, abberants and other enemies of humanity and their allies, she is named for the Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet the lioness, goddess of conquest, destruction, divine vengeance, healing, the sun, plagues & war, Orgotek Scarab Battle Frigate: This unique biotech frigate is both smaller and more maneuverable than hardtech frigates. The 80m long Scarab is even capable of landing on a planet, and bears enough firepower to hold its own in the shipping lanes. It has accommodations for 16 and carries two Locust hybrid fighters for support. Formatting the entire vessel isn’t normally possible. Instead, psions must format the piloting and weapons systems separately. Each formatted function offers 1 Enhancement to related actions Phantom Class: A joint project between Ogrotech and Chintra Bhano for a more covert ship, the phantom class it possesses a special bioamp skin that allows a Quantakinetic to cloak the whole ship from psionic detection, or even use Null to render it completely undetectable, and teleportation helm to allow a teleporter to teleport the ship to be teleported. The Phantom class is a joint work between Ogrotech and Chitra Bhano for a more covert ship, there is presently a work to create a Leviathon ship with similiar capabilities, but that project is still in the works. The Phantom Battle Frigate class also increases it's size by about 300%, to 225 meters (738.189 feet) allowing them to added more systems and capabilities, it is still lighter then ships of it's class and capable of landing on a planet with ease. Cloaking System: technically, anyone with a quantakinetic mode dot can make use of it's most basic function, which is a ship version of Psi Cloak, but only a quantakinetic with the Enhanced Psi Cloak edge can make it do what this system was designed to. Without enhanced Psi Cloak, you can cloak the ship from psi detection, but no one on the ship can use Psionic abilities or it breaks the cloak. A quantakinetic with Enhanced Psi Cloak, however, can cloak all uses of psionic abilities within the ship, and can use the Energetics mode Null power to make the ship completely vanish from all sensors and detection, including clairvoyance. As part of the ship's systems, it has a tolerance rating of 3, just like every other system on the ship. Teleportation Helm: Built into the ship, it allows a teleporter to teleport the entire ship at no additional cost beyond transmit person. Meaning no requiring a high number of successes or the 8 psi teleporting a ship this size would normally require. As part of the ships systems and bound to the piloting systems, it has a tolerance rating of 3, but is included in formatting the piloting system, so there is no increase in the tolerance requirement for the ship. Appearance: While it roughly appears in the shape of a scarab beetle, as a biotech vehicle, it is grown rather then built, and has more in common with a tree then an insect. The interior of the ship contains the bridge, accommodations for 16, though it can work with just six if necessary. Size: 5 Handing: 0 (if not formatted) + (if formatted) Formatting Tolerance: 3 Speed: 6/[5] This is fast enough to get from earth to the Luna (the moon) in 4 hours, and from Earth to Mars in 4 days, about a week to make it to Ceres (the asteroid belt) and about 12 days to make it Jupiter. Going the other way, about 3 days to Venus, and about 5 to Mercury, and about 10 days if you for some stupid reason wanted to dive into Sol (our Sun). That's for space travel (and accounts for the [5]) The 6 is it's speed in the atmosphere, which means among the fastest, supersonic if you will. Tags: Armor (2) - provides 2 levels of composite armor for the vehicle, both soft and hard Cargo (3) - In essence, cargo room, can be used for passengers, bricks, smaller vehicles, etc. Computer (0) - vehicle comes equipped with a standard suite of onboard computers, including navigation systems, GPS, an OpNet connection, sensors, and similar equipment. These sensors include the equivalent of improved binoculars, as well as whatever other sensors they may require for their normal operation. Vehicles with this tag are capable of driving themselves under normal conditions, with a dice pool of four, modified by the Handling tag. Crew (-2) - This means you need at least a crew of 6 in order for this ship to be fully functional. Hybrid (2) - The ship's computer also includes Flight and Astrogation systems, allowing it to operate both in space and in an atmosphere. Massive (3) - This increases a vehicles size and adds an additional condition box in terms of how much damage it can take. Military (1) - This ship was designed for military operations, it's difficult for those without military/combat related paths to operate NOTE: As far as I'm concerned, this means no player character, regardless of path, every Psion at your level has enough basic instruction to have no problem with this. It does mean, anyone trying to take over your ship without that training is going to have a hard time. Psi (-1) - Any vehicle with this tag can be formatted. Unless otherwise specified, formatting a biotech vehicle provides 1 Enhancement to handling. Vehicles with a Size of 4 or higher are too large for one individual to format, and instead require individuals to format different systems, like controls, weapons, and engines. A different person must format each system. Formatting bioware unlocks its full potential, though this is not without risk. If the formatted vehicle is Taken Out, the character automatically suffers both an Injury Condition and a level 2 Complication (Shaken), as though struck by a Stun weapon. Thrusters (2) - This increases the vehicles space speed, which is part of why this ship is so fast Weapons Plasma Cannon Range: Short EN: 5 Damage Type: In Laser Carbine x 2 Range: Long EN: 2 (if formatted +1) Damage Type: Ballistic Tags: Beam, Quality 2, Ranged, Tactical Sight Coilgun Range: Short EN: 5 (if formatted +1) Type: Ballistic Tags: Automatic 2, Brutal, Heavy Weapon, Piercing, Ranged, Restricted, Tactical Sight, NOTES: All weapons are adjusted to scale, which for this ship, due to high tech, capabilities, ectara, is a scale of 5, is is pretty much deadly to anything it fires upon, outside of high tech battleships, which are a size 5, but are a touch slower and less maneuverable, its one of the deadliest starships out there. The Coilgun & Plasma Cannon are spinal mounts, facing forward, but the laser carbines are a fully rotating guns, linked to the weapons station on the Bridge, with has VR link for the gunner. Inside Bridge: Ship controls, includes stations for piloting, navigation, weapons and sensors. Armory: Contains a number of weapons, both personal and stock. Lockers contain the personal weapons, a number of weapons are mounted on the walls. Engine Room: Contains the ship's power and internal gravity systems. Medical Bay: The medical bay contains a pair of regeneration simulators, separate from the ships systems. Regeneration Simulators: The Æsculapians have revolutionized emergency medicine, but the number of vitakinetics who have mastered Iatrosis remains much lower than the number of trauma centers across human space. The recently released regeneration stimulator attempts to close this gap. This bioapp resembles a deep hot tub (early models were more space-efficient but looked too much like coffins) filled with translucent green sterile gel. When medical personnel immerse a patient in the gel, the regeneration stimulator enables a psion with at least Iatrosis •, even if only as an Auxiliary Mode, to use Iatrosis •••• (Restore Template; Trinity Continuum: Æon, p. 262) on that subject, with no increase in Difficulty. However, this bioapp only works on recent injuries — those incurred within a number of hours equal to the patient’s dots in Stamina. Formatting Tolerance: 2 Research Lab: A laboratory devoted to quick study, includes scanning systems and a high powered computer research station. Living Quarters: Barracks style, space is premium on a starship, so bunks, showers, a fractal kitchen(page 152 of Terra Firma), etc. The Command Crew has separate quarters, small size rooms with just enough room for a desk, a shelf and a bed. Ship Bay: For all six locust hybrids also assigned to the ship, they are also very fast, think starwars fighters for a grip on size and capabilities. Cargo Bay: Can be configured for up to 40 passengers, or up to 20 vehicles of size 2, it is presently devoted to several bioVARG's, and drones.. Crew: The ship can be run by as little as half a dozen (6) individuals, it has room however, for a crew complement of up to 70, not counting the command crew NOTE: I will be adding more to this if necessary, as this is a completely unique ship.
  16. Siân Tristana Bleys Name: Siân Tristana Bleys Psi Order: Chitra Bhanu Appearance: [ 41 yrs old, 5’9”, 124 lbs, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, Slim Build, Toned Physique] Siân is broad shouldered, small breasted with narrow hips, giving her a natural androgynous appearance, her features are attractive, almost classical, angular, with a square jaw and a slightly cleft chin, she can easily be mistaken for a boy at a glance, and with proper clothing can masquerade as a male convincingly, something she did often during her fugitive days. She is a natural blond but colors her hair frequently and she usually wears her hair short, preferring unisex styles. Her eyes are blue, but she often alters their color as well. At 5’9, Siân, with her slender build and broad shoulders, looks taller than she is. At the age of 41, due to her psionic attributes, she looks to be in her early twenties and with the right makeup, cosmetic enhancements, and clothing can appear either as a teen or an older adult. She dresses appropriate to her environment, work or otherwise, and whatever event she may be attending. Her casual wear is usually slacks and a blouse, comfortable shoes, no makeup and no jewelry. Her usual colors are winter or spring. Her minicomp is within constant reach. If she carries a purse or clutch it is only to hold the comp. Temperament: Siân can come off as a cold fish. She is always reserved and rarely speaks unless directly spoken too. If she must attend social functions, she will do the bare minimum of socializing to get by and will eventually end up someplace like a dark corner, where she can simply observe. And she is very observant; watching and listening to everyone, even when they think she is not. Too any outsider who doesn’t really know her, she seems to want to be alone. But that isn’t really the case. It takes a long while for Siân to warm up to a person or persons, and even longer to trust, she embraces the cautious suspicion of her Proxy, and secretly fears betraying the trust she has earned through any misadventure on her part. However, once she has given trust, she will be a loyal, if quiet, friend and companion. She will be compassionate and giving to those she takes into her confidence. But beware the one that betrays her trust and unleashes the tempest. Psionic Aptitude: Quantakinesis Psionic Capabilities/Talents: Siân has attained the minimum proficiency to be counted at the proxie level in her aptitude. She has mastered the modes of Energetics and Fundamentals and is competent at Transformations but still improving. Her auxiliaries are not as well developed as she would like, having concentrated on those abilities that would lend themselves to survival during her long period as a fugitive. She is capable of rudimentary telepathy, some clairsentience and enough Vitakinesis to keep her well and to speed her healing if injured. History: The Siân of today is not the woman of her youth. Born and raised in Holyhead (Caergybi in Welsh), Wales, Siân was an average child of a upper income family. Both parents worked high paying technical or managerial jobs with long hour, so she spent her early life being raised mostly by her grandparents and her great grandfather who lived to be a hundred and twelve. She was active, a tomboy of a girl and not a proper lady at all. Her great granddad taught her to curse in several languages which she was good at even though she didn’t know what most of the words meant until she was much older. She was smart with a talent for music and mathematics, in school she proved to be tops in most of her classes and advanced rapidly. At the age of fourteen, because of the high pay her parents earned making it possible, she was enrolled at Haberdashers' Monmouth School for girls to pursue a musical curriculum, by the time she completed her GCSE she was an accomplished Cellist with a promising future as a concert musician. But her desires had changed while at Monmoths, always good at math, her introduction to physics opened the whole of the universe for her and she knew that that was what she wanted to pursue now instead of a career in music. While at Monmoth she also studied History, Literature, and Language. Her physical education consisted primarily of classes and study in Swimming, Dance, Fencing and General Athletics. After Monmoth’s she went to university studying physics which became her career path. She had lots of friends and had by this time had several lovers of both sexes. While celebrating her degree she and a few close friends decided to have their latency tested more on a lark than any real desire to be one of the few. She was twenty-one then and the year was 2110. A month after testing she was notified of her results and found out that she had scored a high latency for several psionic aptitudes and that she would be contacted by representatives of those orders. It was shock to her,her out of all her friends, being the only one with that potential. At first she had no desire or intention to follow through and politely turned done several of the Psi orders that called on her. but when the representative of the Chitra Bhanu contacted her and told her and showed her what a Quantakinetic was capable of, how this was the truest way to know the universe, life changed yet again. Siân was one of the last Psions to go through the original Quantikinesis Prometheus Chamber in early 2111 and had been present in Mumbai undergoing training when the Purge began. She was believed to have been killed in the attack though no body was recovered. Private History: Siân was not killed in the purge, in fact she and another QK , who had been instructing her at the time of the attack, managed to escape on their own and believed that everyone else was killed. The two ran as fugitives in fear for almost a year. Eventually her friend succumbed to depression and died of an overdose. It may have been accidental; it may have been suicide. Siân continued, stayed in hiding, lived on the fringes, she became a ghost. During this time a span of almost twenty years Siân using fake identities and hiding among the throngs of refugees. She used her powers by pretending to be a freelance psion and mostly used her abilities to copy other aptitudes, but she did use her abilities to help among the refuges especially with her abilities to cleanse flux. After the start of the Second Aberrant War, Siân couldn’t stand by and do nothing so she joined the war effort and when the Chitra Bhanu’s revealed themselves she rejoined her order. After the war, Siân intended to go back to her long-lost dream of becoming the scientist she had hoped to be, but it was obvious almost from the beginning that the intervening years and the ‘activities’ she had had to do to survive on the run during that time had soured that dream. She did manage to finish her masters, but she only lasted six months in the Research division. It wasn’t that she that she wasn’t smart enough or capable, she just didn’t play well with others. After that she went back and forth from the Covert division to the Combat division spending several months in each at a time for the next couple of years. Then this gig opened. With her background she was the perfect choice to rep the Chitra Bhanu on this joint venture. Sheet
  17. Template Pictures Name: Order (Allegiance): Description: This includes such things as demeanor, how one dresses or moves, etc. It should also include such things as using biokinetic modes to often make changes, or if one has high levels of biokinesis, your preferred appearance(s). Temperament/Personality: Some basic personality description for yourself and others. Psionic Aptitude: Psionic Capabilities/Talents: Beyond your aptitude, this is how deeply one is invested in modes, how capable one is in them, as as capabilities gained from auxiliary modes. Use words, not dots here. History: Stuff anyone can find out about your character looking it up. Background as who you are and why you are the way you are. Private History: Stuff only your order, your family, your friends or a clairsentient investigator might know/discover
  18. 2020-2050 - Nova Era, some extrasolar colonies are created, but records of where are lost. 2050-2067 - the 1st Abberant War era, ends with the China Ultimatum. Many nova age technologies are banned or heavily restricted. 2067-2075 - The Crash, Urban Schism begins 2075-2086 - Computer enhancements and other mind-computer enhancements become increasingly common. 2086 - The Shanghai Accords passed (ignored in Nippon). Public opinion turns against cyberware and hardtech in general 2090-2103 - Mt. Kenya Space Elevator completed, space travel becomes cheaper and more common 2104 - Most small corrupted zones vanish and many of the larger ones shrink 2105 - Aberrants attack asteroid mining colony 2106 - Abberants attack Sydney Australia, a force of 500 Psions defeat them and the Psion orders go public 2108 - First Contact with the alien Qin 2109 - Qin establish embassy on Luna 2111 - The other orders declare Chitra Bhanu corrupted by Abberants. Many quantakinetics killed in ensuing battle. Dr. S. K. Bhurano and closest associates seemingly destroy themselves in mysterious explosion. NOTE: Today, humans know this was a Doyen (alien) plot to discredit and destroy the quantakinetic order and that the mysterious explosion was created by Dr. Bhurano to hide them from everyone. A handful of quantakinetics escaped the purge either by not being there, or using similar methods to hide themselves. The quantakinetic prometheus chamber was dismantled, but Bhurano manageds to put it back together within 7 years with the help of the Norca proxy. A number of higher ups in all orders become extremely supicous about what really happened here. The truth will not be known for years. 2115 - First contact with the alien Chromatics as they attack Karoo Station Upeo makes contact with the human-nova colony of Eden. Tension between Upeo and other orders increase during some of the discussion around this event. 2116 - Upeo wa Macha mysteriously vanish, cutting off humanity from the stars. 2118 - Oceana becomes an independent nation recognized by the UN 2119 - Abberant attack on jumpship prototype puts the jumpship project back years 2120 - Esperanza space station crashes near Paris, devesting France and creating a new blight area in much of France 2121 - Telepathic messages from Khantze Lu Ge colony around Alpha Centauri report Abberants have attacked and overrun half the planet 2122 - First Leviathon jumpships completed, humanity returns to the stars First contact with Coalition Ark ends with damaged jumpship fleeing Chromatics attack earth, discovering to be using captured teleporters to transport ships Upeo returns from the stars. 2123 - Cannon Game beginning (but not for this game) 2125 - Invasion of Chrome Prime To rescue teleporters and fight back against Chromatic attacks. Significant further discoveries regarding the Chromatics and their culture discovered. Abberant attacks on Chromatics in the past discovered, explaining a good deal of their antagonism toward humanity Doyen influence found behind further Chromatic antagonism. Over the next few years, diplomatic contact with some Chromatic groups ease tensions, but some clans remain antagonistic. War is no longer hot, but conflict could still easily break out. 2126 - Coalition Ark is teleported to Mars orbit by Abberants in a huge quantum surge sensed by every Psion in the solar system. Battle ensues, Ark is destroyed and some of it crashes into mars, about 3000 aliens rescued by psions managed to escape the destruction. This is around the end of the year. 2126 - 2127 - 2nd Abberant War begins within a week after the ark is destroyed, war lasts for a month moving into the next year. Many Abberants attack, including ones hiding on earth. Clairsentient warnings are just barely enough to allow some of the orders prepare. Otha Herzog the clairsentient proxy is able to see this happening and gives warning before it begins, granting some preparation time. Teleporters with Clairsentient guidance are just barely able to keep up with the Aberrant using warp to rapidly transit to attack at different locations in the solar system, but the war is looking bad until more then 50 quantakinetics join the battle, as the Chitra Bhanu return. During the conflict, almost a dozen Doyen are seeking to make it worse, attempting to cause humanity as much damage as possible and make them ripe for Doyen conquest. The combined effort of thousands of psions, Talents, and Nihonjin Superiors, with help from novas from Eden and the quantakinetics allow humanity to defeat the Aberrants and also to detect, and on three occasions destroy, Doyen possessing humans. This victory comes at a very high cost. Almost a quarter of the habitats orbiting Earth are destroyed and more than 25 million people are killed, mostly in Chicago and Olympus. This is also a time of loss for the psi orders, since both General Solveig Larssen and Dr. Matthew Zweidler died during the attack. General Larssen died leading the Fourth Legion into the heart of Olympus, while Dr. Zweidler died trying to save lives in the ruins of Chicago. The Æon Trinity also suffered heavy losses. Aberrants destroyed the Æon Trinity’s famous headquarters, known as The Cube, during their attack on Chicago. Several thousand Æon Trinity personnel were killed when this building collapsed. However, humanity also learned more about the Doyen, and after the battle ended, Chitra Bhanu is welcomed back as one of the eight psi orders. 2127 - 2128 - Much of this year is spent simply repairing damage done, but with some discussion, the orders push hard to increase the number of active psions, as Doyen influence is discovered in attacks against a number of human interstellar exploration teams. Dr. Magalie Alcine has stepped up as the next vitakinetic proxy, having been Dr. Zweidler's protégé and the one he relied on to lead the order when he was busy with a research project. Somewhat more flexible in a spiritual sense then her mentor, however, the order hasn't changed much under her leadership General Morgan Taylor has stepped into General Lassen's shoes, as the next psychokinetic proxy, promoted from the 4th legion, he's pretty much pursued the same goals as she did, with only a few minor shifts that no one has any problem with. 2129 - The Chitra Bhanu order remove the la Blessure blight zone, using high level quantakinetics to deal with quantum flux, radiation and other damage. Other orders assist as they can, but it demostrates just how effective and useful the order can be, as the Dr. S. K. Bhurano reforms the order into it's new shape. 2130 - With help from certain super intelligence novas of Eden, the Subquantum Weave is developed, the player characters are among the earliest part of the Weave project. - Game Starts
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