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  • 2020-2050 - Nova Era, some extrasolar colonies are created, but records of where are lost.
  • 2050-2067 - the 1st Abberant War era, ends with the China Ultimatum.  Many nova age technologies are banned or heavily restricted.
  • 2067-2075 - The Crash, Urban Schism begins 
  • 2075-2086 - Computer enhancements and other mind-computer enhancements become increasingly common.
  • 2086 - The Shanghai Accords passed (ignored in Nippon).  Public opinion turns against cyberware and hardtech in general
  • 2090-2103 - Mt. Kenya Space Elevator completed, space travel becomes cheaper and more common
  • 2104 - Most small corrupted zones vanish and many of the larger ones shrink
  • 2105 - Aberrants attack asteroid mining colony
  • 2106 - Abberants attack Sydney Australia, a force of 500 Psions defeat them and the Psion orders go public
  • 2108 - First Contact with the alien Qin 
  • 2109 - Qin establish embassy on Luna
  • 2111 - The other orders declare Chitra Bhanu corrupted by Abberants.  Many quantakinetics killed in ensuing battle.  Dr. S. K. Bhurano and closest associates seemingly destroy themselves in mysterious explosion.
    • NOTE: Today, humans know this was a Doyen (alien) plot to discredit and destroy the quantakinetic order and that the mysterious explosion was created by Dr. Bhurano to hide them from everyone.  A handful of quantakinetics escaped the purge either by not being there, or using similar methods to hide themselves.  The quantakinetic prometheus chamber was dismantled, but Bhurano manageds to put it back together within 7 years with the help of the Norca proxy.  A number of higher ups in all orders become extremely supicous about what really happened here.  The truth will not be known for years.
  • 2115 - First contact with the alien Chromatics as they attack Karoo Station
    • Upeo makes contact with the human-nova colony of Eden.  Tension between Upeo and other orders increase during some of the discussion around this event.
  • 2116 - Upeo wa Macha mysteriously vanish, cutting off humanity from the stars.
  • 2118 - Oceana becomes an independent nation recognized by the UN
  • 2119 - Abberant attack on jumpship prototype puts the jumpship project back years
  • 2120 - Esperanza space station crashes near Paris, devesting France and creating a new blight area in much of France
  • 2121 - Telepathic messages from Khantze Lu Ge colony around Alpha Centauri report Abberants have attacked and overrun half the planet
  • 2122 - First Leviathon jumpships completed, humanity returns to the stars
    • First contact with Coalition Ark ends with damaged jumpship fleeing 
    • Chromatics attack earth, discovering to be using captured teleporters to transport ships
    • Upeo returns from the stars.
  • 2123 - Cannon Game beginning (but not for this game)
  • 2125 - Invasion of Chrome Prime
    • To rescue teleporters and fight back against Chromatic attacks.  Significant further discoveries regarding the Chromatics and their culture discovered.
    • Abberant attacks on Chromatics in the past discovered, explaining a good deal of their antagonism toward humanity
    • Doyen influence found behind further Chromatic antagonism.  
    • Over the next few years, diplomatic contact with some Chromatic groups ease tensions, but some clans remain antagonistic.  War is no longer hot, but conflict could still easily break out.
  • 2126 - Coalition Ark is teleported to Mars orbit by Abberants in a huge quantum surge sensed by every Psion in the solar system.  Battle ensues, Ark is destroyed and some of it crashes into mars, about 3000 aliens rescued by psions managed to escape the destruction.  This is around the end of the year.
  • 2126 - 2127 - 2nd Abberant War begins within a week after the ark is destroyed, war lasts for a month moving into the next year.
    • Many Abberants attack, including ones hiding on earth.  Clairsentient warnings are just barely enough to allow some of the orders prepare.  Otha Herzog the clairsentient proxy is able to see this happening and gives warning before it begins, granting some preparation time.
    • Teleporters with Clairsentient guidance are just barely able to keep up with the Aberrant using warp to rapidly transit to attack at different locations in the solar system, but the war is looking bad until more then 50 quantakinetics join the battle, as the Chitra Bhanu return.  
    • During the conflict, almost a dozen Doyen are seeking to make it worse, attempting to cause humanity as much damage as possible and make them ripe for Doyen conquest.  
    • The combined effort of thousands of psions, Talents, and Nihonjin Superiors, with help from novas from Eden and the quantakinetics allow humanity to defeat the Aberrants and also to detect, and on three occasions destroy, Doyen possessing humans.
    • This victory comes at a very high cost. Almost a quarter of the habitats orbiting Earth are destroyed and more than 25 million people are killed, mostly in Chicago and Olympus. This is also a time of loss for the psi orders, since both General Solveig Larssen and Dr. Matthew Zweidler died during the attack. General Larssen died leading the Fourth Legion into the heart of Olympus, while Dr. Zweidler died trying to save lives in the ruins of Chicago. The Æon Trinity also suffered heavy losses. Aberrants destroyed the Æon Trinity’s famous headquarters, known as The Cube, during their attack on Chicago. Several thousand Æon Trinity personnel were killed when this building collapsed. However, humanity also learned more about the Doyen, and after the battle ended, Chitra Bhanu is welcomed back as one of the eight psi orders.
  • 2127 - 2128 - Much of this year is spent simply repairing damage done, but with some discussion, the orders push hard to increase the number of active psions, as Doyen influence is discovered in attacks against a number of human interstellar exploration teams.
    • Dr. Magalie Alcine has stepped up as the next vitakinetic proxy, having been Dr. Zweidler's protégé and the one he relied on to lead the order when he was busy with a research project.  Somewhat more flexible in a spiritual sense then her mentor, however, the order hasn't changed much under her leadership
    • General Morgan Taylor has stepped into General Lassen's shoes, as the next psychokinetic proxy, promoted from the 4th legion, he's pretty much pursued the same goals as she did, with only a few minor shifts that no one has any problem with.
  • 2129 - The Chitra Bhanu order remove the la Blessure blight zone, using high level quantakinetics to deal with quantum flux, radiation and other damage.  Other orders assist as they can, but it demostrates just how effective and useful the order can be, as the Dr. S. K. Bhurano reforms the order into it's new shape.
  • 2130 - With help from certain super intelligence novas of Eden, the Subquantum Weave is developed, the player characters are among the earliest part of the Weave project.  - Game Starts


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