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Starship 'Sekhmet'


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Ship Name:  Sekhmet

  • As the one of the first phantom class ships, but also meant to carry battle to the doyen, abberants and other enemies of humanity and their allies, she is named for the Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet  the lioness, goddess of conquest, destruction, divine vengeance, healing, the sun, plagues & war, 


Orgotek  Scarab Battle Frigate: This unique biotech frigate is both smaller and more maneuverable than hardtech frigates. The 80m long Scarab is even capable of landing on a planet, and bears enough firepower to hold its own in the shipping lanes. It has accommodations for 16 and carries two Locust hybrid fighters for support. Formatting the entire vessel isn’t normally possible. Instead, psions must format the piloting and weapons systems separately. Each formatted function offers 1 Enhancement to related actions


Phantom Class:  A joint project between Ogrotech and Chintra Bhano for a more covert ship, the phantom class it possesses a special bioamp skin that allows a Quantakinetic to cloak the whole ship from psionic detection, or even use Null to render it completely undetectable, and teleportation helm to allow a teleporter to teleport the ship to be teleported.   The Phantom class is a joint work between Ogrotech and Chitra Bhano for a more covert ship, there is presently a work to create a Leviathon ship with similiar capabilities, but that project is still in the works.  The Phantom Battle Frigate class also increases it's size by about 300%, to 225 meters (738.189 feet) allowing them to added more systems and capabilities, it is still lighter then ships of it's class and capable of landing on a planet with ease.


Cloaking System: technically, anyone with a quantakinetic mode dot can make use of it's most basic function, which is a ship version of Psi Cloak, but only a quantakinetic with the Enhanced Psi Cloak edge can make it do what this system was designed to.  Without enhanced Psi Cloak, you can cloak the ship from psi detection, but no one on the ship can use Psionic abilities or it breaks the cloak.  A quantakinetic with Enhanced Psi Cloak, however, can cloak all uses of psionic abilities within the ship, and can use the Energetics mode Null power to make the ship completely vanish from all sensors and detection, including clairvoyance.  As part of the ship's systems, it has a tolerance rating of 3, just like every other system on the ship.


Teleportation Helm: Built into the ship, it allows a teleporter to teleport the entire ship at no additional cost beyond transmit person.  Meaning no requiring a high number of successes or the 8 psi teleporting a ship this size would normally require.   As part of the ships systems and bound to the piloting systems, it has a tolerance rating of 3, but is included in formatting the piloting system, so there is no increase in the tolerance requirement for the ship.


Appearance: While it roughly appears in the shape of a scarab beetle, as a biotech vehicle, it is grown rather then built, and has more in common with a tree then an insect.  The interior of the ship contains the bridge, accommodations for 16, though it can work with just six if necessary.


Size: 5

Handing: 0 (if not formatted) + (if formatted)

Formatting Tolerance: 3

Speed: 6/[5]

  • This is fast enough to get from earth to the Luna (the moon) in 4 hours, and from Earth to Mars in 4 days, about a week to make it to Ceres (the asteroid belt) and about 12 days to make it Jupiter.  Going the other way, about 3 days to Venus, and about 5 to Mercury, and about 10 days if you for some stupid reason wanted to dive into Sol (our Sun).  That's for space travel (and accounts for the [5])
  • The 6 is it's speed in the atmosphere, which means among the fastest, supersonic if you will.


  • Armor (2)  - provides 2 levels of composite armor for the vehicle, both soft and hard
  • Cargo (3) - In essence, cargo room, can be used for passengers, bricks, smaller vehicles, etc.
  • Computer (0) - vehicle comes equipped with a standard suite of onboard computers, including navigation systems, GPS, an OpNet connection, sensors, and similar equipment. These sensors include the equivalent of improved binoculars, as well as whatever other sensors they may require for their normal operation. Vehicles with this tag are capable of driving themselves under normal conditions, with a dice pool of four, modified by the Handling tag.
  • Crew (-2) - This means you need at least a crew of 6 in order for this ship to be fully functional.
  • Hybrid (2) - The ship's computer also includes Flight and Astrogation systems, allowing it to operate both in space and in an atmosphere.
  • Massive (3) - This increases a vehicles size and adds an additional condition box in terms of how much damage it can take.
  • Military (1) - This ship was designed for military operations, it's difficult for those without military/combat related paths to operate 
    • NOTE: As far as I'm concerned, this means no player character, regardless of path, every Psion at your level has enough basic instruction to have no problem with this.  It does mean, anyone trying to take over your ship without that training is going to have a hard time.  
  • Psi (-1) - Any vehicle with this tag can be formatted. Unless otherwise specified, formatting a biotech vehicle provides 1 Enhancement to handling. Vehicles with a Size of 4 or higher are too large for one individual to format, and instead require individuals to format different systems, like controls, weapons, and engines. A different person must format each system. Formatting bioware unlocks its full potential, though this is not without risk. If the formatted vehicle is Taken Out, the character automatically suffers both an Injury Condition and a level 2 Complication (Shaken), as though struck by a Stun weapon.
  • Thrusters (2) - This increases the vehicles space speed, which is part of why this ship is so fast


  • Plasma Cannon 
    • Range: Short
    • EN: 5 
    • Damage Type: In
  • Laser Carbine x 2
    • Range: Long
    • EN: 2  (if formatted +1)
    • Damage Type: Ballistic
    • Tags: Beam, Quality 2, Ranged, Tactical Sight
  • Coilgun
    • Range: Short
    • EN: 5 (if formatted +1)
    • Type: Ballistic
    • Tags: Automatic 2, Brutal, Heavy Weapon, Piercing, Ranged, Restricted, Tactical Sight,
  • NOTES: All weapons are adjusted to scale, which for this ship, due to high tech, capabilities, ectara, is a scale of 5, is is pretty much deadly to anything it fires upon, outside of high tech battleships, which are a size 5, but are a touch slower and less maneuverable, its one of the deadliest starships out there.  The Coilgun & Plasma Cannon are spinal mounts, facing forward, but the laser carbines are a fully rotating guns, linked to the weapons station on the Bridge, with has VR link for the gunner.


  • Bridge:  Ship controls, includes stations for piloting, navigation, weapons and sensors.  
  • Armory: Contains a number of weapons, both personal and stock.  Lockers contain the personal weapons, a number of weapons are mounted on the walls.
  • Engine Room: Contains the ship's power and internal gravity systems.
  • Medical Bay:  The medical bay contains a pair of regeneration simulators, separate from the ships systems.   
    • Regeneration Simulators: The Æsculapians have revolutionized emergency medicine, but the number of vitakinetics who have mastered Iatrosis remains much lower than the number of trauma centers across human space. The recently released regeneration stimulator attempts to close this gap. This bioapp resembles a deep hot tub (early models were more space-efficient but looked too much like coffins) filled with translucent green sterile gel. When medical personnel immerse a patient in the gel, the regeneration stimulator enables a psion with at least Iatrosis •, even if only as an Auxiliary Mode, to use Iatrosis •••• (Restore Template; Trinity Continuum: Æon, p. 262) on that subject, with no increase in Difficulty. However, this bioapp only works on recent injuries — those incurred within a number of hours equal to the patient’s dots in Stamina.  Formatting Tolerance: 2 
  • Research Lab: A laboratory devoted to quick study, includes scanning systems and a high powered computer research station.
  • Living Quarters: Barracks style, space is premium on a starship, so bunks, showers, a fractal kitchen(page 152 of Terra Firma), etc. 
    • The Command Crew has separate quarters, small size rooms with just enough room for a desk, a shelf and a bed.
  • Ship Bay: For all six locust hybrids also assigned to the ship, they are also very fast, think starwars fighters for a grip on size and capabilities.
  • Cargo Bay: Can be configured for up to 40 passengers, or up to 20 vehicles of size 2, it is presently devoted to several bioVARG's, and drones..
  • Crew: The ship can be run by as little as half a dozen (6) individuals, it has room however, for a crew complement of up to 70, not counting the command crew


NOTE: I will be adding more to this if necessary, as this is a completely unique ship.

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