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Psionic Numbers

  • Roughly 160,000 Psions, and each Order has roughly 85 to 90% of them as the aptitude that their prometheus chamber offers, but the orders do on occasion swap aptitudes between one another.  It should be noted, regardless of the number of psions in an order, there are several times that number of regular humans (or Talents, though many talents don't recognize that they are such).  The numbers below replace the numbers on page 133 and represent aggressive recruiting of latent psions over the last few years.  
    • It is presently believed that there are more then 200,000 latents (This does not count the 160,000 already activated to their Aptitude).  Of these, not more then 10% of the latents have a strong enough latency to be teleporters or quantakinetics, and many of them will never meet the requirements that both Proxies expect of those they agree to put though their Prometheus chambers.  Part of the reason some orders have such high or low numbers depends on how selective they are about the one's they are willing to accept into their order.
    • There are about 2.5 to 3 million Potential latents are weaker then regular latents, as in individuals who do not initially test as latent, but after some time and exposure to noetic energies and biotech somehow awakens latency.  These individuals have no ability to hold noetic energy (Psi), but if they gain a biotech device that stores psi, can develop psionic abilities, which is how the first of them were discovered, non of these have enough latency for teleportation or quantakinesis, but they can awaken to any other aptitude, though they often have to work harder to develop strongly then a normal latent, and it appears they can't reach proxy tiers (though this might not be true, perhaps it will just take them longer, no one knows [ST Note: They can't]).   Going though the Prometheus chamber awakens them to being full psions, and apparently fixes the problem of their inability to store psi.
    • Children of a Psion who has been fully activated to their aptitude automatically have latency.
    • Quantakinesis is humanity's birthright, no other race will ever possess ability in that aptitude, even as a auxiliary aptitude, furthermore, it is because of that that humans can reach Psi 7 and gain level 7 powers in their aptitude.  Not even the Doyen have access to level 7 powers in and of themselves.
  • Proxy Tier:  It takes talent, drive, experience and will to reach the proxy tier, many psions never will reach that point, even if they have the potential. 
    • Somewhere between 1% to 5% of an order's psions presently have reached that strength and drive to have reached proxy tier at this time, and the majority of those have been psions for years, most of them more then a decade.  
  • Æsculapian Order (Vitakinetic): Roughly 30,000 psions
    • The Order’s Home base is in Switzerland, which is also where their Prometheus chamber is.
    • The medical psionic order has quite a few non-psions, who serve in other ways, biological research and medical responders, after all, even with their high numbers, there are still billions of people spread out across light years, and one can be a doctor without being a vitakinetic.
    • While the majority of the order are vitakinetics, about 90%, they have a number of electrokinetics with medical training who assist with regards to cybernetics and biotech implants, as well as telepaths who are trained psychologists, they also have a few biokinetics who help with regards to biological alterations, these are the major aptitude’s within the order after vitakinesis. 
    • Proxy tier psions among the order run to almost 700, it would be higher but many of them are to busy healing to further develop the strength of their powers beyond the norm, since that is enough to help people.
  • Chitra Bhanu (Quantakinetic): Roughly 800 psions
    • The order has reformed their HQ in India, but their secondary HQ and location of their Prometheus chamber is hidden and only known to their Covert division, they were more trusting before, never again will they be so.
    • The smallest order, both in terms of aptitude and rarity, their number before the destruction of their order was barely over a hundred, but this was because the aptitude requires very high latency, their Proxy was very choosy, and Doyen interference to keep their numbers down.  The number of quantakinetics who survived both because of their proxy’s actions or because they weren’t there and went into hiding was barely 25, and from those are the majority of the Order’s proxy tier psions.  
    • Of the order’s psions, only 600, about 75% are quantakinetics, but that is more then 6 times the number of quantakinetics who existed before their destruction so many years ago, this is part do to their Proxy not being possessed by a Doyen and more willing to make some trades and take in a few non-quantakinetics who manage it impress her with their skill and intelligence.  
      • While the majority of the order is still focused on Research, though more hands on  and field research then lab research, it now has 3 additional divisions.  
      • The Medical division works closely with the Æsculapian order with regards to flux diseases, both with regards to healing individuals and healing flux zones, theirs was the recent project that restored France.
      • The Covert division works with Norca and Trinity, the order was caught out due to events that nearly destroyed them completely so many years ago, Norca and Trinity were the two orders who assisted them in the dark years and the two who they trust much more than the other orders.  
      • The Combat division works closely with the Legion, without being fully inducted into those orders.  The Legion grants them either the status of civilian experts or in rare cases of the more combat capable, honorary rank.within the legions. 
      • Due to how badly they misjudged the situation with the Chita Bhanu in their destruction, the other Orders are more willing to accept such circumstances then they might be otherwise.  
    • Proxy tier within the order is actually less then 1%, roughly 40 members of the order has reached that level of capability counting their actual Proxy, and not all of them are quantakinetics, the Proxy’s oldest and closest friend is a telepath who was part of the order before it’s destruction and achieved proxy tier.  Mostly it is the oldest members of the order who are at this level of capability, which makes proxy tier quantakinetics exceptionally rare and precious in the eyes of many.
  • IRSA [The Interplanetary School of Research and Advancement] (Clairsentience) Roughly 9000 psions
    • The clairsentient order’s HQ and Prometheus chamber is a private location on Luna.
    • The order is the second strongest in terms of drive to explore and colonize the stars, they were closely connected with Upeo before their disappearance and heavily involved in the Leviathan project, which makes use of clairsentience to jump a entire ship.  While a teleporter’s ability is far superior, and they can operate jumpdrive based ships as well as a clear, it has opened up considerable additional options for humanity to travel the stars.
    • While IRSA has a drive to push to the stars, that is but a small subset of the order as a whole, they also as much of a spiritual organization as they are an order, their Proxy encourages them to seek self-discovery and following their own vision, and there are no required beliefs to be part of the order.  While only about 60% are clairsentients, just about all of those who are not have clairsentient auxiliary modes.  And the order is much larger then their number of psions might suggest, since more then a quarter of a million neutrals are also part of the order.
    • Proxy Tiers within the IRSA are a closer to 400 of the most focused and capable, many are 'clear's of course, but good number are of other aptitudes.  
  • The Legions (Psychokinetic): Roughly 54,000 psions
    • The headquarters and Prometheus chamber of the Legions is found in Australia, though the exact location is kept secret, though the legion command centers are connected by jump rings, it's almost certain one can reach the chamber though them, if you know where your going.
    • The largest order, in terms of number of psions, but also in terms of manpower they have a charter with the United Nations that gives them considerable leeway within their charter, but little outside of it.  In essence, if it involves threats to humanity (alien, abberant, flux zones, monsters created by abberants, rogue psions, etc.) they have considerable leyway, but with little to no authority over how a nation governs its people and itself.  Despite the huge number of psions within the order, the number of psion deaths within the order are higher in some ways then total number of psions in the majority of other orders, they are the tip of the spear.  A military order, they have rank and discipline.
      • That said, their number of non-psions and dependents cause their numbers to run well over a million, split into seven separate legions, though in the long run, perhaps the Seventh is most important to humanities future, since it focuses on extra-solar threats.
    • The majority of the order are psychokinetics as one might expect, but they have a high number of other aptitudes, though the majority of other types are these more oriented in ability to affect the physical word, of the other aptitudes, electrokinetics are most common, but all aptitudes except for teleportation and quantakinesis can be found within their ranks at decent numbers.
    • Their huge numbers means that they have a high number of proxy tiers as well, though even there, the high stress and turnover does have some effect, the majority of psychokinetics who push to this point had a single mode within the aptitude they focus on, with a secondary one they keep just strong enough to keep from falling into psionic dysfunction. Furthermore, a good number of them have died in combat, although roughly 2700 have reached this point, only about 1800 are alive, the others died in humanities service, of them about 1200 are pyschokinetics.
  • The Ministry of Noetic Affairs (Telepathy): Roughly 9000 psions
    • The headquarters of the Ministry are within China, but the location of their Prometheus chamber is a guarded secret, the kind of secret only telepaths capable of wiping your memories can keep. 
    • The Ministry is the only order that is directly part of a government, in particular, the Chinese government.  That said, they are as devoted to humanities advancement as the other orders, they are both a part of the Chinese government and an independent force of their own.
    • While the majority of the Ministry are telepaths, it's a simple majority, the order trades a lot with other orders and with trinity, the eyes of heaven, one of their unofficial sub-divisions has no telepaths, but 20% of them are other aptitudes and 15% are talents.  
    • Proxy Tier telepaths within the order are about 300, though another 100 are other aptitudes.  
  • Norca (Biokinesis): Roughly 4500 psions
    • The headquarters of Norca is in Sudamerica, particularly Brazil, but their Prometheus chamber is in a guarded and hidden location.
    • The number of psions within the order is low because their proxy is extremely careful about who he invites into the order, and because he has a preference for quality over quantity, in some ways they are the opposite of the Legions, who go for quantity.  Even the neutrals who are part of the order tend to be exceptional (and are often Talents) due to this particular trend.
    • This trend toward quality over quantity means that they have about 315 who have reached proxy teir, a higher percentage of their order then most of the other others.
  • Orgotech (Electrokinesis): Roughly 27,000 psions
    • Headquarters with the FSA, the location of their Prometheus chamber is unknown, they keep it secret like many of the orders do.
    • As much a corporation as a psionic order, if an unusually altruistic one, much of the biotech in the world is developed and produced by them, though they struggle somewhat with FSA regulations.  Orgotek is the world icon for biotechnology, which humanity embraced over hardtech due to bad associations revolving around Abberant actions.  They do have different divisions devoted to various cooperate concerns, but also are still an order with actions focused on humanity's good as a whole.
    • Roughly 1200 members of the order are at the Proxy tier at this point, which is pretty high, of them about 800 are electrokinetics.
  • Upeo wa Macho (Teleportation): Roughly 1400 psions
    • The headquarters and location of their Prometheus chamber is on Ruan's World, which they now completely control, in essence, they can be considered an order, a extra-solar colony and a government of their own, if a fairly loose one.
    • The low numbers of teleporters is both because one must possess strong latency as teleporter, much like the quantakinetics, but also because their Proxy looks for particular qualities in those she is willing to awaken to the Aptitude.  Though due to the fact they still take in those with less latency but commitment to their mission, not even the majority of them are teleporters, even though they have more teleporters in the order then all the other orders combined, about 500 are teleporters, with 700 psions of other aptitudes, though they have a slight preference for clairsentients with the order, and just about everyone develops teleportation auxiliary modes.
    • Proxy Tier teleporters is fairly low, but about 50 of the 80 proxy tier psions within order are teleporters, the rest are of other aptitudes
  • Trinity (none): Roughly 10,000 psions 
    • Trinity has a huge number of psions within their order, despite not having a Prometheus chamber of their own, but they offer something else, unity across the orders.  It is often their work that gets the orders to work together.  They are also larger then the majority of the orders, since their organization has existed for almost 200 years, though they have reformed several times over those years.
    • About 500 are 
  • Freelance Psions: Roughly 12,000 psions
    • Many freelance psions are distant from their orders, but not quite fully estranged, others are out for their own thing, or work for other organizations, governments, corporations,  etc.  Some even work for groups like Disney or Apple or the like.
    • Proxy Tier Psions within the various Freelance Psions are rarer then the orders, since reaching that level of capability definitely gains attention, but they are also more scattered without a order to draw upon, and often the orders make offers to those who reach that stage to bring them 'under their wing' so to speak.  
  • Psiads (Mostly in hiding, but some are active members of Trinity): 2500
    • With the aftermath of the 2nd abberant war, roughly 10% of the psiads are known as such to the orders, of those 250, all are quite powerful, and about 50 are actually proxy tier Psiads who are also members of Trinity.
  • NOTE: In the height of the nova age, there were not more then a few thousand novas, the number of psions is way beyond that, and their impact on society may not be as dramatic, it is much broader.

Altered Quotes regarding the Chitra Bhanu

  • Æsculapian:  We were wrong about them, let us be more careful in the future.
  • IRSA: 'The Truth will set you free' has proved to be even more apt with regards them
  • Legions: We were tricked into believing to they joined the enemy, let us never forget who is the true enemy
  • The Ministry: We thought they were traitors, instead they were the betrayed.
  • Norca:  (No change)
  • Ogrotech: When you find that you are completely wrong about someone, it's time to reevaluate how and why you came to the conclusions you did.
  • Upeo: We understand both their disappearance and return, did we not do the same?
  • Trinity: The secrets they uncovered find us at war for the future of humanity


NOTE: I intend to add more to this thread but here's a bit of basic data for folks. 



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