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The Seer’s Retreat


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An exclusive bio-archeology in Sudamerica, run by Trinity, and open to members of the various orders only by invitation, it is devoted to relaxation, rest, and restoration to members of the various orders, as well as physical and mental wellbeing.  It contains a number of rooms, including bars, indoor swimming pools with jacuzzi’s, massage parlors, gardens, art studios and quite a few other amenities.  Invitations come to those who are significantly overworked and stressed due to the tensions of their service in the orders or their experiences, guided by the clairsentient (Julian Silva) who runs the place with the aid of his telepathic wife (Maria Silva) who is also the psychologist on staff.  


Tradition has the guests pay not in money, since the archeology is independently funded and all but completely self-sufficient, but by the stories and experiences they are willing to share, independently or collectively.  Private psychology sessions are not recorded or shared but the more publicly told stories told are.


OOC: Ok, this is for folks who want to further flesh out their backstories and connections between your characters, or with some of your connections, or just tell stories about your character’s past, this is sort of an open area for you to put your stories together.  

  • Guidelines: If you have a fairly long interaction with another PC or PC’s, work it out in chat and one (or both, or more) of you put the entire story together rather then a dozen posts back and forth here. 
  •  If you want to run something with one of your major contacts, get with me on timing and I will give you feedback (or even potentially run them) but its on you to put the story together for this thread.
  • Yes, posts should be in character, and you might get some XP for them, especially if the story is a good one.  Also, yes, that means your character should already be cleared and posted in the Character thread.
  • Timeline wise, this is in the past, your free to do what you like with your characters, but get permission before including any other player characters.
  • I have no problem with mature or erotic scenes, if they are part of your story, but explicit details should be contained in spoilers marked as such.
  • If your wondering about the list of guidelines here, its because I don’t intend to police or guide this thread or even make any posts here beyond this one, unless I absolutely have too, the responsibility here is in your hands, players.
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