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First we shall begin with the two most important development of biotechnology in this 22nd century


The Prometheus Chambers: With the cores of the chambers provided by the Doyen, each of them are a sort of black box biotechnology, something that will take humanity centuries of study to even begin to understand how they work and were made.  The chambers alter a persons genetic and noetic template on a sublime level, changing them from latents psionic talents into the psions they are now.  The Doyen meant this to focus and limit the human potential, as well as making them more vulnerable to Doyen possession, so that their powers were available to the Doyen possessing them, making them into useful pawns in their quest for galactic dominance, but it didn’t quite work out the way they wanted it too, in part because humanities noetic potential was much stronger then they would realize for some time. 

  • Each chamber is focused on one particular aptitude, and are akin to something of a cryochamber and a bacta tank and a womb, they are grown from the seed of the core they were given, with certain additional parts added during their growth to optimize their potential.  The process actually takes a couple of years for the chamber to grow to it’s full potency, but once complete, one only needs to enter the chamber for 15 to 30 minutes for the human to be awakened to their new potential.
  • One enters the chamber the same way you entered the world, wearing nothing, and the chamber fills with a bio-organic liquid that opens an individual’s mind, it’s been described as a mix of enlightenment and epiphany, with a touch of spiritual transcendence, and it covers a period between 12 to 36 minutes, depend on the strength of the new psions talent.  When they leave the chamber, their new capabilities take a few weeks to get use to, and further development depends upon use and experience.
  • Presently, this can be considered ‘black box’ level technology, though there is some thought by the Proxy’s that it might possible to reproduce a Prometheus chamber in a century or two.  Maybe less with help (see Noetic Weave below)
  • Proxy Tier:  This normally takes at least a decade of focused development or an almost unprecedented level of talent demonstrated by the actual Proxy’s (leaders/founders) of the various orders, hence the term ‘Proxy Tier’’.  While any latent who is awakened to his/her Aptitude can eventually reach this level, the level of discipline, focus, talent and experience suggest only about 10% will do so within the next 50 years.  


The Noetic Weave:  Designed by the Eden nova know as the Engineer with the aid of the various Psion orders in order to remove or limit the weaknesses installed into the Prometheus chambers by the Doyen.  The Engineer can understand noetic theory far beyond the limits of present , but is unable to actually work with the sub-quantum and it is difficult for her to translate her understanding into present human comprehension or to make the necessary tests regarding her theory and understanding without psion assistance.  Even then, without some of the information that Dr. Bhutano managed to snag from the possessing Doyen before it left her, this would have taken many more years.

  • As a result, the process is no where near as sublime and easy as the Prometheus chamber, each member of the soon to be formed ‘weave’ or ‘soulweave’  has to be specifically calibrated for the Weave chambers, a process which takes several weeks.  For that matter, the Psions undergoing the process must posses a certain degree of competency within their own aptitude, as well as some degree of capability in other aptitude’s, in that they must possess at least 1 auxiliary mode d ot as well, in order to facility the weave’s connection accords multiple aptitude’s.
  • The Weave chamber is biotech, just like the Prometheus chambers, and also quite complex, containing 9 rather similar chambers connected to one another like the petals of a flower.  Once calibrated for each individuals genetic and noetic signatures, a minimum of three or a maximum of nine psions enter together, with at least 3 different aptitude’s between them.  The chamber offers shimmering veils for modesty, since one must enter the Weave chamber just as one did the Prometheus chamber, unclothed.  The chamber fills with a semi-transparent liquid in color similar to amber, giving the impression of each psion being caught in amber during the process.
  • Unlike the Prometheus chamber, the process is much longer, and takes about an hour for each individual added to the weave, during this period, they enter a dream like state where the various members of the weave dream each other’s lives, though mostly with regards to using their powers.  
    • This does create a certain degree of intimacy that gives all members of the weave a sense of kinship, or soul connection with one another, hence the term ‘’soulweave’.   Generally the connection effects the members of the weave making them feel a since of intimate friendship, but other positive relational connections are possible. 
    • This kinship extends to the noetic, weaving the noetic patterns of all members of the ‘weave’ together, so that every member of the weave always has a sensory connection with each other’s, as though they were always touching, no matter the distance.  This has several effects, as indicated below.
      • First:  Members of the weave may choose to share their senses with one another, willingly sharing senses at any point.  This also allows them to detect entities, such as the Doyen, attempting to possess a member of the weave and allows them to collectively react to it. Psionic attunement and other psionic senses gained from aptitude’s count here.
        • This means a teleporter can always teleport to a member of their weave, a telepath can always create a network, a clear can always ‘see’ them if they try, and the various ‘kinetics’ can always reach out to protect or assist a member of their weave.
      • Second: Any member of the weave can reach out to combine powers with other weave members as per the Combining Psionic Aptitude’s (Aeon page 208).  They can also uses powers though each other, though outside of one’s attunement range this can produce greater difficulty.
      • Third: The noetic development of each member of the weave strengthens the noetic development of the other members of the weave.  When they develop 4 or more dots in modes of their primary Aptitude, others members of the weave can develop their own auxiliary modes within that Aptitude one dot higher.  Should they develop 7 dots in a mode, that increases by one more, to a maximum of 4 dots for a proxy tier psion.  
        • Mixing the various modes together for unique applications of an Aptitude is only possible with one’s primary aptitude, though you can always combine you powers with another member of the weave, to use your powers together for unique combined applications that would otherwise be impossible
        • Psionic dysfunction will create dissonance that disrupts this effect, though if you have already developed auxiliary mode it will not disrupt it to the level you’ve developed, just prevent further development
  • Adding new members to the weave only requires that one member of the weave be present in chamber with the new members, though it still has a limitation of threes, so it takes two members of the weave to add one psion to the weave, and one member too add two.  Why there is a limit of threes is not entirely known at this point.


NOTE: More biotech will be added as I feel necessary.  Having gone though the weave process in the last week is where the game will start

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