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Important Personages [NPC's]


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Emerald Rain Clarity Mind Zhong Fu - The Zhong Fu Qin House is a house that has been generally neutral toward humanity, they value knowledge, asking questions and seeking knowledge, but also exploring new possibilities, as well as the inner discipline of knowing oneself.  With the discovery of the Doyen's more nefarious plots for humanity, there are new questions to be asked, and they are more on board with some of humanities plans then before.  Emerald Rain is one of their rising stars, xe seeks clarity in understanding and a request has been made to assign x to your ship, a powerful telepath, with some ability in biokinesis and clairsentence, she does have some diplomatic training, though she's more interested in learning and study, so has been assigned to Sian's department.  Xe allows humans to call xir by only a single one of xir's names, but xe prefers 'Clarity' to either of xe's other names.


Admiral Nishihara Hikari - A Superior from Nippon, who, since the war have become public about the Superiors, the admiral is quite adapt on many levels, but most importantly for her appointment, she is a strategical and tactical genius who managed to help put down quite a few of the sub-Abberants and saved hundreds of lives during the war.  Since then she's been considering the ways to carry the fight to the Doyen, which is a problem considering their mobility and evasiveness.  She has been put in command of the Nemesis project, of which the Starship 'Sekhmet' and her crew are part of.


NOTE: I'll be adding more as time goes by,

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