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Something Wicked

Welcome to Blairsville, your new home of the weird, the fantastical, the mysterious, and the horrible all mixed in with the day to day struggles of being a teenager and struggling to find yourself in the world and among your peers.

In this Play By Post RPG you will take on the role of a teenager (15-16) soon to be entering their sophomore year at Union County High School in Blairsville Goergia. You and your circle of friends will make a discovery of a very old and dark secret, hidden and forgotten by most. A secret that will change the lives of you and your friends and bring danger into your community and beyond.

Located in the Appalachian mountains of north Georgia, Blairsville is the land of clean air, friendly neighbors, scenic mountains, quality demographics, low crime, and a thriving local economy. And something else... something in the shadows, hidden in the hills, Something Wicked.

The heart of Union County Georgia, the city of Blairsville is small, its city limits are about 1 mile in diameter in the shape of a rough circle. The city itself has a population of only around six hundred and fifty souls but that is somewhat misleading. The county as a whole with a population nearing twenty-two thousand, live and work in the small unincorporated communities like Suches, Ivy Log, and Owltown, which lie around Blairsville. They attend churches, shop, and send their children to school in Blairsville and when they are outside of the county and are asked where they are from they invariably answer, “Up around Blairsville” or simply “Union county”.

It is in many ways an idyllic community, with it's low crime and beautiful rural location nestled in the Appalachian mountains it defies the stereotype of the poverty stricken white trash country hicks perpetuated by television and movies. Most of the residents are comfortably middle class with nice homes and an automobile or two for the family, those with more wealth are rarely ostentatious with it. While there are a few very wealthy families with long history in the region few of them have the ego of those gentry form say Atlanta, or Savannah.

The county has all the amenities of a modern city, internet, airport, a Super Walmart, the city of Blairsveille itself, retains a quaint look at its center of a mid twentieth century town. You are just as likely to see a 1955 Chevy Bel Air in pristine condition on the road or in a driveway as you are a 2019 SUV. There are the usual Fast-food restaurants as well as many local ones, plenty of mom and pop shops and everything you need within the environs of the city or nearby. The only thing it lacks is a robust nightlife and it must be kept in mind that Union county has Blue Laws in effect, meaning among other things, no alcohol is sold on Sundays. For nightlife and other big city adventure both Athens and Atlanta are only 2 hours away.


This game will be using the TinyD6 system and the game Stranger Stuff in particular as the rules set, although elements from most of the TD6 games can be used with approval. This is a very minimalist system.


While this game shares similarities with my former Stranger Things inspired games (aws, ws) it is going to be a bit different. For one it is not science fiction based and as stated will not be using aberrant/trinity rules in any way. I will still keep a CW show influence but in this case we are more Riverdale/Sabrina than previous entries with a side of Twin Peaks for flavor. Instead of SciFi and Psionics/Superpowers, we will be exploring some Modern Fantasy and Supernatural Horror things. Yes there will be magic and Witches as well as Ghosts and Other things. There may be vampires and werewolves but they will be monsters only if they show up at all.


Character Creation

I am looking for 3-6 players. Read the info supplied, make a character and submit it to me via PM here on RPGPBP. I will select characters from submissions. If you have any questions ask me. Either via PM or catch me on discord.

This is the easiest CC of any of my games. Use the CC rules in Stranger Stuff page 23 as written. All characters use the High Schoolers Archtype. You are each finishing your freshman year and are either 15 or 16. You may choose your three traits and one drawback from the Stranger Stuff book or with my approval from one of the other Tiny D6 books.

Keep in mind you are making a normal human teenager.

Stay out of the Witches book for now, please.

You may be of any gender or race.

All characters should be original to this game. I do not want new iterations of the same characters played in any other games. Doesn't mean they can't have similarities I just don't want the same characters again.


While Stranger Stuff is set in the nineteen eighties this game is not it is contemporary to our time but set set at a specific time for instance the game when it starts will be in the summer before the characters sophomore year, while when we start it will likely be winter still. The game could be in the summer of 2019 or the summer of 2020 or even 2015 or any year close. I do not intend to bring actual events outside of the area of the setting into the game at this time. If at a later time it is necessary then we will narrow and pinpoint a time.

This game is set in a fictional version of a real place. I didn't change the name this time but I may change aspects of the real Union county as needed (such as demographics). But for all intents and purposes the real place is a stand in for the fictional one unless I have written otherwise. Again if you have any question about the setting ask me.

Check the pinned section on Discord for access to books


Once I have a minimum number of approved submissions I will create a game club for Something Wicked and will give a deadline for characters.

Thank you



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after today recruitment for Something Wicked will be closed.

you have until 5:00PM to submit a character to me here on the site via pm.

While I have reached my desired maximum I am willing to take 1 or 2 more as long as the characters are submitted by the above deadline.

Thank you


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  • 4 months later...

I am looking for one more player to join this game. if there are any interested site members please read the character creation rules and PM me a submission


if you do not have the books pm me and i will get you a copy.

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