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The Phoenix Universe Character Creation and House Rules


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The Phoenix Universe Character Creation


Follow the rules as laid out in the S5E rules with following exceptions


Stat generation



roll 4d6 drop the lowest place in any order. If your stats are not to your liking use the following method to apply the Standard Array.

If your rolled stats are below average you may use the standard array as written (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 😎 or you may take the standard array point total (72) and place as you wish with no stat going over 18 or lower than 6. This is not point buy this is simply a reallocation of the stat totals of the standard array.


Distribute your points to your attributes on a one to one basis with no attribute being higher than 18 and none lower than 6, before adding ancestry bonuses. No attribute can be raised higher than 20.



Variant Humans are allowed.


Hit Points – follow the hit points rule given under you class discription


All Initial Characters will start play at 5th level. Begin by making a 1st level then level them up to 5th. Characters may multiclass if so desired.


Character Backstories – If your back story creates any sort of organization, alien civilization or specific NPC characters, I want a fleshed-out description. I don’t need stats just something more than I’m an alien, I don’t need a book, but I do want at least a paragraph.


Secret Identities are a thing. Vigilantism is illegal, and while there are laws that allow a certain amount of superheroic activity wanton collateral damage and injury will bring legal charges. Plus, there is the whole protect your loved one’s thing. Roughly 60-70 percent of all Paragon’s maintain a secret Identity from the public. You need to decide if you do.


Characters based on published properties. It is inevitable that superheroes will be based on marvel or DC comics and that is alright, but I do not want direct copies of existing comic book characters that just have the serial number filed off. Change things up to make your version of Iron Man YOUR version.


Submit Characters to me via pm on the RPGPBP site. Include a sheet and back story. I would like a picture but due to the nature of the genre It is understandable if you don’t have one. If you wish to design a decent superhero costume, I recommend downloading the free to play mmo Champions Online and using the character creator to make a costume. If you want to try one of the City of Heroes emulators that works too. And of course a written description is good as always.

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I do not like the way certain things were done in the S5E rules. I did not do my homework when selecting it as our system. However, since y’all wanted to keep it we have, but this is one thing I find glaringly inexcusable in the rules.


And to a lesser extent speedster and other powers therefore I have decided to house rule traveling powers into existence. Now I am not going to go through and make an exhaustive accounting of all the spell/powers that are part of the movement system in RAW. Just assume that if a power/spell in game is used to give you movement powers for traveling that it is no longer applicable. This mainly applies to the flying spells and some of the haste type spells. If the spell just applies the movement increases to combat it can still be taken and used to do this. Spells that modify the basic fly, running, or whatever, such as flight mastery are no longer allowed.


What follows below is the replacement system for Travel Powers.


Travel Powers are abilities that allow players to move around much quicker than on foot. There are a wide variety of these in the game, allowing players to choose the travel powers that suit their character. You can obtain two travel powers, one at level 3 and another at level 8, but only one can be activated at any given time. Travel Powers are ranked  Basic at 3rd level, improved at 9th Level, Enhanced at 15th Level and Paragon at 18th level. At each rank you become faster and more proficient at your travel mode. A second power ranks up at 14th and  20th and is limited to Enhanced rank.


Travel Powers are Narrative in nature if used during combat rounds assume that they double your normal movement per rank. But it also gives disadvantage unless you have the Combat Movement Feat.


Flight – Flying; basic flying can as fast as jet liner (around 600mph)


Superspeed - Fastest travel power; restricted to ground movement. Can be as fast as a race car (120-160 mph)


Teleportation - Only inertia-free travel power; Line of sight restriction


Swinging - Least precise, most engaging; requires constant vigilence. Only a bit faster than normal traffic.


Super Jump - Slow walking, fast and high jumping; can't reach all rooftops.


Acrobatics – Super Parkour! Run fast, jump high; not as fast or as high as Super Speed or Super Jump but will get you where you are going like swinging it is only a bit faster than normal traffic


Ice Slide - leaves a trail, as fast as traffic sinks downwards.


Tunneling - Avoid enemies - and lofty places. As movement only a bit faster than running about 10-15 mph


Hover Disk – Same as flying but relies on a device or item that the paragon uses to fly. Jetpack, Broom, Silver Surfboard, etc.

Vehicle – Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, etc  Ground or Water only


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