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How to Join a Game


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Many of us here have been doing this for a long time but for those just joining us how to join a game isn't second nature.

Most Game Masters will put a proposal in this forum giving a bit of detail as to what their game is going to be and they will ask for players.

If after reading their proposal and you  find yourself interested in their game. Follow any specific instructions which may include instuctions for creating your character and submitting it to the GM in question. 

Once  GM has enough players that GM will create a club for the game. you then will either be invited to the club or asked to join the club.

Once you have joined a particular game club you can then Create a forum character using the Character Tab above and assign her to the game you  intend to use her in. 

That is really all that is needed to join a game. 

You  may join and participate in as many games as you wish (as long as the GM approves), but be aware of your limitations and don't join more games than you can personally keep up with.

Don't join a game club until you have either been approved by the GM or Invited by the GM.

The Game Master of a Game is the final word on how many characters and who can join their games.


Thank You,


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