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So far i have two submissions

Jeane - an alien out of time

Heritage -  an android from the future.


no more time travel background related subs please

also wish to reiterate that I would like to see some male characters for a change.


the above submissions are approved but i am withholding permission to post until i have all submissions so I can look over back grounds in case some changes need to be made.




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To those of you new to PbP and My games in particular (and those who are not new and should know better) a word of advice and a warning.


READ the posts, do not skim them Read them all the way through and before you post a reply to a post read them again.


every post contains information. that information may not be in your face but it is there in black and white for the whole world to see, and if you miss it and post something contradictory then that is on you. Usually i will call you one it. if your not around I may even edit your post myself to clear up the matter.


My posts in particular often have little clues and hints that skimming will miss. I don't put things in my post that don't have some meaning.



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