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The Phoenix Universe Special Project #1


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As many of you know I like to have my players do special projects related to the game. I intend to do the same for The Phoenix Universe.


This initial project is going to launch before we even start. what this project is is you the players are going to create some Adversaries for our heroes. But there is going to be a catch.


I will assign to each of you, in secret, one of the other players characters. You in turn will design an adversarial character based off of your assigned character but one that could conceivable be faced by any of the characters. Much like Dr Doom is a fantastic four villain, but has opposed Spider-man, Daredevil, the avengers, you get the idea.


Now I am not looking for complete write ups all I need is  a name(s)  class and level and a short description with known powers and how they are linked to the origin hero. nothing more than a paragraph or two.


Levels can be from 5-10th level. if you wish you can make the adversary lower level but then there needs to be either an additional paragon or a group of henchmen situation.


A note about levels. levels in S5E do not denote experience in time but rather direct power level. It is quite possible, even likely, to have a criminal paragon that is 1st level having been 1st level for her entire career of twenty years and just as possible for a 20th level cosmic paragon to gain his power yesterday. Most Paragons, aside from the heroes, never move more than 1 or 2 levels from where they were when they first appeared.


A note about Adversaries for this Project. An adversary does not have to be a villain. it can be a rival hero, or even just a npc hero who just doesn't like our hero, or even  shudder another paragon that is obsessed with our hero. in other words this adversary just need to fulfill an adversarial roll in any story she turns up in.


I will send each of you your target. do not discuss anything with anyone else except me about this project. send me the sub in the same pm.


completing this project will get you a single stat increase of +1 to any stat as long as it doesn't put the stat over 20 or you may choose an additional Feat that you meet all requirements for..


remember no discussing this except wit me in PM.



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