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Three Leaves Character Creation


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Three Leaves Character Creation


Follow these instructions to create your character for the Three Leaves Campaign.


1.       Read the Setting information provided. It is important that you understand the particulars of this world as opposed to any other setting or the basic game.


2.       Choose a race. There will be a list below showing the allowed player character races. Some of them will have setting specific information that it is important for you to know as it may be different than what you are used to. There will also be a list of races that are not allowed at all. If a race you wish to use is not on either list get with me and we can discuss allowing it. But be warned for me to approve any race I will have to be convinced that it can fit into the setting I have created.


List of approved Races – the CC stats for the approved races may be found in the Settings Topics for ease of use.

a.       Elves

b.       Dragonborn

c.       Dwarfs

d.       Gnomes

e.       Humans

f.        Centaurs

g.       Half-elfs

h.       Goliaths

i.         Dhampir

j.         Leonine

k.       Thri-keen

l.         Minotaur


The following are races that are not found in this setting and no exceptions will be made for their inclusion

a.     Halflings

b.       Orcs

c.       Tiefling

d.       Warforged

e.       Arakocra

f.        Aasimar

g.        Genasi

h.        Harengon

i.       Kenku

j.       Owlin

k.     Triton

l.       Verdan

m.       Yuan-Ti

Any race not on either list will be treated case by case, but to be included they must be able to fit into this setting.


3.       Choose your Class form this list note that there are some limitations

a.       Artificer

b.       Barbarian

c.       Bard

d.       Cleric – Elves can never be Clerics as they do not worship gods.

e.       Druid – Dragonborn cannot be druids as their Emperor demands their sole devotion.

f.        Fighter

g.       Monk

h.       Paladin – Elves can be Paladins just not in service to a god. Dragonborn can be paladins in Service to their Holy Emperor.

i.         Ranger

j.         Rogue

k.       Sorcerer

l.         Wizard




Information on the Artificer can be found here http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/artificer


4.       Your Characters are exceptional, they will become heroes and so they are not average they are a cut above in all respects. Determine ability scores by allocating 84 points to your six Abilities Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. No score can be lower than 8 and no score higher than 18 before adding racial bonuses. Allocation is point for point.


5.       Level and Hitpoints. We will begin play at 5th Level. Characters may Multiclass if you so choose and requirements are met. Hit points are determined as follows

a.       Maximum for your hit dice at 1st level + Con Modifier

b.       For each subsequent level use the following d4= 3hp, d6=4hp,d8=6hp, d10=8hp, d12=10hp +con mod at each level.


6.       Backgrounds can be found in the phb and on D&D 5E wikidot most will be allowed but  check with me for the odder ones


7.       Alignment - we  do not use the standard alignments in Three Leaves, instead we use a Order/Balance/Chaos alignment system. Choose which way your character leans.  Good and evil are the result of actions.


8.       Equipment-  since we are starting at 5th level you will have a bit more stuff than  1st level starting characters. Receive both your class and background starting equipment. For coins  roll your starting gold  + and additional 6d6 x10. This is your current amount of gold for you to spend.  You each begin with a riding horse and tack and saddle.


9.       Magic Items -  as fifth level characters it is probably that you each possess one or more magic items to replicate your already found treasure. Each of you may chose either a ring or a cloak to be randomly determined in addition each of you will get a number of rolls on the magic item tables in the DMs guide.

You each can have 6 rolls on table A or you can spend 2 rolls to roll on table b, 3 to roll on c, 4 to roll on d, 5 to roll on e or all 6 to roll on f. or any combo of number of rolls as long as you total out at 6. Each roll is final, but you may trade with your other players if you wish


Magic Items will be rolled for in discord in my presence.


The game will start with all characters being in The Bowl, whether travelling thru or living there is up to you. I will be posting a detailed gazetteer for the Bowl over the next few days. Your characters can be from anywhere on Parrella get with me if you have questions about what place you could be from.


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