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Three Leaves House Rules


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Aside from the Custom Character Creation there are a few more House Rules that we will be using. i will add to this thread as needed.


The first up is Class options.


If you will check your Class entry on the dnd 5e wikidot you  may find some features listed as optional. 


All of these optional entries are considered official for Three Leaves and may be used by your characters.


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Ok I know y'all are going "but Nina, this place is so big how do you expect us to get anywhere?" Legit question and i have the answer.


We will be borrowing a couple of things from the video game world, hearthstons and fast travel.


First up is the hearthstone or Home Stone, also called an Anchor Stone in some places. because of the distances involved Teleportaion spells and magic items have always been priority and several have become somewhat common. The Anchor stone is the most comon and affordable.


All cities and many towns and even some villages have had placed in or nearby, by either a wizard who lives there or one who was hired, what is called a Center Stone. This sturdy nearly indestructible three foot tall obelisk becomes the teleport target for any Teleport stone that is either made specifically for it, Called a Dedicated stone (if available in a city a dedicated stone costs about 10 gp, in a town a stone can cost 50-100gp depending on the size of the town), or and Open Stone (these cost considerably more 500 gold is a bargain). Dedicated Stones only create teleport circles for one location. An open stone can be set for different locations, only one at a time though, but are more useful.


Fast Travel is the other. In distant past some ancient civilization lost to time created a network of magical columns that they erected all across the continent. These columns allow the passage of up to 250 mounted men or 500 foot from column to column. the maximum distance between columns is 200 miles and they are unable to operate across or in the great mountain ranges. Using the Travel Column requires a spell caster or casters to use 2 slots worth of spell slots per 100 persons moved (mounts count as 1 man) to activate and move between columns. Travel in this manner is exhausting and requires a short rest afterwards before using another column. using 3 columns requires a long rest before another can be used.


In the Dragarran empire these columns are used extensively and most of the ancient network has been uncovered and in some cases even reworked. While the columns cannot be reproduced today, they can be repositioned as long as they stay within 200 miles of the nearest column. In the other leaves, the next works have only partial been re-established.

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